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Games we play

Listed below are the games we play and which users have them. Feel free to use this information to try and organize games with fellow members.

Title Genre Platform Players ESRB Members
Aion MMORPG PC 6 T DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittumRenairenShieke
Anno 2070 other PC 4 T dmz2112MachVergil
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Adventure 360 8 M DominionmonkeybizgTheodore is the Goat
BioShock 2 FPS 360 8 M monkeybizgRenairenSt00fsteinst2
BlazBlue Fighting 360 2 T DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgShiekesteinst2
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Fighting 360 2 T DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum Kittum
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Fighting 360 2 T MachVergil
Borderlands FPS 360 4 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgRenairensteinst2
Borderlands 2 FPS PC 4 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgTheodore is the Goat
Castle Crashers Adventure 360 4 T DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Champions Online MMORPG PC 5 T dmz2112LurialMachVergilMisharum KittumRenairenShiekeSt00f
Civilization 5 other PC 8 E dmz2112Dominionhaldon12Kitty-donoMachVergilMisharum Kittummonkeybizg
Command and Conquer 4 RTS PC 8 T MachVergilmonkeybizgRenairen
Crysis 2 FPS PC 12 M MachVergilRenairen
Dance Dance Revolution / DDR / Stepmania other Other 2 E BountyHunterSAxdmz2112Kitty-donoShieke
Dawn of War (Classic) RTS PC 8 M dmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittumNayth0rRenairensteinst2
Dawn of War 2 RTS PC 6 M dmz2112MachVergilmonkeybizgNayth0rRenairen
Destiny 2 Adventure PC 6 T MachVergilMisharum Kittummonkeybizg
Diablo 2 A-RPG PC 4 M dmz2112DominionLurialMachVergilMisharum KittumRenairenShieke
Diablo 3 A-RPG PC 4 M BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgShieke
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls A-RPG PC 4 M dmz2112DominionMisharum KittummonkeybizgShieke
Dungeon Defenders TowerD PC 4 E BountyHunterSAxDominionLurialMachVergilMisharum Kittum
Dungeon Siege 3 A-RPG 360 4 T dmz2112Kitty-donoMachVergil
Forced A-RPG PC 4 T DominionMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rSt00f
Gears of War 2 3rdPS 360 10 M dmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilmonkeybizgRenairensteinst2
Gears of War 3 3rdPS 360 4 M DominionKitty-donoMachVergilmonkeybizgRenairen
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 other 360 4 E MachVergilNayth0rSt00f
Ghostbusters 3rdPS 360 4 T Renairensteinst2
Guild Wars MMORPG PC 8 T BountyHunterSAxDominionKitty-donoLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2Theodore is the Goat
Guild Wars 2 MMORPG PC 5 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rShiekeSt00fTheodore is the Goat
Halo 3 FPS 360 16 M dmz2112MachVergilRenairensteinst2
Halo ODST FPS 360 4 M dmz2112MachVergilNayth0rSt00fsteinst2
Halo: Reach FPS 360 16 M dmz2112MachVergilNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft CCG PC 2 E MachVergilmonkeybizgShieke
Hunter Hunted Other PC 2 T BountyHunterSAx
Ikaruga other DC 2 E BountyHunterSAxKitty-donoMachVergilNayth0rSt00f
League of Legends DOTA PC 10 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenShiekeSt00fsteinst2
Left 4 Dead FPS PC 4 M DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2Theodore is the Goat
Left 4 Dead 2 FPS PC 4 M BountyHunterSAxDominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fTheodore is the Goat
Magic 2014 CCG PC 4 T MachVergilShieke
Magicka A-RPG PC 4 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00f
Magicka 2 Adventure PC 4 E BountyHunterSAx
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fighting 360 2 T BountyHunterSAxKitty-donoMachVergil
Mass Effect 3 RPG PC 4 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgNayth0rSt00f
Mercenary Kings other PC 4 T BountyHunterSAxmonkeybizg
Minecraft other PC 12 dmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgShieke
Monday Night Combat 3rdPS 360 12 T DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Monday Night Combat (PC) 3rdPS PC 12 T DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00f
Overwatch FPS PC 12 T DominionMachVergilmonkeybizg
Payday 2 FPS PC 4 M Renairen
Perfect Dark XBLA FPS 360 12 M DominionNayth0r
Phantasy Star 0 A-RPG DS 4 E10 DominionKitty-donoMachVergilNayth0r
Planetside 2 MMOFPS PC 10 T MachVergilTheodore is the Goat
Portal 2 other PC 2 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rShiekeSt00fsteinst2Theodore is the Goat
Puzzle Pirates other PC 12 E BountyHunterSAx
Red Dead Redemption Adventure 360 16 M DominionmonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Rift MMORPG PC 20 T dmz2112MachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgRenairenShieke
Risk of Rain RogueLite PC 4 DominionMachVergilMisharum Kittummonkeybizg
RockBand other 360 5 E dmz2112Renairensteinst2
Sacred II A-RPG 360 4 M steinst2
Saints Row 4 OpenWorld PC 2 M dmz2112DominionMisharum Kittummonkeybizg
Saints Row: The Third RPG PC 2 M BountyHunterSAxdmz2112MachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0r
Sanctum TowerD PC 4 E MachVergil
Scott Pilgrim vs the World other 360 4 T Kitty-donoMachVergilmonkeybizgRenairen
Sins of a Solar Empire RTS PC 10 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenShiekeSt00fsteinst2
Sins: Diplomacy RTS PC 10 T BountyHunterSAxDominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Sins: Entrenchment RTS PC 10 T BountyHunterSAxDominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenShiekeSt00fsteinst2
Sins: Rebellion RTS PC 5 E dmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rSt00f
SolForge CCG PC 2 DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgSt00f
Spiral Knights A-RPG PC 4 E DominionMachVergilMisharum KittumNayth0rRenairenSt00f
Star Trek Online Adventure PC 4 T dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittumTheodore is the Goat
Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG PC 16 T dmz2112LurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgRenairen
Starcraft RTS PC 8 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm RTS PC 8 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112MachVergilMisharum Kittummonkeybizg
StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty RTS PC 8 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgRenairen
Starcraft: Broodwar RTS PC 8 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Street Fighter 4 Fighting 360 2 T Kitty-donoMachVergilRenairen
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Fighting Wii 4 T BountyHunterSAxDominionKitty-donoMachVergilRenairensteinst2
Supreme Commander RTS PC 8 E MachVergilmonkeybizgsteinst2
Supreme Commander 2 RTS PC 8 E MachVergilMisharum Kittummonkeybizgsteinst2
Team Fortress 2 FPS PC 32 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Terraria Adventure PC 20 E BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgNayth0rSt00f
Tetris Attack other Other 2 T BountyHunterSAx
Too Human Adventure 360 2 M dmz2112Renairensteinst2
Torchlight 2 A-RPG PC 4 T BountyHunterSAxMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgSt00f
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fighting 360 2 T BountyHunterSAxDominionMachVergil
Unreal Tournament 2004 FPS PC 32 M DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgSt00fsteinst2
Unreal Tournament 3 FPS PC 32 M MachVergilmonkeybizgsteinst2
Warhammer Online MMORPG PC 6 M MachVergilRenairen
Warhammer Online (Endless Trial) MMORPG PC 6 M Kitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rsteinst2
WH 40k: Space Marine 3rdPS PC 5 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00f
WH40K: Kill Team A-RPG 360 2 T MachVergilRenairen
World of Warcraft MMORPG PC 5 T dmz2112DominionLurialMachVergilMisharum KittumRenairenShieke