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#0: 12-16-2017 @ 08:03:11 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
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In the past couple years I have waited until the 20th (or around there) to start this topic.  This year I feel like that's a little late.  I want to give folks the chance to write up this post if their mind is already made up, but by all means please feel free to wait until the end of the year proper to write up your choices, should you even choose you wish to participate.

I don't see a reason to change the rules this year, so here they are again.

Games are eligible for the award if:

  • You started playing the game in 2017.  The game's release date is not relevant, if this is the first year you got to it, then it's a 2017 game for you!  (Note: in some cases you might have tried a game in the past but not really gotten into it before this year.  For example I may have started Fire Emblem Fates before 2017, but 2017 was the first year I gave it an earnest, honest full try and beat it, making it eligible).
  • (Not a New Rule but rephrasing for clarity): When choosing to honor a game, consider if you have had a "complete experience" with it.  Some games can change dramatically from their start to their end, so only having had a short experience with the beginning may hide issues that came up later in the game's development.  Case in point - I am playing a game now where to get the full story you have to do multiple playthroughs and am enjoying the second run through much less than the first.
  • The game may also be eligible if it has undergone a major content update that you began playing in 2017, even if you started playing it before then.  For Example Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, which was released in 2017, may represent to you significant enough changes that you think it is a different game and want to consider it.
  • A game must be in what you consider to be "released" state to be eligible.  This is subjective on purpose because the way games work now there are games that are "in beta" that really are "released" as far as playing them is concerned, or are just in a never-ending "Early Access" state that no longer feels relevant.   For example, I would not consider Star Citizen eligible due to how far from done it is, but many have considered PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for GOTY 2017 despite still being in "Early Access."
  • "Traditional Games" (aka not electronic games, board games, RPGs, card games, etc) are eligible!

Now that said here are tips:

  • Try to remember the whole year, not just the last 3 months.  It's really easy when we get bombarded with late year game releases to forget what we played in the early part of the year, leaving some real gems to be missed.
  • Don't let the opinion of others demean your own.  Feel free to pick games you know the internet hates, or hate on a game you know everyone loves.  These are YOUR awards!
  • Don't let playtime determine an automatic win.  Some games take more time to play than others and just because you logged more hours total in it.
  • Consider making a post before your awards listing all of the eligible games of the year for you. I find this to be a helpful exercise to just keep in mind everything before you start posting!
  • Consider disqualifying games you have not played enough of this year to assess. For example if you just started playing Pokemon Sun or Moon, but feel like you haven't put enough hours into it to say one way or another on it yet, consider disqualifying it for now. Such games will be eligible for consideration for you next year.


For the sake of record here are the previous year's awards threads.

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We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#1: 12-16-2017 @ 10:22:55 am
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

Will be using this "list-o-games" as a sounding board for myself. Certainly there were at least a good handful of games that deserve significant mention both in cardboard as well as electronically.
Although I played a whole bunch of DOOM & Sonic + All-Stars Racing Transformed all over again, so there's that ;).

Question: Would "Hearthstone" qualify as a 2017 game? I mean, I've played it heavily in 2016 as well, but it wasn't till 2017 that I broke into top-10% ranked, and Kobold+Catacombs mode dropped. In other words: more play investment on my part and content-patch on theirs?


Some of AR's 2017 Games:

Baby Jibreel  (Have not completed)

Hearthstone?: K+C, Frozen Knight, Ungoro.
Diablo III?: Seasonal "Completion" w/ top-1000 leaderboard.
Hollow Knight
Nex Machina (just started )
Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!
Sublevel Zero Redux
Crypt of the Necrodancer
Gemcraft - Chasing Shadows
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle


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#2: 12-16-2017 @ 08:33:10 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Question: Would "Hearthstone" qualify as a 2017 game? I mean, I've played it heavily in 2016 as well, but it wasn't till 2017 that I broke into top-10% ranked, and Kobold+Catacombs mode dropped. In other words: more play investment on my part and content-patch on theirs?

This is mostly a personal judgement call.  I would argue no because I don't think enough changed with the game to count as a new release.  That said I have not played this new dungeon crawling mode, so if you feel that mode in particular changes the game a significant enough amount to say it's a 2017 game, or make it one of your favorite games of 2017, sure go for it.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#3: 12-18-2017 @ 08:43:41 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

 The following games are eligible for my Honor & Dishonor Awards this year.

  • Let It Die (PS4) = Scratched the surface enough to get it.
  • Owlboy (PC) = Beaten
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4) = Beaten
  • Pokemon Sun (3DS) = Going to invalidate for this year.  Didn't play enough.
  • Blade Arcus (PC) = Beat a couple of story modes.  Fighting Game matches.
  • BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (PC) = Considerable Progress but incomplete (Story mode).  Multiplayer matches.
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction (PC) = Only played multiplayer
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions (Wii U) = Beaten
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) = Beaten
  • ICEY: (PC) = Beaten and Completed
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (3DS) = Beaten and Completed
  • Deus EX: Mankind Divided (PC) = Going to invalidate for this year, didn't play enough.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda. (PC) = Considerable Progress but incomplete.
  • Fire Emblem: Birthright (3DS) = Beaten and Completed.
  • Fire Emblem:  Conquest (3DS) = Considerable Progress but incomplete.
  • Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment (PC) = Beaten and Completed.
  • Santae: Half-Genie Hero (PC) = Beaten, 90+% complete
  • Hollow Knight (PC) = Considerable Progress but incomplete.
  • Dark Souls III: "Ashes of Ariandel" & "The Ringed City" DLC (PC) = Beaten
  • Bloodborne:  The Old Hunters DLC (PS4) = Beaten and Complete (as in true ending).
  • Divinity: Original Sin [Co-Op With MonkeyLord] (PC) = Considerable Progress but incomplete.
  • Hyper Light Drifter (PC) = Beaten
  • Sonic Mania (Switch) = Beaten and Completed
  • Nioh (PS4) = Considerable Progress but incomplete.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) = Considerable Progress but incomplete.
  • Fire Emblem: Warriors (Switch) = Story mode beaten, continuing with post game
  • NeiR Automata (PC) = Beaten, but have more "main endings" to complete.
  • Destiny 2 (PC) = Story mode complete, ongoing multiplayer post-game.

I may update again later.  I need to prove to myself if I beat Hyper Light Drifter this year or last.  If it was this year I need to consider it for this list.  Added Hyper Light Drifter, beat it this year according to this post.

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#4: 12-20-2017 @ 04:40:09 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Bumping topic.  Not quite ready to post my votes, but wanted to keep the topic live today and tomorrow in case folks hadn't seen it up yet.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#5: 12-30-2017 @ 11:30:43 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

I'm going to start this year with my Dishonor awards, both because its what I tend to do, and because it allows me to continue to stall on my choice for Most Honorable this year.

I actually lucked out this year and played very few seriously bad games.  Most of my gaming year has been spent slogging through long games, many of which I did not get a chance to finish, but most of which I enjoyed, if not enjoyed very much.  That said, this year has also had a number of disappointments, games I nearly bought and then walked away from.  Finding out the latest entry in a beloved series is bad sucks, but worse still is the feeling that I might need to avoid a game outright so the developer understands it is not the game I'm opposed to, but the business practices it engages in.  Speaking with their wallets is something video gamers are historically terrible at, and I'd like to be better than average at it.

For me this year's dishonor awards come down to answering the following question:  Which is worse?

  • A game you're looking forward to very much that you then decide not to buy due to how much you disliked the beta/demo and/or reviews/videos that informed you ahead of time the game was bad,
  • Actually buying said game, playing it, and deciding you didn't like it,
  • A game engaging in business practices that make you hesitate from wanting to buy it ever?

In other words my dishonor awards I feel very back and forth on.  I think all three of these games should be dishonored, but which one is more dishonorable than the other I'm less confident on.    In either case let's get this going.

Dishonorable Mention: Dawn of War III

We're starving for RTS games right now.  If you're one of the many people happy with Starcraft II then you're in an okay place with your game being the #1 undisputed in the genre right now.  However, if you're like me who finds Stracraft II to be a just barely passing RTS, the fact that nothing seems to be able to survive trying to stand up to it is very, very disheartening.

So I was pretty stoked to hear Dawn of War was coming back.  Even more when I heard it was going to have base building and unit building and a more RTS-like campaign than the extremely RPG-like one that DoWII had that I did not care for. 

So imagine my disappointment when I try the beta and find it... lacking.  Imagine even more my disappointment when the reviews come in measuring all of the game's faults.   Sure, calling the game a "Moba" goes too far, but it still dumbs down and simplifies the game formula in unwelcome ways.  This was not the RTS we asked for, and that's a real shame. 


Dishonorable Mention:  Mass Effect Andromeda

Unlike the other two games on my list, I actually played ME:A.  I put a considerable number of hours into to, I believe over 40.  And those 40 hours were enough for me to decide I had enough. 

The game is not great.  I would not call it a disaster, as many internet stories were labeling it at the time of release.  The worst issues with it have since been fixed, but the game is still unfinished, clunky, with a bad presentation, especially compared to what "BioWare" used to mean in that department.  The combat is fine, as is the exploration parts, but everything involving interacting with NPCs, managing my inventory, and traveling between planets is abyssal.    While I would not call ME:A an overall terrible game, it was not good enough to make me muster up the will to finish it, not in the face of all of this year's GREAT games.  I have better things to do with my time.

Another reason this is a shame is because I actually like its multiplayer more than ME3's.  The jump jet goes a long way to making combat more frenetic and interesting to me than the normal cover-based stuff the series relies on.  I just don't like it enough to justify the rest of the package. 

The real crime though is that ME:A could have been saved.  With patches and DLC, keeping up with the animations and maybe re-recording some dialog, there could have been something interesting here.  Instead, EA shut down the branch and put Mass Effect "in the Vault" for the time being. 

Most Dishonorable 2017 Award: Middle Earth - Shadow of War

(Image credit: Critical Hit Gaming)

I feel weird doing this so let me be brief with a few points.

First I have not played one bit of this game.  By that logic I shouldn't mention it here right? 

Normally I would agree with you.  I mean I don't know how well the game plays.  Maybe I really like the ways they have improved the nemesis system?  Maybe I like the improvements they made to loot and combat? 

So why is this here?

Because Monolith and 2K made business decisions that offend me.

  • They took a completely single player game and slapped on an asynchronous multiplayer aspect just so they could sell loot boxes for it.
  • They also based the completion of the game's story mode on a grind that is made easier if you use these loot boxes.
  • They also tried to capitalize on the death of one of their developers by making him a DLC character in the game, claimed the sales would go to charity when in fact only some did and only the sales in the US would.  The DLC was then canceled when outrage spread about it (You can find all sorts of videos and reports about this online in case you missed it).

As of right now I do not own this game.  I would like to play it because I liked the original Shadow of Mordor.  Right now I feel like I should never own it.  2K and Monolith poisoned this game for me, and THAT is why it is my most dishonorable game of the year. 

Now that said - I'm also picking this because I want to use it as a spring board for my soapbox to what I think is ACTUALLY the most Dishonorable gaming thing about 2017.

Really Most Dishonorable Gaming thing of 2017: Loot Boxes




Seriously these things suck.  They are gambling.  Even if they are not for power and just for cosmetics, they are gambling.  In the absence of a storefront that lets you acquire the items they contain for real or in-game currency they are even worse as they provide you no recourse but TO gamble.   What's even more insulting is that they are used as a reward for playing the game!  "Thanks for playing our game for an hour, here's a free spin on our gambling machine that probably won't drop the thing that is motivating you to play in the first place so you'll keep playing!"

Let's talk about Overwatch for a second, a game that is generally accepted by the community has having "Good" loot boxes.

  • The game has no meaningful progression mechanics.  Yes you have a level but it doesn't do anything and really gaining a level is more exciting because it lets you open a Loot Box.
  • The only way the game rewards you for time spent playing is if you play competitive and rank up OR by giving you loot boxes.
  • When the box inevitably does not contain what you want, you will then be forced to either pony up real $$$ to keep trying for it, or you will keep playing the game for the chance to gamble at what you really want.
  • To make matters worse, Overwatch does NOT stop you from getting duplicates, and the small amount of currency you earn from the duplicates is insulting.
  • Then they time lock rare skins behind events, and during those events the amount of currency needed to acquire the skin in question is obscene.  
  • You then cannot directly tell Blizzard "look, here's $5-$15, just give me my skin," you must particpate in the gambling machine until your skin drops.
  • Blizzard is not, in the US, required to disclose the chance of these rare items to drop (they are in China and in a growing number of countries).
  • The boxes are crammed full of "who cares" items to pad out the things players really want.

So if that's an example of a "Good" Loot Box system, let's talk about a bad one.  Let's talk about Star Wars Battlefront II:

  • A mostly mulitplayer game with a shitty single player campaign. 
  • Progression of power, unlock of items, access to heroes can be earned through in-game currency from playing the game OR by buying loot boxes.   However the amount of time needed to unlock some items is absurd, with it at one time being reported unlocking one hero requiring 40+ hours of gameplay per hero.
  • These boxes, unlike in Overwatch, contain POWER.  In one case there is a card you can unlock while doing dogfights that increases the health of bombers you pilot by 100%!!!!

The Loot Box situation is so bad in Battlefront that EA has had to revise it multiple times and it has now, for the first time in decades, gotten the US Federal Government casing a critical eye on the gaming industry again, suggesting that perhaps the ESRB isn't doing enough to self-regulate.  And given that ESRB's current stance on things is "Loot Boxes are not gambling," they might be right!

"Now Machvergil," you're saying "you played a ton of Fire Emblem Heroes this year.  How is summoning in that game not a lootbox?"

No, you're right.  FE:H is absolutely a Gacha Game, and for all intents and purposes is subject to all the BS I listed above.  However, FE:H does a few things that make me not as upset at it for this:

  1. FE:H is a 100% free to play game.  You can play through its campaign on normal difficulty and never need to buy anything.
  2. FE:H discloses the chance of things to drop in every summon.  So long as those are honest (and I'm not 100% sure they are), then I can't get too upset when my rare 5star character doesn't drop because I know it only had a 5% to do so.
  3. FE:H regularly rewards Orbs (currency for summoning, you need 20 to do an effective 5 character summon) just for signing in, and often for doing simple tasks. 
  4. While the the game would make it prohibitively expensive or time consuming to try and collect every hero ever, having a good stable of 5-star characters does not require a ton of cash payout.  The game makes you feel like it rewards you fairly regularly, just enough to keep you playing. So while I'm sure some whales are spending $100s on this game, I am not.
  5. Unlocked heroes come in at level 1.  Even a level 1 5star character will lose to a level 40 3-star character every time.  Ergo the unlocking of Heroes isn't the only progression of power, hell it isn't even the most important progression of power.   So as a result the player can feel like they progress even if they have bad luck with summons.

Add that onto the fact that the game itself is a more than passing simplification of Fire Emblem and you have a pretty solid F2P mobile game IMO.  Does that mean I am happy it uses loot box mechanics?  No.  Would I rather be able to save up my orbs and directly buy the heroes I want?  You betcha.   Still, I felt the need to reiterate why I find their mechanics less offensive than Overwatch of Battlefront 2's.

So there you have it.  While I feel like this topic requires me to pick a single game as my most dishonorable thing of 2017, were it more open ended I'd have gone with Loot Boxes than Shadow of War.

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#6: 01-01-2018 @ 02:12:23 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
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OKAY Let's get the HYPE Post going.

Honorable Mention - Almost but not quite games

The following games are solid, very good in fact.  However, due to how things panned out I have not had enough time to finish them yet, because they are long games.   I would like to finish them before I asses them, so I am going to pass them off for next year.  That said, let the record show, so far I like all of these games and they all stand to be honorable mentions if I had finished them.

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Nioh
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
  • Hollow Knight
  • Nier: Automata

Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy XV

Man, this game has issues.  Real issues.  However I cannot deny that I had a ton of fun playing this, especially in earshot of Kitty who enjoyed the game's ability to mock itself.  Final Fantasy XV is far from perfect, but I found it to be an ultimately entertaining entry in the franchise that I still think about from time to time.  I have to admit, I expected to hate everything about the game, but by the end Noctis and his band of bros endeared themselves to me, and I'm glad to have played through their adventure.


Honorable Mention: Tokyo Mirage Sessions

This is high on my list of "games from the Wii U that deserve to be ported to the Switch."  Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a fantastic JRPG, and even better if "Japanese High School Students trying to balance saving the world against Fire Emblem inspired villains while trying to balance working for an idol agency in a very Anime way" sounds like your jam.  I still look back fondly on the soundtrack and battle system.  It has also whet my appetite for a full Persona-style JRPG, which I'm hoping to dive into sometime next year.

Honorable Mention:  Shovel Knight - Specter of Torment

Years ago, Shovel Knight proved that a kick-starter backed 2D retro-inspired action platformer could be not only great, but so great it makes you wonder if it deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with the classics that inspired it.  When the first expansion came out it displayed some interesting ideas, but those ideas ultimately damaged the working formula from the original. 

Specter of Torment fixes that.  It delivers a rewarding campaign that expands the Shovel Knight story in an interesting way, provides whole new takes on the original's stages to take on, new music, new abilities, new game mechanics, it feels like an expansion on the game a way an expansion should.

I continue to be impressed by Yatch Club Game's work and can't wait for more.

Honorable Mention: Dark Souls 3 - The Ringed City DLC

While not as good as Bloodborne's "Old Hunters DLC" the Ringed City was a fun and welcome challenge and addition to my Dark Sould 3 experience.  I will always look back fondly at tackling Gael and Darkeater Midir with Ren and Teia. Offer still stands to sunbro for anyone who needs it with any of this content - Dark Souls 3 is still a game I enjoy to co-op in.

Honorable Mention: Fire Emblem Warriors

I'm pretty down with the Dynasty Warrior series.  The only reason I stopped playing them was because I kinda felt like they weren't giving me a reason to buy the next one - it wasn't different enough from the previous.  With Hyrule Warriors they proved that I could enjoy a theme change from Ancient China to a beloved gaming franchise, and while I did enjoy Hyrule Warriors, I spent the whole time feeling like they were struggling with two major issues:  The Zelda series' lack of compelling playable characters and the fact that the franchise, at the end of the day, isn't about warring armies.    So when they announced they were going to do one for Fire Emblem I was immediately interested, not just because I'm a Fire Emblem fan, but because a franchise of turn-based-tactics RPGs about classing armies with a cast of at least 20 characters per game to work with, was a much better fit.

I am happy to say that Fire Emblem fits this quite well.  Not only that but the team at Koei-Tecmo actually went the extra mile and worked in a lot of Fire Emblem mechanics that end up deepening the normal Dynasty Warrior experience quite a bit.   Next time I play one of these and I cannot jump between four characters in one battle at the push of a button, manage the weapon triangle, control specifically who I want to deploy in a given battle, and then give them specific commands from the pause map, I will miss every one of those features. 

I'm still playing through all the extra content in FE:W and I can't wait to play more.  This has been another great buy for the Nintendo Switch for traveling as well.

Honorable Mention:  The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild

Listen - if I was a game journalist full time and it was my job to name the "best game of 2017" - this would be it.  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sells the Switch.  Yeah I know it's also for Wii U, but having such a great game on the go is great for justifying that Switch purchase for you almost instantly.  The game intelligently redefines what it means to be an open-world adventure game, and what a post-OoT Zelda game can be in ways that I more than welcome and embrace fully. 

So why isn't this taking my top honor?  Honestly, I find the game too long... it has too much content.  SO much so that for me personally, it over stayed its welcome.   As a result I remember hitting a point with it when I was just done and couldn't wait for it to end.  It made up for it with how utterly fantastic its final level is mind you.  Point is though if the point here is for me to name the game I had THE MOST fun with this year - Breath of the Wild is not it.

Honorable Mention: Bloodborne - The Old Hunters

As you may recall, Bloodborne was my favorite game of 2016.  I had mostly beaten the core game by then, but I had only just started "The Old Hunters" DLC, a DLC pack that many souls fans describe as the best any Souls-like game has.  The Old Hunters challenges you in ways the original game never quite reaches, deepening the story of Yharnm, and adding several challenging and rewarding bosses and items to the game.

Ludwig the Accursed

The Orphan of Kos

Laurence the First Vicar

Defeating each of these bosses was a gaming highlight of the year for me personally, and Laurence's music has entered my own list of favorite boss themes of all time.  Not just because it's amazing to hear, but because the latin chanting within is the boss's own fucking sermon.  Everything wrong with the Healing Church is within the music that plays as you fight him.  Bloodborne you are just... god... damned... brilliant. 

MachVergil's Most Honorable Game of 2017:  Sonic Mania

Here's something you should know about me:  I grew up a Nintendo kid.  I had all the Nintendo systems, I thought they had better hardware, and a stronger overall cast of characters.  When it came to the Mario vs Sonic debate though, I was always team Sonic.  The character always resonated with me more, and the original Genesis Sonic games are games I have played over and over and over and over.   I academically recognize how important games like Super Mario Brothers 3 were to establishing the genre, but I cannot tell you how much more I enjoy playing through Sonic 3 & Knuckles than I do basically any Mario game ever.

Thing is, and I'm sure you all know this, Sega has not made a Sonic game like that in forever.  After the Saturn came out Sega kept trying to bring Sonic to 3D and experienced mostly failure with it (though I will still defend Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Generations to this day).  They made an attempted nostolgia grab a few years ago with "Sonic 4" and it was terrible, trying to cash in on the idea of Sonic without actually getting right what makes a classic 2D Sonic Game fun to play. 

I write all this because I want to make a point:  Clearly making a good 2D Sonic game is hard.  If it weren't, Sega would have been successful at it by now.  So it took them partnering with successful Sonic ROM hackers and modders to try and recapture that spark.

And god damn it guys it worked.

Sonic & Knuckles was released in 1994.  I've been waiting 23 years for Sega to give us a worthy follow up.  They finally did it.  They gave us a game that cashes in on nostalgia while still giving us refreshing remixes on old levels.  It has new levels.  It has new moves and old.  It has a fresh new soundtrack, and its own enemies and mechanics.  It feels like the Sonic Followup I've been waiting for, and I loved every second of it.  Thanks to it being on the Switch as well I could take it with me everywhere I went, meaning that a month or so after buying it I had beaten the game with all 7 emeralds 3 times.

The goal of this award is to name your favorite game of the year, the game you enjoyed playing the most.  For me, that game is Sonic Mania.

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#7: 01-01-2018 @ 06:57:26 pm
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Dominion Photo.
  • Real Name:Mark
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To make matters worse, Overwatch does NOT stop you from getting duplicates, and the small amount of currency you earn from the duplicates is insulting.

I would like to point out Overwatch fixed that issue earlier in the year. Duplicate rates have been drastically reduced now. In all of my games since the patch dropped (around June/July I think it was?) I think I've seen maybe two duplicates in my lootboxes. Duplicates currency return is still stupid low though. But just wanted to point that out.

For clarity’s sake, here is a list of games I completed or completed enough of in the year 2017:

Video Games

  • Shantae: Risky’s Revenge
  • Pokemon Sun
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Transformers: Devastation
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Zelda Randomized
  • Sonic Mania
  • Invisible Inc.
  • Armello
  • Destiny 2
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Kirby Planet Robobot
  • Windward
  • WoW: Legion

Board Games

  • Mysterium
  • Citadels
  • Grifters
  • Netrunner: Terminal Directive
  • 10-Minute Heist
  • L5R

Anyways, on to my dishonor awards! Or really disappointed awards I'd like to call them.

Much like years past, I feel like these games don’t really deserve a "dishonorable" award since most of them I enjoyed some aspect enough to complete or get a decent way through. They’re more "I wish these were better" games. There hasn’t been any I started and then stopped and didn’t complete because they sucked but just because there was little desire to continue or there wasn’t much there. Well, maybe one of them counts for that. Regardless, some of these you may actually end up enjoying, one of them I still sorta do, but they did something that made me disappointed in them. I think I’ve been pretty good about only picking up games I know I’ll enjoy these past few years.

Mark’s Disappointed Games of 2017

Disappointed Mentions of 2017:


Okay this game probably is the closest to "kinda sucks". I got it out of a Humble Bundle when it had Owlboy and I was always sorta interested in it since it promised similar gameplay to Sid Meier’s "Pirates!" (2004) released a while ago. Now I thoroughly enjoyed "Pirates!" back in the day. It had a lot of charm and goofy antics to it and it was a lot of fun putzing around the Caribbean and commandeering ships or doing a bit of trading to make more money or sneaking into towns to do quests. There was even a little bit of a main story if you wanted to do that. So when I saw Windward was trying to emulate that but with the possibility of multiplayer and a more randomly generated world, I thought it’d be neat. Well unfortunately it feels like they took the core gameplay and then proceeded to remove all traces of charm and enjoyment that made "Pirates!" fun. There’s trading and ship battles but honestly after learning those things that’s... pretty much all there is to the game. I felt like I learned all the game had to offer in the first 20 minutes. After that it’s just the same thing on repeat but there’s no charm to it. It’s just stale and generic and honestly boring. I played for another hour and a half or so hoping to see if I was missing something but the game didn’t offer me anything more. I may just need to go buy “Pirates!” again and call it a day.


Kirby Planet Robobot

This really isn’t a bad game. It’s fun! But there’s something missing. I don’t know what. This game is really only here because it's a game I really wanted to finish but didn't. And I’ve had this issue with the last few Kirby games I’ve played. I loved old school Kirby but these recent ones can’t seem to keep my interest. It’s not like they have bad gameplay or anything but so many times I found myself just pressing forward in the game because I felt the need to finish it but when I’m sitting there deciding what game I want to play, Planet Robobot always was last on my desired to play list. I think I’m maybe three quarters of the way through this but I can’t drum up the desire to finish it. I feel like I’ve seen everything the game has. I know Kirby games aren’t supposed to be challenging but I felt like the older games did bump up the challenge a bit as the game went on. Planet Robobot doesn’t seem to do that. Maybe I’m just not as into Kirby anymore. It’s not you you adorable little fluff ball, it’s me.


Disappointed Game of 2017:

Destiny 2

It’s funny. If you asked me to log in right now and play a strike or something, I’d do it. This game has a lot of fun to it but there’s also a lot wrong with it and they’re big enough strikes to me that it makes me disappointed in the game. The game’s core gameplay is fun. Shooting and acquiring new guns and playing with the different abilities makes Destiny 2 an enjoyable game. The story is even a leg up from Destiny 1, which isn’t saying much but still credit where credit is due, and the NPC’s in the game are generally enjoyable. Maybe sarcastic robots are overplayed to some but I enjoyed Cayde 6 and Failsafe as characters and Zavala and Ikora were enjoyable to listen to. The problem with Destiny 2 is it’s end game, it’s expansion, and it’s in store currency (to further expand on Vergl’s lootbox dishonor). These things prove big enough strikes that they overshadow a lot of the good things about the game.

The end game to for Destiny 2 involves strikes (dungeons) and raids (6 player dungeons). There are only six strikes available and while Destiny 1 had only six on release, it feels kinda sad when Destiny 1 has 14 currently and they couldn’t add more to it’s sequel. These strikes only last about 20-30 minutes and you have to enter a random playlist to do it which means whenever you do one you have a decent chance of repeating them quickly with only six on hand. Being unable to choose a specific strike is stupid seeing as I remember being able to do that in the first game. There’s also only one raid. Now I haven’t done it so I can’t really say anything about it but once again base Destiny has 4 raids at this point. You’d think for a sequel they could make at least two, hell they could pull an old one over if they wanted. Outside of the dungeons though I just don’t have a strong desire to want to do anything else. I could go run around the planets to possibly pick up some loot in one of the many public events or complete one of its many listed activities for rewards but honestly the rewards aren’t good enough. Once you get close to the power level, you’re just acquiring the same power level items with maybe a chance of something higher. It’s just not exciting enough. What’s annoying is there’s extra "fun" items or armor with different looks that you can acquire but it’s all locked behind their in game store Eververse, the second big strike against Destiny 2.

Let’s get one thing straight: Eververse is there to make more money after your $60 purchase and is completely and utterly unneeded but that’s how things work these days. Sure, you can acquire some items from Eververse by "leveling up" once you’re at max level but then you will be given, oh boy, a lootbox. What’s hilarious is you’ll often acquire shit from the lootbox like gun add-ons for guns you don’t even have! Jebus, I get that you want to pad your lootboxes but make it something I can actually use. You can destroy these items to acquire your smurfberries to purchase actual items you want but they barely give you anything for them. What’s extra annoying is the level up system used was recently nerfed because people figured out that Bungie was manipulating level up experience in various different ways. I’d probably be less annoyed by this if you could actually level up quickly but it’s difficult to do even once a week. Geez, even in Overwatch I can get a level up in one gameplay session, heck, I could get more lootboxes if I feel like doing Arcade mode more often. Nope, getting these lootboxes sucks and good luck getting more than one. This system is just bad.

The last big strike against Destiny 2 is Curse of Osiris, the first expansion DLC to the game, which I did not actually buy. From what I’ve heard, for $20 you get something like 2 hours of new content with part of that revisiting an old area and a new “replayable area” which is basically replaying the same room over and over again with slight variations and two new strikes and raids. Honestly that… feels like a rip off. Oh, you also get a bunch of new Eververse shit but who cares about that. Oh oh! You also know what else you get? Previous content locked out if you didn’t buy it. Yep. If you didn’t buy this Curse expansion you can no longer gain access to Nightfall strikes (slightly harder strikes), Trials of Nine (special PvP maps), or Prestige Raids (also slightly harder raids). You had complete access to these during Destiny 2 and now you don’t. Did I mention that if you were a PC player you had access to this stuff for only 43 days before they dropped this? Super fun. Okay that’s not entirely true anymore, they did reverse some of this after immense customer backlash but the fact that they thought that was acceptable at all is pure bullshit and greed. Well the reason they did that was because they apparently did this shit in Destiny 1. Yeah, okay, fuck you Bungie. You’d think they could learn some lessons from Destiny 1 to it’s sequel but apparently they haven’t. This game wants to be fun and in some areas it is! But the bullshit Bungie constantly pulls just infuriates me. This game could be amazing but they fuck it up so badly in the name of greed. It could be soooo much better. But no. Give us more money. Because that’s an acceptable course in this day and age for video games and I hate it.

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I’m doing this slightly different.  I’m just going to rate all the games I’ve played this year.  It’s not that many games and I already had some of my thoughts typed out.  INCOMING TEXT WALLS!!  MAN THE LADDERS!  WATCH FOR BURNING OIL!

This game is not yet rated:
Dark Souls 3 - I have not played Dark Souls since Zelda came out. I will return to you this year my love.  I will not rate this until the end of this year.  Haven’t beat it, haven’t played any DLC. 

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire - I’m not going to rate this.  It’s a million years old.  It’s interesting and I’d play an updated version with modern control schemes.  Mike made me play his mod of it and it’s good.  There’s just no nostalgia for me, so I can’t care enough to get into it. 

Hollow Knight - I’ve got a lot more to do and stopped because I don’t want to use a Switch controller and an xBox controller at the same time.  Very pretty.  Will beat this year. 

Dishonorable Mention:
Jotun - Pretty much a “C” game.  Some great moments as far as epic sweep, and it was consistent with gameplay for the most part.  Low barrier of entry, high skill ceiling and all the nice checkboxes.  One of its biggest strengths - the grand sweep of the camera to show the massive size of the bosses or the backgrounds - also ends up showcasing some weaknesses.  When the camera is close the art is noticeably sketchy.  It looks great from a distance, but they clearly do not have higher resolution and better detailed models for the up close parts.  The programming for the pull back to see big items can be an issue in boss fights - especially FINAL BOSS Odin.  I also found it frustrating that there was a lack of upgrades.  More health and more spells.  No better combos or attack speed.  It’s consistent with the game they made, I just don’t like the choice much.  It’s also a game that feels more puzzle based than combat based, reminiscent from Shadows of the Colossus but not as good. 

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander - It's alright overall.  Don’t get the impression that it’s worthless or anything.  I spent 29 hours playing it total, and it's a pretty well designed game.  The combat is based on classic Final Fantasy style 3 person party where each has a bit of a niche role of tank, DPS, and healer.  The combat is interesting enough with hitting different status ailments to double the damage done, so there's some alright combat going.
My main issues are that it's samey and apparently the credits say they were still working on stretch goals from the kickstarter and have a lot more cool things to add. (They have done so at this point.)
  The main thing you do throughout the game is level up your officers and build bigger and better ships for them to fly.  At the end I got bored with the combat being mostly the same each time around.  I setup my officers and ships to work together in a certain way, and there wasn't really anything that made me change the way that I was playing.  I had another lower level group that I had flying around as well and I tried to make sure they functioned almost the same as my primary crew, just cause I knew that worked and I wouldn't have to think a bunch about it.
Then in the credits for beating the game they talk about adding in more side quests, adding items to equip to officers, more different rooms to build in the space station, and adding more funny encounters.  It pissed me off, because I just went through the game and found it a bit dull and then in the credits they're saying they're going to make a bunch of improvements.  Really?  Maybe let me know that before I spend hours playing a game you're still improving.

Honorable Mentions:
The Banner Saga - Solid story, solid game.  Slightly aggravating at times how the story doesn’t allow you to backup and try again.  The ending is devastating, but also a bit lame with the fact that you have to choose certain people for the final battle.  People you might not have leveled up (you PROBABLY have, but it’s not like the tell you, “This character is going to need to need to be fully leveled to fight assholes!”).
The map is amazing, the world is complete and super interesting.  The largest issue is that fact that this is really only ⅓ of the game.  The story isn’t done.  Not even close.  I’m interested enough to play the other games (as soon as BS3 comes out), but it’s still a bit shitty that there’s no real end to the overarching story they set up. 

Everspace - Is a LOT of fun.  There is a story, and that’s what kept me playing.  Getting better and better until you finally are able to get to the end and then the big story reveal?  It’s pretty solid!  Keyboard and mouse work fine for flying.  They start you out underpowered is the only issue.  Like, you NEED multiple playthroughs to get to the point where you’re at the starting point for other games.  On the other hand, once you get good, you’re in good shape.  I keep playing on easy because that way I can run into things without immediately dying.  Still have to complete the game one more time to officially beat it.

Risk of Rain - I’ve had fun playing this alone and with people.  Now that I have some artifacts I can consistently get pretty far and I still have more people to unlock.  I’ve beaten it once and it’s currently me go-to as far as a fun little time killer that takes less than an hour.  The gameplay is good, even if the art is not. 

XCOM 2 - Solid follow to Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within.  Same gameplay and research.  That’s got to be my nitpick about it though.  They explain away that we lost by saying “There were a LOT more aliens than we expected!”  And really they needed to put it in as something like we lost the battle at XCOM HQ and they took the Commander.  All the rest was a hallucination.  Like the research THAT WE ALREADY DID. 
Good setup for XCOM 3 though.  The elders were afraid of something that now we get to fight and Dr. Vahlen is still MIA, so that could be interesting.  Terror from the Deep is apparently the idea…

Snipperclips - Best party game of this generation.  Steph and I played it on the plane flying back from PAX.  God bless Nintendo for still creating multiplayer for people in the meatspace together. 

High Honorable Mentions:
Harry Potter Hogwarts Card Battle - So.  Much. Fun.  I grabbed this on a whim after Bounty mentioned it as something he playing with Fatima.  Awesome purchase.  If I’d beaten it then this might have been the winner.  Cooperative deck building?  Dumbledore is Dumble-DONE after using him three times in a turn?  Everyone wants to be Hermione?  It’s all great.  Stupid fucking hard at times too, but fucking great nonetheless. 

One Deck Dungeon - I played this with Nate (disclaimer: Not me, but I also also there playing.) at PAX Unplugged!  I WANT TO PLAY IT MORE.  That’s about it.  It was super fun and is either a solo game or a duo game.  Or a four person game with two decks?  Get the play mat.  It shows you where to do things.  I dunno I only played it once and I was drunk and had a lot of fun. 

DOOM - Poor DOOM.  It was going to be my Game of the Year!  Then other games happened.  Tight combat, good story, great visuals.  Everything works in this remake.  The obviously evil UAC is great with its rapid descent into madness.  Like, the backstory readings throughout the game start off iffy and then go full-on cult sacrifice.  The evil CEO was betrayed by the evil-er science lady.  DoomGuy is there to fuck up everyone’s day.  It’s pretty great!  Not a huge amount more to say about it apart from the music being similarly amazing.  We were obviously going to get betrayed at the end.  CEO man was WAY too helpful for him not to have a plan to betray DoomGuy.  I’m glad there’s a setup for a sequel.  They could go in a bit of a different direction too - like, we have all the guns, but they’re just out of ammo, so we need hell guns.  And obviously we need VEGA’s help, so powering him up would be a fine way of getting started. 
Looking forward to THE DOOMENING! ELECTRIC DOOMALOO (doom2)

Best of the Year:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - This game has destroyed all others.  They can run and hide, but it leaves no survivors.  It exists to hear the lamentation of the families destroyed by its existence. 
I was halfway through Dark Souls 3 and Hollow Knight when Steph bought a Switch and Zelda “for my birthday.”  I have not played another game with a controller since then. 
It is the perfect version of what it tried to be.  An open world Zelda game.  The exploration is everything, and it keeps working all the way to the end. 
The story is a bit light.  There’s not enough connective tissue, but it doesn’t matter because everything is so much fun.  I got cold feet for a while because my list of “Things to Do Before Beating the Game” became manageable.  Now there’s DLC.  Infinite Fight Room and a motorcycle?  We haven’t bought it yet, but why would you do this to me Nintendo?  Do not want me to see my family and friends anymore? 
Beautiful game.  Hopefully it releases me soon.


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Got backed up on my writing tasks so this took longer to get written up then I wanted. Whatever, here we go! It is now time for my honorable games of the great year a year known as 2017!

Special Mobile Mention: 

Fire Emblem Heroes

Standing on it’s own, FE Heroes doesn’t deserve a spot in the top spots of video games of 2017. However I want to give it special mention because it is one of the very few good mobile games that has actually had me logging in numerous times a week to play it. It’s an enjoyable simplified version of Fire Emblems core gameplay of tactics RPG’s. You move a small group of heroes on the battlefield and fight other units and the weapon triangle and special different units types are there. It is F2P and so you have to deal with smurfberries to get your heroes but getting them is fairly trivial and you can usually get enough to summon at least once a week if you login a few times and do a few missions. FE also has a deep backlog of cool and interesting characters that make summoning them and using them enjoyable. If you’re a lifelong FE fan, getting to make up different groups of heroes from different games is super fun. I must give credit where credit is due, Intelligent Systems has made a very enjoyable mobile game.

Now back to actual honorable games of the year…

Honorable Mentions of 2017

Hyper Light Drifter

HLD is a fun little game with a very old school Zelda-esque feel to it. You have health, some items at your disposal, and a sword and guided to check out your world for shards. What story is told is basically through short picture dialogue without much explanation. There’s enough there to get the idea that the world is filled with some monsters and has had its share of fallen cities but there’s still hope with your little town and a few adventurers.

The combat is enjoyable and the dash mechanic is very fun to it. It’s a little finicky at times, I was able to get large chains going and then it’d randomly wouldn’t even chain once a few times. I also had a few weird issues of input lag which made some fights frustrating but that happened rarely. Overall the game is a lot of fun with lots of extra hidden bits to keep the treasure hunt going for those who want to do it. I had fun with the game and it has a great presentation. If you’re looking for a old school top down Zelda style adventure, pick it up.


Slam Clue and Codenames together and you get Mysterium. This is a cooperative board game where one person plays as a ghost while everyone else is playing as psychic investigators trying to decipher what the ghost is telling them to figure out who murdered the ghost (when they were not a ghost of course. Who murders a ghost?). Problem is, when have ghosts ever been specific about what they are trying to tell you? The ghost will give them cards with abstract art on them that will somehow correspond to a person, place, or thing that they are trying to point each investigator too (each investigator is looking for different clues which are determined in the beginning and only the ghost knows). The investigators then will look at the available person, place, or thing, place their token and the only thing the ghost can do is confirm or deny they have chosen correctly. If everyone gets their person, place, and thing correctly, the ghost will then know which person killed them, where, and with what from those choices and if everyone correctly guesses, everyone wins! The ghost moves on peacefully.

This game is pretty fun! We’ve only really played on the easier difficulties but having to figure out what cards to give investigators as a ghost with your available hand and watching as they try to decipher your abstract art into something meaningful or deciphering the art as an investigator is a lot of fun…. and frustrating as you scream internally as the ghost (“Stop looking at the lion sitting on a bicycle! I meant for you to notice the whale it’s riding off of! UGH”). The art is also gorgeous so staring at them for awhile trying to figure them out is also just pleasant. If you’re looking for some fun cooperative board games, I highly recommend Mysterium.

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World feels very much like an updated classic Mario game. More so than the Galaxy games or Sunshine and such Mario games. If feels most like a Mario 4, though I haven’t played the “New” Mario Bros. to get a real feel for them but I’ve heard mixed things. The reason I feel it’d deserve the title of Mario 4 is because it takes the classic formula and actually builds upon it. There’s classic power ups but there are new ones that add some interesting mechanics, the most prominently featured being the cat bell. Unlike the more 3rd person oriented Sunshine and Galaxy versions of Mario, these power ups aren’t required for certain levels. In them, when you get the Bee suit, it’s quite clear you need it to complete the level and that’s always felt like a step backwards. You are never required to have the cat bell for any 3D World stage though and I’m glad they’ve gone back to this. Stages feel pretty well built but I’ll admit there were a few that frustrated the hell out of me (then again, classic Mario did that at times too…).

The only real issues I had with the game is it’s weird depth perception issues. There were too many times I plummeted to my death cause a platform wasn’t underneath me or I jumped and suddenly I was in a different area than I anticipated. It makes some of the levels with bottomless pits extremely annoying and I’d claim it’s the game’s biggest flaw. I also had issues with Peach’s hover jump not activating randomly which I have no idea what that was about. It kinda compounded the depth perception issue since she can hover (ala Mario 2) and I was taking her to hopefully get around this issue. This issue also seems to become a bigger problem when playing multiplayer as well. I’m blaming the camera no longer being centered on you which I got used to in single player but once teamed up with Shieke I lost my character on the screen more than I’d like.

In the end though, Mario 3D World gave me a nostalgia trip and if Nintendo could work out depth perception issues I’d give it higher praise. I still think if you have a Wii U this game is a solid purchase. I had a lot of classic Mario fun and it’s been awhile since I got that.

Sonic Mania

Speaking of classic games, Sonic returns home properly for the first time in awhile. The last good Sonic game I played was Generations which was fun but felt just “okay”. Sonic Mania takes it back to its roots providing a classic Genesis/CD style Sonic game. As Vergil has pointed out, it’s telling that Sega has struggled with trying to make this type of game again that they had to go to their fan base to get them to return Sonic to proper form.

Sorta in similar vein to Vergil, I grew up a Nintendo kid but here’s thing with me: I never owned an SNES. I got a Genesis and I was never one of the lucky kids to get my parents to buy both a Genesis and a SNES. So while I loved a lot of Nintendo games, when I got to play Sonic for the first time, I wanted a Genesis so I could play Sonic badly. I missed out on a lot of classic SNES games due to this but I played the crap out of all the Sonic games (even if I couldn’t always beat them). I collected Sonic comics and I watched the Saturday morning cartoon show. I loved Sonic and I still do! Sonic Mania reminds me of why I loved this game series so much back in the day. It truly feels like a rightful successor to the Sonic games of old. If they hadn’t failed at making Sonic 4 good, this game would rightfully take the numerical increment and continue the legacy. Sonic Mania is good. Really good. If you at all enjoyed Sonic back in the Genesis days, you should pick this game up. It’s wonderful.

Honorable Game of the Year 2017


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Let’s just get this out of the way: Breath of the Wild is easily one of the greatest Zelda games ever made. It’s hard for me to compare it against recent 3D Zelda games because it plays more like the original Zelda than something like Ocarina of Time. Breath of the Wild does what other open world games seem to fail at, giving me a sense of adventure with this giant world and really letting me enjoy the exploration part of this giant world. Too many other open world games give you this open world but then pretty much tell you where everything is on a map, losing that sense of exploration. Unlike other games where I would be like “What’s over there? Lemme check the map. Oh it’s just a stable with horses, nothing I need right now” instead BotW would present me with something interesting and I’d go “Ooooo, what’s that? That looks neat! Lemme go look.” See what that does? Instead of telling me what’s there, the game makes me want to go check it out. Sure, in the end maybe it was nothing, maybe it was just some weapon, it could even be a cool weapon but it didn’t matter, I wanted to go look. Very few open world games can do that and with the amount of consistency that BotW does. I saw someone mention that BotW doesn’t actually lack Zelda’s trademark dungeons, instead BotW’s world is basically one giant dungeon. While I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true, it does convey the idea that I want to figure this world out, I want to complete it like a dungeon because it gives interesting things that draw me in and makes me want to figure it out, regardless of the reward.

Exploration is BotW’s shining point. It’s wonderful and feels like a true update to the original NES Zelda game. Everything else it does is pretty solid. Combat is enjoyable if a bit simple but if it was more complex it might be a detraction. I can run up to most stuff and get a sense of how to fight it and if I can beat it or need to prepare more to beat it. The story’s plot is also all right, it’s there and the way it’s discovered through memories is a fun way to do them, they integrate pretty well with exploring the world. There isn’t a ton to the plot but it’s enjoyable and does it’s job. Cooking is fun but I found making potions difficult since I had a bitch of a time getting critters until I figured out I need to have my stealth gear on to really get them easily. Just cooking food was more enjoyable though and generally easier and better since they didn’t just give a buff but also gave hearts back.

Honestly, Breath of the Wild is easily one of my favorite Zelda games in a long time. I can’t really compare it to Majora’s Mask, my favorite 3D Zelda, because for one Majora’s Mask is already a very different Zelda game and in that essence they are two very different games. It’s more like the original Zelda and I love that about it. Exploring is fun, finding little nooks and crannies that may have weapons or shrine or something is super fun. I loved just playing this game. Taking it at it’s basics the game doesn’t really have a whole ton to it, just a lot of little variations that make it enjoyable. If you’ve explored an area, fought the different types of enemies, done a shrine or two, found a village, you’ve basically got a gist of how the whole game plays. It’s just how they vary up all those little things and don’t make the differences feel boring that makes it truly shine.

Breath of the Wild is my game of the year without question. I am super curious to see what they do for the next game. Whatever it is, I hope they continue to experiment with the formula in the way they did with this. Buy this game if you have a Wii U or Switch. Hyrule has never been so much fun.

"Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock and roll." Shigeru Miyamoto