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Anno 2070

  • Genre: other
  • ESRB Rating: T
  • Platform: PC
  • Max-Players: 4
  • Added on: 2012-06-03 by machvergil


In a post polar shift Earth, you must build the future upon what little land is left on Earth. You build settlements on islands and then care for their needs and their defense, often siding with factions focused on commerce, the environment, or science.

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#0: 04-14-2011 @ 06:14:16 am
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MachVergil Photo.
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So, this trailer was posted to Game Trailers.  The narrator sucks IMO, but based solely on concept and impressions, I think this looks pretty slick!  Then I find out that these Anno games have been around for a while.  Anyone ever played one?  Thoughts on how good it is and if it's safe to be excited for this?

As an aside, watching this suddenly made me want to play Sim City again.  The newest Sim City I ever played was Sim City 2000, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendation on which one to get if I was to get a new one, Sim City 3 or 4 or Societies.

Speaking of Sim City, did you know you can play the original Sim City for free anytime in your browser? You do have to register at their site first, which is no biggie IMO, though you also need to use IE to play it because Chrome/Firefox don't answer to the browser name 'netscape' anymore and they haven't updated their javascript accordingly yet.

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#1: 04-14-2011 @ 08:35:07 am
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Dominion Photo.
  • Real Name:Mark
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I had a lot of fun playing Simcity 4 when I played it awhile back. I had a little bit of trouble getting used to the new stuff they had put in though. There was definitely a lot of improvements to the game since last I played Simcity 2000. One thing I was kinda on the fence about that they did was how you are essentially given a large chunk of land, a "region", in which you then take different sections of it to start building your cities. Each city is essentially self contained but can help out the neighboring cities in different ways (I can't remember the exact stuff beyond basic economic advantages). Kinda like how you connected to outside cities in Simcity 2000 but you never really interacted with them besides connecting your roads. The idea from what I had heard from folks was you should essentially build your "low economic farm land" city next to a bigger higher tech city so your high tech city doesn't have to worry about the farm land jobs; those folks will goto your neighboring farm land city. It was kinda weird and at times annoyed me cause, hey, I just want to work on one city. But that was pretty much the only thing that really bugged me about the game. Had fun with it besides that.

I've heard Societies sucks and probably wouldn't bother with it. I don't know anything really about 3000.

This game looks pretty entertaining. Perhaps a nice improvement over Simcity.

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#2: 06-03-2012 @ 10:06:15 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
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Okay I feel like I have played enough of this game to be able to explain what the hell it is.

Short answer:  Imagine Sim City.  Now imagine Sim City in the future after the polar ice caps melt and Polar Shift occurs, forcing you to build your settlements on islands as well as underwater, managing trade between them.  Now imagine it also has light weight RTS combat, including faction-specific units and buildings.   That's pretty much it.

I choose Sim City here instead of a 4x game for a number of reasons.  In a lot of 4x games, combat is just as important as the building of a good civilization.  For example with Sins of a Solar Empire, your goal is still at the end of the day the destruction of your enemies.  Here combat is just a means to another end, and that end probably isn't conquest.  I've played about 20 hours of the game so far and have yet to come across "Wipe the other faction off the map" directives.

There's a lot of things I like about Anno 2070, but the easiest way of putting it is simply that the game scratches every itch I want a Sim City game to do so.  I have to worry about keeping citizens happy, keeping the citizens happy increases your wealth which you can use to build cooler stuff, and once your settlements get really big you feel cool for having built them.  The graphics are for the most part pretty good too, though there are some rough edges that are very obvious. 

That said there's a lot of holes with the game too.  The campaign is terrible, though it is a special kind of terrible.  On the one hand, it's probably a really good idea that you do the first mission or so just to learn the basics, because Anno 2070 plays differently than anything I've played before.  It may feel like Sim City, but it doesn't have zoning - city building feels a lot more like base building in an RTS (with roads) in that you specify exactly what you want built instead of zoning for it and seeing what the citizens do with it.  Any way while the first mission does a good job of teaching you things, the rest of them don't.  Sure they do introduce new concepts but they give you incomplete instructions.  One set of missions I had to start over because the mission started out throwing my income into the red and the mission never gave me an objective with suggestions on how to pull myself out of the red, so I eventually went bankrupt and had to GO BACK to the mission before it to fix things. 

To explain, the campaign is done in acts, and each act you use the same islands from mission to mission, meaning if you ended a mission screwed, you're still screwed in the next mission - except of course when you do a new act and everything starts over.  This is cool in that it means that you feel like you have a sense of progress, and knocking things out of the park in one mission gives you a bonus the next.  On the other hand, the opposite is also true, meaning you sometimes can fail the next mission by something you do in the one previous.

There's other problems I have with the campaign too.  Its story becomes very predictable at some point, and the voice acting and animations for the NPCs are really not great in a few places.  I've also run into more than one situation where missions become bugged and I'm unable to complete them.  Once that happened for one of the main objectives and I had to re-load an auto-save from before that objective was given to regain the item I needed to finish it.

Thankfully there is a "Continuous Play" mode that works more like Sim City does.  You choose map size, factions you want present, and build until you get bored and start a new city.  This mode is fun, and lacks all the problems I have with the campaign.

There's some multiplayer elements here too.  I don't know what goes into a multiplayer game, but as this is published by UbiSoft, it's got that ugly as hell UbiSoft DRM, which is crap tastic.  However, unlike with say Assassin's Creed, here the Ubisoft connection has benefits, sorta like with Diablo 3.  In this case, there's various world events going on like elections and war events, that you can play single player or multiplayer games to contribute to the outcome on.  It is neat, and makes the game feel a little connected even if you're never joining a game with another person.

I feel like there's still a lot left to see, but I also feel like I knew enough about the game to explain it now.  So if that sounds like something you'd like to poke at, it's been a fun learning experience.  If it does sound like it wouldn't suit your fancy though I would give it a miss as there's enough frustrating things in here to turn off someone who doesn't already like the genre.

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