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#0: 11-09-2016 @ 08:44:50 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22



So Fucking Hyped!

We are entering into SOGKESGE's sixth year and yet the name of this event is still:

[This is an] acronym is worse than the ones the UN makes up, I hope you know that.

-Grace "Kitty" Clegg, 2014 <- changed.  She says she said it sooner than 2015

With no new members this year (unless Theodore decides to join in), you should all know the rules at this point.  Still in the interest of being through, here we go.  Edits and addendums are in bold.

  1. By signing up you are agreeing to give a gift to a randomly determined Game Knights member who participates.  You will also receive a gift from a different randomly determined Game Knights member who participates.  The goal is for the identities of the gift givers to be kept secret until the gifts are given, thus SECRET GIFTING.
  2. Once you have signed up, you should begin browsing the Steam Store for games you'd like and adding them to your Wishlist.  Continue to do this throughout the Holiday Season (at least until you have received your gift).  In the interest of fairness you should make sure your wishlist contains some $5-15 games in your top 10 as well as $30-60 ones so whomever has you don't have to break their bank if they don't want to.  Do prioritize your Steam Wishlist, maybe trim some fat too if it's particularly huge.
  3. Who you will be getting a gift for and receiving a gift from will be determined at random. You should not reveal who you are gifting for until they receive the gift from you via Steam (or whatever service).  Once you receive the gift the cat is out of the bag and thank yous may be had.
  4. If you have things you'd be interested in that are not from Steam, like games on Nintendo Shop, PSN, XBL, Origin, Humble Store, GOG, etc, be sure to inform us via this topic. If your Steam Wishlist is very short this is mandatory.

Report any issues you run into with the above to me since I organize this I'm the one who knows who has who in advance and can serve as a communication adjunct.

In order participate you must reply to this post before Thanksgiving Day (11-24-2016) that you wish to participate.  I also must have an updated and valid e-mail address for you in case that has changed since I invited you to joining the site. Finally you also must be a member of Game Knights before Thanksgiving Day to participate. (check the Members page).


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We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#1: 11-09-2016 @ 09:16:24 am
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

Misharum Kittum Photo.
  • Real Name:Tim
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Count me in!!

Justice and Truth
#2: 11-09-2016 @ 09:40:13 am
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dmz2112 Photo.
  • Real Name:J Zoshak
  • Joined:2013-02-07


I'm in.  Adam, you need to add more font-size options to the forum text editor.  Also marching ants.  How can your forum not have marching ants as an option?

Son of a bitch it's all quaggan backpacks!
#3: 11-09-2016 @ 12:25:16 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Your petition is noted.  I will consider font sizes.  Ants are out of the question.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#4: 11-09-2016 @ 01:41:04 pm
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Shieke Photo.
  • Real Name:Colleen
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Count me in!

Before I forget, I'll give y'all stuff. Steam really isn't a thing for me right now because I'm just not in a place to play games and I have a lot of them I'd LIKE to play.

So here's the wish list. As you can see I have shit like adult coloring books and board games on there because I'm five.

Also, there are several other options:

Gift cards and other crap:

  • Amazon
  • cards
  • WoW game time
  • Kohl's
  • fuck all if I know what else.
  • Maybe Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michael's?

I also wouldn't mind stupid shirts, probably in men's large/femme XL-XXL depending on how ludicrously small they run. I like 'em a little loose.

There's lots of stuff there to pick from!  Most of the crap on my wishlist is pretty cheap. All of it is under $20.

#5: 11-09-2016 @ 02:38:45 pm
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Dominion Photo.
  • Real Name:Mark
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Also marching ants.  How can your forum not have marching ants as an option?

I am in! I need to prune my wishlist a bit. While I don't think I'd dislike anything on there, there's probably some that I could easily go without now. As for other things, gift cards are good and... that's probably actually it. I need to make up my Christmas list for family and maybe in the process I'll think of things that'd be easier for you guys to get then them. Regardless, Amazon gift cards or Nintendo Points are good.

Two late additions: I'd like Titanfall 2! Also I wouldn't mind the original Ghost in the Shell manga.

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"Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock and roll." Shigeru Miyamoto
#6: 11-09-2016 @ 04:35:22 pm
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  • Real Name:Steph
  • Joined:2010-01-22

I'm in!  I will trim my Steam wishlist and try to post some things that I didn't offer up as options for the Powers' family Secret Santa thing we're doing (I, like Sheike, have TONS of games to play, and while I have time, I don't necessarily need MOAR GAMES).

MSU shirts are an option (I'm a medium or a large, depending on how small the shirts run), and hey, may even be cheap this year given how well we're doing.  Also Tigers or Red Wings shirts.  I may live in Chi-town, but my heart still (stupidly) lives in the D.

EDIT: For other ideas: this Daft Punk poster is pretty classy.  This Tigers baseball might get people to quit bothering me about Chicago teams.  I rather like this print (small size would do).

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Canadians are my favorite mythological creature.
#7: 11-09-2016 @ 05:26:52 pm
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  • Real Name:Kelly
  • Joined:2014-11-25

I am also in again! Will update later with a things to get the librarian later as I also am not needing moar games.

#8: 11-09-2016 @ 05:45:22 pm
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  • Real Name:Nate
  • Joined:2010-01-25

I'm in!  Steam list exists, I'll be sure to trim and order it before the holiday sales. 

Other things?  Fuck man, whatever sounds good.  I liked watching Brooklyn 99, so that would be a meatspace gift someone could give me.  I guess Amazon cards would do as well since we need Amazon Prime in order to watch The Grand Tour.  I like beer and pizza and cake too.  Oh!  AND PUPPIES!  I have games from last SOGKEYSGE that I probably still haven't played, but I'm always down for more steam games.  Or an NX.  I'm good with one of those as well. 

(Please don't get me a puppy, Steph will be like 54% mad if you do that.)


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If bananas have potassium, do potatoes have banassium? 6th graders are like sentient balloons. Drifting in any direction, at any speed when given any provocation.
#9: 11-09-2016 @ 06:32:32 pm
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  • Real Name:Glenn Hart
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Agent MonkeyLord reporting for duty.


Objective 1: I will comply with giving gifts and being SECRET.

Objective 2: I have things on my steam wishlist. I will make sure they are in a good order before mission start of REDACTED.

Objective 3: I will comply with the randomness.

Objective 4: I can not think of anything else I want to add at this time, but may update at  REDACTED


Addendum for agent NAYTHOR: 54% mad seems like an acceptable loss in exchange for target: PUPPY. (Please note, this does not mean I will accept mission:PUPPY!)


Also... Space Marine.

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