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#0: 11-19-2014 @ 11:31:05 am
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This War of Mine is a 2D survival game where you control a group of innocent people caught in a war zone trying to live day by day.  It reminds me of some ways of "Papers, Please," a game that was light on gameplay and production values, and yet easily one of the most compelling games I played in 2013.  This seems to be a similar set up, where This War of Mine is a survival game in the same vein as say Don't Starve, but instead of being cartoony and supernatural, sets a grim, realistic, believable situation.  That doesn't make it better, but I think it adds an amount of weight if while playing it you realize "this game is a simplistic abstraction of what people are probably going through in various parts of the world right now."  I think it is cool when people create games that can be used make us think or feel, especially if it takes you out of your normal every day comfort zone, and This War of Mine looks like one of those games.

I am attaching TB's WTF is on it if you want to see some gameplay.  He gets into the weight of the game's setting, story, and presentation and how they add to what may have otherwise been a simplistic game.  I don't know when I'm going to be in the mood to play this, but I should probably pick it up and try it some day.



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#1: 11-19-2014 @ 01:43:30 pm
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It's on my LP list.