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Puzzle Pirates

  • Genre: other
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Platform: PC
  • Max-Players: 12
  • Added on: 2011-09-04 by BountyHunterSAx


A free-to-play MMO-Puzzle game with mild RPG elements. And you get to be a pirate. Wide array of 'varied takes' on classic puzzle games {puzzle bobble, bejeweled, Dr. mario, super puzzle fighter to name a few) as well as some originals. Did I mention you're all pirates?

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#0: 09-04-2011 @ 04:25:43 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

Ahoy me maties it be I, Garragh; hailin' from the fair shores of Winter Solstice Island! Yar; this hear be a pirate-game me-hearties, involving much gold, pillaging, pumping out bilge water, and sailing on the glorious unbounded seas!

If ye be lookin' to try yer hand at yon pirattical life, hearkn on to yon Steam engine and firree up ye down-load. If'n ye be so inclined as to do puzzle games; thar be aplenty to nurse yer addictions. A fair warning to ye  me hearties; the puzzles be not the most exciting or intriguing, but that's hardly the point in yon adventure-seeking puzzle-MMO typers.

All told, the price surely is right - it being free and all. An hourr was enough to convince me that a pirate atmosphere be da life for the puzzler in me.