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  • Genre: A-RPG
  • ESRB Rating: T
  • Platform: PC
  • Max-Players: 4
  • Added on: 2013-10-29 by machvergil


Someone who has played it please update this.

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#0: 10-29-2013 @ 07:34:24 am
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Somone who had played it please update this game entry.

This game sort of leaped onto my radar out of no where late last week.  Suddenly four of you own it.  What is it?  Is it a diablo clone?  The trailer makes it look kinda like Gauntlet.  Is this something I should be getting?

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#1: 10-29-2013 @ 07:57:44 am
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I was gonna make an entry when I actually had time. Nate found it last week and I guess bought a four pack and threw one my way.

As a quick run down, you play as a slave from a tribe who basically gets thrown into an arena full of challenges to appease your demonic overlords. Game mechanic wise it feels like it's sort of a Diablo clone but targetting isn't click based, you gotta turn your guy in the direction of what you want to hit. You also have a special spirit buddy who's a glowing orb that you command to accomplish certain tasks. All you can do is call him to you but when he runs into certain things, special stuff happens, like possibly turning him into a bomb or make him a healing beacon. It's an interesting added mechanic that makes the game feel less like a hack and slash and gives it some actual puzzle elements. It's got a bit of a RPG mechanic to it where you need to complete these "challenges" to earn "crystals/gems" that act as experience points. More you get, the more you unlock. Each challenge has three gems to unlock. One for just completing it, another for some sort of special challenge, and a third for beating it in a certain amount of time. There are four different "classes" you can play as and you can switch between any of them between each challenge. You can also set up your abilities as well before each challenge. However only one person can be each class, so no running around with four archer type folk. Challenges are fairly quick, usually between 5-10 minutes, so you're never really stuck as one class and can swap around to get a feel for which you prefer. One of the neat things is you can do is plug in a second, third, or fourth controller into your computer and have someone play local multiplayer. Really this feels like something that could've easily been released on the consoles.

So far I've found the game to be fairly entertaining. Graphics aren't really great but they do their job. I enjoy the mix of puzzle elements and hack slash game play though it can make some challenges really hard. As I said on the game night topic, I haven't yet found it frustrating which is a good sign. I feel like I know what I've screwed up every time and know how to complete a challenge (at least just getting through the base one) even if I'm failing at it. Basically it's got some good entertaing co-op game play even if the graphics are mediocre and story is a bit 'meh'.

Maybe I'll actually make use of my Fraps and make a quick video of it when I have the chance in the next couple of days.

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#2: 10-29-2013 @ 04:25:34 pm
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I found it a titch bit frustrating, but probably no more so than I find Magicka.  I have trouble getting the spirit ball to do what I want it to do, and that level with the smoke pouring out of the middle gets stupid hard if you can't get the ball to stay in one spot while you move to the other side of the fountain.  I probably need to stop pressing space bar so....hard.....I guess.  I'm used to mashing it for jumping in other games, and I guess it just needs a finer touch.  Other than that, it seems like a good multiplayer game.  Heck, you don't appear able to hurt each other with your abilities, so it's got that over Magicka.

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