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#0: 09-27-2016 @ 05:29:03 am
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So I thought this game was Dark Millennium Online, but now I'm not as sure anymore.  Eternal Crusade is an online 3rd person shooter that pits four factions (Orks, Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar) against each other.  The game also says it has a PvE mode (which appears to be against Tyranids).    It's $50 on steam.

I don't know if this something folks want to look into or not, but I felt I should get it on people's radar in case it's not.  Might be worth waiting to see if Steam does a Free Weekend for it at some point just to see if it's a successor to Relic Entertainment's Space Marine.

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#1: 09-27-2016 @ 08:14:22 am
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I think Dark Millinium turned into this or was canceled or something. At the very least, the game is basically not going to get made at this point with THQ being closed and no one really picking up the game.

Doesn't sound like Eternal Crusade is getting great reviews. Might still have some fun in it but not at $50 and micro-transactions.

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#2: 09-27-2016 @ 08:45:07 pm
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I heard Space Marine like combat and saw some of the alpha gameplay and was like OOOoooOOO. Then I heard they were going to put in MMO elements, and was like that's.... ambitious... Then I heard how they were trying to do so and was like, umm. yeah... that's probably not going to work. I hadn't looked into it again until they did the "official release" on Steam. I'm currently disappointed, but slightly hopeful. I'm going to keep an eye on it, because I feel like supporting anyone who is doing anything Space Marine LIKE, might just be an investment for me.

Also... Space Marine.