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Games we play

Listed below are the games we play and which users have them. Feel free to use this information to try and organize games with fellow members.

Title Genre Platform Players ESRB Members
Antichamber other PC 1 dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgSt00f
AssassinĀ“s Creed Adventure 360 1 M BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgsteinst2Theodore is the Goat
AssassinĀ“s Creed II Adventure 360 1 M DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgsteinst2Theodore is the Goat
Batman: Arkham Asylum Adventure 360 1 T BountyHunterSAxDominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenTheodore is the Goat
Batman: Arkham City Adventure PC 1 T DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rTheodore is the Goat
Batman: Arkham City Adventure PC 1 T DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rTheodore is the Goat
Bayonetta Adventure 360 1 M MachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgRenairen
Bioshock FPS 360 1 M dmz2112LurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Bioshock Infinite FPS PC 1 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rSt00fTheodore is the Goat
Braid other PC 1 BountyHunterSAxDominionMisharum KittumNayth0rSt00f
Cave Story Adventure PC 1 E BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rTheodore is the Goat
Cladun X2 A-RPG PC 1 E BountyHunterSAx
Dark Souls A-RPG PC 1 M DominionMachVergilMisharum KittumNayth0rTheodore is the Goat
Darksiders Adventure 360 1 M BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rRenairenSt00f
Darksiders 2 Adventure PS3 1 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum Kittummonkeybizg
Deus Ex RPG PC 1 M dmz2112MachVergilmonkeybizg
Deus EX: Human Revolution RPG PC 1 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgTheodore is the Goat
Dragon Age II RPG PC 1 M LurialmonkeybizgNafanicusRenairen
Dragon Age: Origins RPG PC 1 M dmz2112LurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rRenairen
Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup other PC 1 E BountyHunterSAxdmz2112MachVergil
Dungeons of Dredmor Adventure PC 1 E BountyHunterSAxdmz2112
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim RPG PC 1 M dmz2112DominionLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusRenairenShieke
Fallout 3 RPG 360 1 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Fallout: New Vegas RPG PC 1 M dmz2112MachVergilmonkeybizg
Fez other 360 1 E DominionNayth0rSt00f
Final Fantasy XIII JRPG 360 1 T dmz2112DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgRenairenShieke
FTL: Faster Than Light other PC 1 DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgNayth0r
Game Dev Story Other Mobile 1 DominionMachVergilmonkeybizg
Gnomoria Adventure PC 1 E BountyHunterSAxdmz2112Dominionmonkeybizg
Just Cause 2 OpenWorld PC 1 M DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgTheodore is the Goat
L.A. Noire Adventure 360 1 M DominionNayth0rTheodore is the Goat
Mass Effect RPG PC 1 M dmz2112DominionKitty-donoLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Mass Effect 2 RPG PC 1 M dmz2112DominionLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rRenairenSt00fsteinst2
Metroid: Other M Adventure Wii 1 T DominionMachVergil
MTG - Forge other PC 1 E BountyHunterSAxDominion
Muramasa: The Demon Blade A-RPG Wii 1 T Dominion
Nex Machina Adventure PC 1 E BountyHunterSAx
Portal other PC 1 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoLurialMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0rRenairenShiekeSt00fsteinst2Theodore is the Goat
Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box Adventure DS 1 E10 Dominion
RetroGrade other PC 1 E BountyHunterSAx
Shadowrun Returns RPG PC 1 M dmz2112DominionMachVergilmonkeybizgNafanicus
Sonic Generations other 1 E BountyHunterSAxDominionMachVergil
SpaceChem other PC 1 E BountyHunterSAx
The Last of Us Other PS3 1 M MachVergil
The Walking Dead Adventure PC 1 M DominionmonkeybizgNayth0r
Tomb Raider (2013) Adventure PC 1 M DominionMachVergilMisharum KittumTheodore is the Goat
Torchlight A-RPG PC 1 T BountyHunterSAxdmz2112DominionKitty-donoMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNayth0rSt00f
Vanquish 3rdPS 360 1 M DominionMachVergil
XCOM: Enemy Unknown other PC 1 M DominionMachVergilMisharum KittummonkeybizgNafanicusNayth0r
Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Adventure 3DS 1 E DominionMachVergilNafanicus
Zelda: Skyward Sword Adventure Wii 1 E10 DominionRenairen