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Perfect Dark XBLA

  • Genre: FPS
  • ESRB Rating: M
  • Platform: 360
  • Max-Players: 12
  • Added on: 2010-03-22 by Dominion


The spiritual sequel to GoldenEye 007 is back after a decade with a fresh coat of paint.

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#0: 02-05-2010 @ 05:29:44 pm
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Dominion Photo.
  • Real Name:Mark
  • Joined:2010-01-22
I greatly look forward to this port. That game was so much fucking fun.
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#1: 02-08-2010 @ 07:20:30 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Ah Perfect Dark. I can remember the hours upon hours Bruce and I spent playing this game, mastering our combat skills against 'Dark' bots. The level of match customization would only be surpassed by the team's eventual Time Splitters series, especially the third one that included a map editor.

I have to admit though, I'm a bit weird-ed out by the idea of playing this on my 360. Prefect Dark was good, for the time, but if they don't redo the controls for dual analog I think playing it on the 360 would be really frustrating now.

It really is too bad (read as moronic) that Bungie never made bots for any of the Halo games because honestly, given the choice at this point of playing Halo 3 vs Bots or Perfect Dark again on the 360 I'd probably take Halo 3.

And I'd rather play Gears of War than either :)

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