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#0: 07-17-2014 @ 06:58:49 am
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So, for reasons I'd rather not go into just now, this game recently came up on my radar. It's been out quite a while now and it looks like a real blast. A few summary points and then make your own judgments.

Game: Think Sega's answer to Mario Kart and you're on the right track.

+ Better (IMO) racing mechanics. Drifting, track design; it's all handled well. Recall though the last Mario Kart game I played was Double Dash and Kart DS.

+ Speed feels awesome. Please to note: I don't think its in the same league as F-Zero GX or Burnout or anything; but it's closer to Wipeout than Mario Kart by a long way.

+ Online play with Steam.

+ Innovative "craft transformation" -- your car/hoverboat/plane transforms at will depending on the segment of the course you're on.

* - Iconic characters and stages albeit from the Sega franchises instead of Nintendo.

* - Items during races to 'equalize' performance. (ie: the further back you are the better your items


* Battle mode seems inferior

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll post a couple gameplay vids below. My big question though is -- is there any interest in playing this? I can't really see myself enjoyhing a game like this except as a game to multiplay with, and there *is* a steam 4-pack for if there's actual legit interest. So that's what I'm trying to gauge.


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