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#0: 07-02-2011 @ 05:51:34 pm
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So I got LA Noire from Colleen for our anniversary a few weeks ago. I haven't had as much time to play it as I like but I am through a few cases at the moment and figured I'd give some initial impressions.

First off, if you've been watching or reading about it for awhile you've probably heard about the work they did on facial expressions so you can judge witnesses and suspects accordingly. From what I've seen so far it is really impressive. Not only does it give you a better idea of how to call people on what they're saying but it gives so much more depth to the character acting during normal scenes. It just makes you feel like these computer characters are truly acting and draws you into the story all the more.

The detective work you have to do during the game is done quite well, though not without some bothersome things. During a crime scene you walk around looking for clues and when you get near one the controller shakes and there is an audio cue that goes off. Now of course they couldn't just let you run around waiting for the cues to go off and make it that easy. There are times where you will find some items and a cue will tip off but when looking at it Phelps (your main character) will just make some comment of it's junk and you should move on, so it keeps it from being super easy. There aren't a ton of these so it's not to the annoying point where you're finding more junk then actual clues. You'll also have to move some objects around to find where the clue is, like looking at a picture frame and moving it to the back so you can see writing or notice that you can open it to find a note behind the picture. Once you've found a real clue it'll go down in your notebook and you can use it as evidence when thinking someone is lying or if it's an address or name use it to call in to HQ to find where you should find the person. The investigating music stops playing once you've found all clues. There were a few times in the beginning where I didn't quite catch that the music went off since it is a little subtle and the normal background music sounds similar to it. After awhile though you can catch on to what it sounds like though so it's not a huge complaint.

Now of course after looking around a crime scene you can question witnesses and suspects (well you can do this before you find all clues but then you might not have everything to question them on). While this can be entertaining and a fun part of the game this is also probably my biggest complaint. When I'm investigating someone and they're giving their story on something I'm asking them about, after they have their say you can tell them they're telling the truth, you doubt them or you think they're lying. If you say they lie, you have to provide evidence. My problem is is that sometimes when they give their story and I have to call them on it, I can't tell what part of their story they may be lying on or they'll give me the options and I'll be stuck thinking what am I supposed to be calling them on? There's a few times when I'm sitting here thinking "Okay, I think they're lying about this part of their story" and when I select "Lying" as an option, Phelps goes off on them about some other part of their story, which can confuse me. Thankfully you can back out of a lie and choose something different. Additionally when you do think they're lying, you have the same issue I have with old school adventure games. Trying to figure out what evidence did the developers think proves their lie rather then what I think proves it. There's some evidence which I think is rather circumstantial or is rather thin and if I choose it it's apparently the correct one and Phelps ties the rather flimsy bits together and the suspect cracks. There are other times where I'll use the same logic of "this is flimsy, but it worked on the other guy" and the suspect just laughs claiming that doesn't connect jackshit. This idea of using the developers logic at times can be rather irritating and is what has irritated me about point and click adventure games of old. This doesn't happen with all investigations but when it happens it can bug me.

Now of course despite these annoyances you are given some help. As you get higher in rank and correctly solve crimes and put pieces together, you are given "intuition points" which allow you to remove one of the options of "truth, doubt and lie" when investigating. It will also remove some evidence from consideration when saying a person is lying (if of course the lying option wasn't removed). This can be of some help when trying to point stuff out and you have a gigantic list of evidence and you're trying to choose the right one.

The game's combat is done in normal Rockstar game fashion. Nothing fantastic but isn't terrible. The only thing I can compare it to is Red Dead Redemption really in which I think RDR did gun combat better but Noire does the cover system better. The open world mechanics are nicely done which of course it being Rockstar I'm not surprised.

Despite the annoyances the game is a lot of fun so far. It's fun to scour crime scenes to find all the clues and to get a better idea of how the crime was done. Investigating people is fun, when not stuck with having to deal with "developer logic" to figure out when a person is lying. Getting correct answers can lead to more clues and if you get them wrong you have to find another way around it. From what I've read online and from the debrief screen after solving a crime, this can lead to you solving an investigation in different ways then someone else. As I've mentioned a few times, the game gives me a reminder of old school point and click adventure games, where you have to find items and put them together to complete the game. I think LA Noire does a good job of putting this into a detective game and mashing it up with the open world gameplay that Rockstar is famous for in their games.

I'd recommend picking it up if you're at all interested. Though be warned, I have heard it's a long game. I didn't realize until I opened the case that it was 3 discs long.

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