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#0: 04-10-2010 @ 09:39:26 am
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As I've mentioned at game night, Heroes of Newerth, the other big DotA RTS on the map, just entered open beta. I downloaded the client last night and have played a tutorial game of it so far. Impressions are... mixed...

On the one hand, it definitely has LoL beat for presentation. Graphically speaking HoN is much more detailed, with various lights and shadows and pretty neat water effects. You can tell the heroes in that game have a higher polygon count, though still a smaller one than say Dawn of War II. The music is also a little better, but still not as good as a first class RTS in my mind.

On the other hand, what little bit of HoN I played felt soulless by comparison. The setting feels very generic fantasy, where as LoL, to me at least, feels like it's trying to be unique with it's champion design and minions. Even if LoL apes Warcraft's art style, it goes in another direction entirely with its over-the-top heroes like Gangplank and Dr. Mundo, and the minions look nothing like Warcraft 3 units. HoN on the other hand, feels more like Warcraft in execution, with one hero named "Forsaken Archer" who looks like a female-forsaken riding a skeletal war kitty and shooting a bow and arrow. There is also a martial arts Panda who to me looks just like the Pandaren minus the hat. And the minions, get this, are archers and trees on one side, and imps and warlocks on the other. When their artillery appears, they look just like ballstae or catapults. Snore...

The other different move is that heroes are attached to a side. So if your favorite hero is say the Panda man, you can't play as him while playing for the bad guys (Hellborne). Now for all I know there may be mirror on each of the sides, but I've not played enough to know if that's true or not.

HoN also feels more ruthless. Firstly, there are no bots, or if there are, I don't know how to add them, so that's why I've only played one game so far (If I'm going to brave competitive RTS by myself right now, I'm gonna play Starcraft II). Secondly, the game puts a lot more emphasis on people getting "Last-hit" on a kill. Only last hit earns you gold (same as LoL), but last hit on champions gets you more gold, everyone gets gold for towers, but last hit gets more gold etc. The tutorial actually has a step where they teach you how to not attack so you can take the last hit. I even played a champion who had a passive ability that only went off after a last-hit kill.

That being said, if you're the kind of person who doesn't like LoL's micro-transaction model, or it's level up system, or it's summoner spells, then HoN's your game. When it comes out, HoN will cost $30, and that will net you access to all of its heroes out of the gate, and you don't gain things from winning/losing games to make your heroes more powerful than other people's at all. You buy the game, you get the game, done deal.

So yeah I don't know. You can sign up now for the open beta if you want to try it, but unless they add bots LoL might be the game for me just because I don't have to get my butt stomped by potential assholes in order to play. If any of you do download it and want a team mate/punching bag to test against, please feel free to give me a holler.
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#1: 04-10-2010 @ 01:04:24 pm
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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It doesn't sound as interesting as LoL. I like the leveling up thing as well as the summoner spell system. I think runes will be another interesting customization touch, though I've only just started playing with them.

As far as the online community goes, I've only played two games but it seems as polite as SC2's was last time I played it. The only jerkish thing I've encountered so far is a player who dropped the game half way through when it looked like it wasn't going to be an easy win (my team lost because of that, probably would have won if the idiot had stayed).

In the end, HoN doesn't sound like it gives me any real reason to switch from the free to play to the costs money on release game.
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