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#0: 08-29-2017 @ 07:19:10 am
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So, very excited about what I just pulled off yesterday and figured why not share it with my friends? And since I don't think we have a topic for this, feel free to share your adventures/misadventures in cooking and recipes and such.

But yeah - so - lately after having failed a car inspection :(. Being asked to overpay for repairs, :( :(. Re-failing inspection the next day :( :( :(.
I decided - screw it. How hard can it be to do this on my own? Go to the internet, find the parts, learn how to do it...fix it.

So empowering!!!

And then I was like, huh, if I can develop a new skill with regards to a car; why not with regards to cooking?! Go online. Find a recipe. Figure out how to do it. Try. Had to make bread and sauce from scratch but this was the result:



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#1: 08-29-2017 @ 09:05:12 am
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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  • Real Name:Tim
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You certainly didn't pick something easy for your first misadventure in cooking. Pizza crusts ain't easy!

Justice and Truth
#2: 08-29-2017 @ 09:30:42 am
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  • Real Name:Mark
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I'm not a giant tomato casserole guy (despite living in Chicago multiple years now) but that looks delicious!

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