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Magic 2014

  • Genre: CCG
  • ESRB Rating: T
  • Platform: PC
  • Max-Players: 4
  • Added on: 2014-01-07 by machvergil


The annual update of Wizards of the Coast's famous collectible card game, Magic 2014 calls the player to help a planeswalker solve a mystery while unlocking cards and decks by playing a faithful digital adaptation of the real card game.

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#0: 01-07-2014 @ 11:53:16 am
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So over New Years Nathy0r, St00f, Haldon12, Kitty-Dono, and I played a free for all 5 player game of Magic: The Gathering using the starter packs from Pax EAST 2013. We had a hoot.  Kitty had tried MTG once before at my place and she put Magic 2014 on her Steam Wishlist and so when she got it I picked it up as well so we could play it together.

So far I've found the game enjoyable.  The important thing you should know about me and Magic is while yes I did play the game for several years, they were all consecutive in a tight span and once that span was over I broke away from the game and its community entirely.  I made it a point to know as little about the game as possible.  As a result I find things like MTG:Forge, which BountyHunterSAx has brought up here before utterly unplayable. 

Forge uses (nearly) every card in the history of MTG.  This means expansion that contain rules that don't seem fun or good ideas are floating around in its card library and the AI will regularly produce these cards or their synergies to make me deal with them.  I grew tired with it quickly and broke off.

I find Magic 2014 to be far more approachable. The game seems to rely entirely on the Magic Core Set 2014 for its cards, meaning there is a very finite collection of cards you may earn or encounter while playing.  This makes the game much more managable, especially since the core rules haven't changed that much since I last played.  Furthermore the game starts you out with a decent green deck to learn the game and quickly gives you access to a quite easy and aggressive red deck to get you on your feet.

Now my big problem with the game is decks and cards are behind and unlock wall.  You can pay additional money to unlock decks at the onset, but the cheaper (and more fun option) is to play through the campaign to unlock new decks.  These decks become available to play in multiplayer as well as helping you clear the campaign.  As you win with the decks (single or multi) you unlock additional cards that get added to the deck to round it out.  You can also edit the decks to take out cards you don't want (though I've yet to do this myself).

Now you're probably thinking what I thought at this point which is "eh okay that all sounds well and good, but I enjoy CCGs for the deck building.  This doesn't sound like deckbuilding this sounds like play a campaign with the decks they give me."  Well you're right.  However there is a different mode for that called "Sealed Campaign."  In this mode you are basically given a booster draft of 60 cards and instructed to build the best 40 card deck you can with them (and a theoretical unlmited supply of lands) you can to win a different campaign with.  Winning matches here unlocks new boosters to add to your collection.  These decks are apart from the themed decks made by MTG, but it brings both the fun of a booster draft and deck building into the game as well.

Overall Magic 2014 has been a fun diversion (certainly enjoying more than *puking noise* Hearthstone). It helps that the game itself is Magic which I feel comfortable with and so far the game hasn't been too frustrating.  I kinda wish it were easier/faster to unlock stuff, but for what I paid for it (maybe $10 if that during the Winter sale) it's been worth it.

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