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Machvergil #43 – This Error Code is Blunt

It’s been a long time I know.  All I will offer up is an explanation:  My last few weeks have been very different than normal.  It messed with my rhythm, and while I have had this comic drawn for at least a week, the Photoshop time to make it didn’t manifest itself.  The good news I have is that the next two comics should come quickly.

Oh yeah, except I’m in the Red Alert 3 Beta… and also still trying to get one, if not two more level 70s before Wrath of the Litch King comes out.  That might delay me too since I am also, as you know, employed.

Speaking of employed: Latest completed project:  MSU Univesity Relations site Redesign!  Almost a year in the making!  Expect a write up on in the near future.

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