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Payday 2

  • Genre: FPS
  • ESRB Rating: M
  • Platform: PC
  • Max-Players: 4
  • Added on: 2013-08-19 by Renairen


Work together with up to three friends to case and rob banks, jewelery stores, steal parts for renewable energy, frame politicians, and more!

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#0: 08-19-2013 @ 01:08:11 pm
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  • Real Name:Dave
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So I picked this up a few days ago, and I'm having a blast. The built in VOIP is great, but pretty much necessary. This is a team oriented FPS, much like Left 4 Dead, except far more so. It has skill trees, weapon customization, and mask customization as well. As an example of gameplay:

Four of us roll in on a jewelery store. We head around back, spot a guard, and mask up. We'e now gone from 'Case' mode, when you can walk around and will only arouse suspicion if you're spotted in a place you shouldn't be, or get too close to someone if you're packing a lot of heat: walking around in a heavy ballistic vest and sporting an assault rifle and a sawed off shotgun is a lot more conspicious than say, a light vest under a two-piece suit, a cut down MP5, and a silenced pistol. We pop the guard, and someone starts talking over his pager. One of us leans down to answer it, making sure that nobody suspects anything, while two of the group notice that, thanks to bad luck, the body fell right in front of an open window with a camera pointing at him.

One of them drops and ECM jammer, which temporarily knocks out the camera, while the third guy crashes the window, telling the (probably) terrified bank manager to get his ass on the ground, at which point he's zip tied, and we shoout out the camera. A quick dash to the next room, and one more dead guard later (and another quick answer to his pager), and I'm setting a drill to crack the safe with our objective inside; a one of a kind tiara.

Another guard wanders by, but gets a shot off before we can drop him. Suddenly all the civies and workers in the front of the store freak out, so we rush the front room, shouting and telling everyone to get down. We think we're okay, but nope; a guy walking by the front of the store dashes to some cops and it's on. Our smooth robbery just went ass up. Change of plans.

We smash and grab, since the cops are already on us, taking necklaces, rings, whatever isn't tied down. It's not our objective, we can't finish the level, but it's more money, and more experience poitns. Big cases of watches and jewelery are carried on the back, one bag per heister. We manage to get two bags into the van, but then more cops show, and he takes off, looking for another place to come back to. We fall back to the store, tell everyone to keep their heads down, and the fight starts. Ammo bags and doctor's bags, carried by the crew, are set up in the back near the drill, which breaks down and needs fixing from time to time. Bain, our voice-with-a-net-connection lets us know HRT is heading down the alleyway; we take them out, firing through the windows. I set out my deployable, a sentry turret in a briefcase, pointing it down the alleyway; the next squad get a rude surprise. The drill finishes it's work in 2 minutes, because I'm trained with the 'faster drill skill' in the Technician tree. We grab our objective, and hold the fort for another minute.

The van shows up and we make a break for it, but our Ghost ( the guy with the jammers) went in lightly armored; he takes one too many hits and goes down, but pops the two cops next to him with his Desert Eagle. We haul him up, make it to the van, toss in the loot, and take off.


Edit: For some reason it ended up under single player game, it's actually co-op versus enemies for up to 4 players.

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#1: 08-19-2013 @ 02:30:09 pm
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For some reason it ended up under single player game, it's actually co-op versus enemies for up to 4 players.

If you go back under the game in the Games menu you can edit it again. I changed it to 4 players.

Sounds interesting! I know it's been getting good reviews and PA made a comic and post about it the other day. Haven't played it or the previous one though.

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#2: 08-19-2013 @ 02:39:28 pm
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  • Real Name:Adam
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I have heard it getting rave reviews, but it also sounds like the sort of game you need to go into somewhat seriously.  If anyone in your team is not with the program, your heist goes to hell really fast. 

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#3: 08-19-2013 @ 03:32:39 pm
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  • Real Name:Dave
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Yeah, and then you shoot a lot of guys. I think my bodycount in one heist was...70+?

That's a lot of orphans.


#4: 10-31-2014 @ 11:28:29 am
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  • Real Name:Dave
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Thread necro. I recently got back into this, and they've redone the skill trees, added more customization with the option of 'heister decks' you can switch between with no penalty, and there's a bunch of new heists, many of which are free. If people can pick this up on sale, I'd totally be down for running some Payday 2.