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#0: 10-24-2011 @ 10:38:44 am
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The Starcraft II mod that Kotaku affectionately called "Blizzard Super Smash Brothers."  This was a mod that one year ago I would have been really excited about, but my lukewarm feeling towards LoL as of late have cooled my excitement.  However after reading this article on Kotaku, I have some stronger feelings about it again.  I was specifically motivated by this quote:

"We wanted to attack certain things about the genre that really bugged us," Ebbert said. "It's not delivering on the fantasy properly. It's this fantasy of ‘Hey, I'm a hero and I'm going to get in there and just start wreaking havoc,' so you go in and start attacking minions non-stop and you get, ‘You idiot! Don't press the battle line further, stay on your tower!' And you're like, ‘Okay, I get that, but it's a little weird – I just thought I was gonna kill some things.'"

Well Blizzard DOTA is about killing some things, advancing the line, and just having fun. "It really is about just getting in there and pushing the battle line forward," Ebbert said. "Early aggression is rewarded intensely now. You can take down towers really early, so it's not about last-hitting, it's not about hiding under your tower. It's all about getting in there and whipping tail."

I will agree that this is a fundamental problem with the whole genre.  LoL is better about this than most of them, which is great, but even then this sounds like they aim to make the game even more fun and aggressive than LoL is.

While the lack of tanky-DPS or DPSy-tanks does worry me a little, I still look forward to trying it.  I mean why not, I already own Starcraft II and:

Blizzard DOTA will be released as a free mod for Starcraft II owners in the hopefully near future.

Besides, it's not every day you an play a game that lets you kill Thrall with a Siege Tank.


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#1: 10-24-2011 @ 11:17:11 am
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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Oh, well. I can't argue with free. Guess I will be giving it a try at some point after all. Yay SCII.

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#2: 10-24-2011 @ 11:26:00 am
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Heh, I like the analogy of Blizzard Super Smash Bros. I'm definitely a fan of the changes they're mentioning. Interested to give it a try when it comes out! Course after watching excellent LoL tournaments I'm not sure how big a fan I would be of Blizzard managing their DotA tournament.

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