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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

  • Genre: other
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Platform: 360
  • Max-Players: 4
  • Added on: 2011-10-20 by St00f


You control a tiny geometric shape that shoots other geometric shapes. Take that you damn green diamonds! Can play with friends as well. A technicolor fast-paced shooter that's kind of a blast.

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#0: 10-21-2011 @ 07:45:46 am
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
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How is this compared to Geometry Wars Galaxies (which I loved to pieces and still play occasionally on my PC Wii Emulator).


#1: 10-21-2011 @ 08:43:22 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
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Geometry Wars Galaxies is a single player campaign version of Geometry Wars 1.  It added a lot of stuff, but it's biggest edition was that more extensive campaign mode you could play.

Geometry Wars 2 is really the first game with more Arcade modes and multiplayer support.  Think of it more as a sequel than the expansion that Galaxies was.

Geometry Wars 2 has a bunch of new modes, even the classic "Evolved" mode as they call it is different.  There's a ton of new enemies, revamped graphics, new music.  The only thing it has common with Galaxies is the different ship shapes for different players and the "geomes" are back, although now they only serve to boost multiplier instead of actually being a currency to unlock things.

Personally I highly recommend it to any fan of Geometry Wars.  It's a shame you can't pick it up for 360 and compete on the leader board with Nate and Steph and I.

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