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#20: 08-26-2015 @ 12:30:44 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

Ladies and gentlemen - the time is upon us. Diablo 3 patch 2.3.0 has DROPPED. The farming begins - IT MAY NEVER END!!!!

THe power spikes! The Joy! The CUBE! YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!


#21: 09-04-2015 @ 02:08:35 am
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

So -- spent a good 8-10 hours over the last week tweaking, upgrading, and messing with my Unhallowed-Essence Demon Hunter "Multishot" build. Much to my surprise, it is not about 90-95% as good as my main DH's "Fire-Sentry" build... but it has the advantage of being much *MUCH* faster when playing even slightly below the max difficulty it can handle.

Core of the build:
1.) Unhallowed Essence 6-piece set:
Abilities granted are:
*- Gain 1 discipline when you use your hatred-generators.   This is ironically useless as this build does not use up discipline...(yet?)
*- 20% damage reduction AND 20% damage increase.  (while 10 yards away, lasts 4 seconds - basically always up)
KEY: *- Multishot gains 15% damage for every 1 discipline you have unused.

2.) Danettas Spite + Revenge
(Infinite roll...burns hatred to use)

3.) Gogok of Swiftness:
Legendary Gem slotted in. When you hit, it gains a stack up to 15.   15% attack speed boost AND cooldown reduction.  Must continue to hit every 3 seconds. . . but taken with Danettas this is very doable.

Multishot w/ the Key ability
This one ability by itself is *INSANE*.
My sentry build that requires me to set up 5 sentries to stack up the bonus 500% damage. Then it can open fire  with 5 sentries at its peak dps output  thats (5-6) x (770%+500% ) weapon damage with a small area of splash.   
With the multishot UE set, we're starting off at full damage output off the bat, no sentries to lay down or delay. I stack max-discipline on other items and slots, and even take a skill on my bar whose only value is to add 15 more. . . bringing me up to 80. We're talking (80*15%)+330% weapon damage.

On the surface, seems much worse. But here's where the plusses come in.
Firstly, cost: 40hatred for a cluster arrow shot  vs. just 25 for multishot (before reductions).
Secondly, attack-speed is being stacked innately in my multishot build + with the gogok of swiftness. So while they both have no CDR, Multishot unloads faster.
Finally,  Multishot hits ALL enemies in a rather large AoE, whereas Cluster Arrow can only hit ... a cluster in a tight area around where ith its.

Why it's fun:
The added abilities. I'm using a bunch of abilities and add-ons that I've only just started using. Convention-of-Elements ring is fantastic. The way it works, it gives a 200% damage boost (insane!) to fire damage...then elec...then physical...then cold. Four seconds each and just keeps rotating. For my FireSentry DH - basically it means I try to load DPS into the fire segment and it's dead 3/4 of the time, so the slot is a waste. But for Multishot it's excellent. My hatred generator (heavily enhanced by all the set buffs) is cold. My multishot is fire. My combat roll is set to use quad arrows, all physical and 100% crit-chance.
:). So...plenty of room to try to optimize play.

Then there's Hatred-Generation in general. My FireSentry DH is very straightforward. Drop Sentry x1-2, start firing cluster arrow. If hatred is low, use one of my two "get hatred back" abilities (pet, or preparation). If they're on cool down, then start taking pot shots to genreate more yadda yadda.
With my Multishot set, I only have room for *one* hatred-gen ability on the bar (raven - instantly restores 50 hatred (1/3) ). Problem is raven has a 30second cooldown. And while my high attack-speed lets me spam my hatred-generating attack for more ... this still slowed things down a bit till I realized I had an extra property-slot in my cube. Obsidian-ring of the Zodiac reduces "one cooldown" by one second whenever you land a hit w/ a resource-spender. Consider that I'm ALWAYS spamming multishot. . . and that raven is the ONLY ability on my bar with a cooldown!
Result: Massive MASSIVE cooldown reduction.  . . . I basically just get to use raven over and over every 10-15 seconds! It's AWESOME :).

Finally, speed. I've missed having infinite-roll on a "high Torment"-viable DH. Feels really cool to have that back. And more than that, thanks to all the other abilities I'm using to push it faster and faster.

My main DH has managed to solo a Tier-44 Greater Rift 2-3 times now. . . and by incredibly tight margins.
This multishot DH has , so far, done a Tier-43 Greater Rift with almost HALF the time remaining. . . with a little work I wouldn't be surprised to see it can go all the way.

Planned Improvements:

* Legendary/Set items -> Ancient Lgenderary/Set items.
Obviously, straight upgrades are always good, could push my mainstat up 600-1000 more at least.

* Ancient-Ramaladni's'd weapon:
If you use Ramaladni's gift on your weapon it gets a socket -- which normally takes up a primary-affix/stat. My one Danetta's bow is damn-near optimal. The other isn't even an ancient . . . so I'm saving my Ramaladni's till I find a good one. This will VERY likely cause a 5-10% damage increase all by itself if not more by giveing me a new weapon property.

* Ring-choices:
Focus+Restraint is a great combo of rings that grants a 50% damage buff x5seconds for firing a resource-generator AND a 50% damage buff x5seconds for firing a resource spender. I spam both. All the time. Double damage all the time? Hell yes please.
-> Just need to get a good set of drops on this and my six so far are all very very subpar.


#22: 01-13-2016 @ 03:58:33 pm
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

Misharum Kittum Photo.
  • Real Name:Tim
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Hey guys! Season 5 starts this Friday. Anyone interested in playing seasonal characters together?

Justice and Truth
#23: 01-13-2016 @ 04:34:21 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

Theoretically possibly maybe kind of?

I mean, it's D3 so I already know I like the gameplay. But I also tend to prefer my eternal characters to seasonal ones. That, and with marriage + exam-studying + trying-to-get-into-the-local-Muslim-community I have less time to grind than usual and D3 tends to bring out the grind-beast inside me.

But I'm a definite maybe.


#24: 01-13-2016 @ 05:37:04 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

As a one time/occasional thing?  Maybe.

As a project to dump time into to keep up on a regular basis?  No.  I have too many game projects right now to add D3 to that mix.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!

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