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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

  • Genre: Fighting
  • ESRB Rating: T
  • Platform: 360
  • Max-Players: 2
  • Added on: 2012-02-19 by machvergil


The latest console revision of BlazBlue, it includes all the DLC characters from BB:CS unlocked at start including Mu-12. It also adds Relius Clover and story scenarios for all the unlock characters new to BB, and new balance tweeks, UI updates, and other small revisions.

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#0: 02-19-2012 @ 09:48:17 am
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So here's what I've learned about Blaz Blue: Continuum Shift Extend so far:

  1. Mu-12 is unlocked from the start.
  2. All the DLC characters (Makoto, Valkenhiem, Platinum) are unlocked from the start.
  3. Adds Relius Clover who is also unlocked from the start.
  4. Story mode: Adds scenarios for the above characters, allows you to import your console BB:CS data so you don't have to replay it the stuff you have finished.  I keep reading they revised BB:CT story somewhat, but I haven't been able to tell how yet.  As far as I can tell it does not add new story content onto the end of BB:CS.
  5. Tutorial Mode: Includes a well written, though not hands on enough IMO, "Strategies" section for each character that goes pretty in depth on the ideas you should be using to win.  By in depth I mean it explains comboing and gives some tips on what that characters good anti-air are, moves with invincibility frames, etc.  Also a lot of 2D fighter basics.
  6. New opening Cinematic by Anime company Production I.G and a new song.  It looks really good.

In terms of actual balance changes plaese see this this Dustloop post, I was having a hard time finding a more "official" looking list.  These are changes from BB:CS -> BB:CSEX.  This list is not complete as it does not include some of movelist changes I've noticed so far, like Noel's ground distortion drive going from "236236D" to "632146D"  which is a LOT harder to pull off.

Rumor also states that there is an "Upgrade to BB:CS2" download available for BB:CS owners on 360 and PS3 for about $6?  I've not yet confirmed this.  Overall I'm kinda on the fense on this one.  I want to tell you "This is the best version of BB and you should get it," But I'm not 100% convinced yet that it includes enough improvements to warrent the price ($39), especially if you already paid for all the DLC guys. Then again if you haven't bough BB:CS yet this is probably the version to get for all it includes at the cost of no DLC.

Either way I look forward to having a reason to play more BB again so if I learn more in my travels I'll report it here.

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