In the far future, a threat looms. A fleet of unknown origin emerges from deep space. They refuse all contact. We cannot tell if they are sentient machines or piloted by silent life forms. Despite the reason, they seem to be bent on wiping all other craft from space.

Enter the KILLSHIPS, heavily modified space fighters designed to combat the violent fleet one foe at a time. Armed with powerful weapons fueled by the experimental Plasma Core that we reverse engineered form the enemy, these brave men and women are our last line of defense against the coming doom.

You are a Killship pilot. Take your star fighter armed to the teeth into the maw of the enemy and strike down as many as you can before you fall.


Killship is a single player turned based action game, based on a TI-83basic game written in 1998. Once started, you will see a screen prompting you to take action against your foe. Select an action from the left hand side of the screen:

Once your turn is over, the enemy will take a turn. The enemy acts randomly (presently. A simple AI may be added later) relying on its Variable Beam Cannon or recharging. The Variable Beam has two modes:

The game will continue until one of the ships is destroyed. If you lose, your final score will display. If you win, you will have the option of challenging another enemy, giving you a chance to add to your score. However, you will not regain any lost shield or energy at the start of this next match, so you will be at a disadvantage!

Development Notes

(if you aren't seen the latest version you may need to empty your cache)

Version 0.2alpha

Version 0.1alpha

First Alpha Release Version. First playable build.