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#0: 12-29-2010 @ 01:35:10 pm
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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So at work one of the sysadmins set up a virtual machine for me to install gentoo on in my spare time. He says this is a great place to start familiarizing myself with things I'll need to know if I want to get an IT job here some day. I've been chipping away at it slowly and for the most part it is going well. Right up until you hit the parts that gentoo is supposedly all about. Gentoo loves customization. The idea is you only install what you need so your system runs as light and fast as possible. The draw back is unless you already know what you need there doesn't seem to be any way to find out!

Today I've reached the second point in the installation where I wanted to put my fist through the monitor. The first time was when the official installation guide told me to set USE flags for things I'd need and then offered absolutely no help in figuring out what I'd need. Today the guide instructed to select what modules (ie: drivers and the like) I needed without any sort of useful instructions to figure out what I might need.

This in of itself isn't what frustrates me. It is the community that I'm learning to hate. Googling in regards to these problems has really just landed me a bunch of forum posts where confused people ask questions and linux geeks give unhelpful answers. I'm so sick of seeing posts that think "just select what you need, geeze" is helping anyone. Its like the only way to get help out of these assholes is to already know the answers to your own questions. Yes, I know that doesn't that doesn't make sense, but I can't seem to find any accessible to newbies support online.

Thankfully my sysadmin has always been able to answer my questions. I'd just rather be able to figure it out myself than have to go to him, which ends up being frustrating. Blargh inaccessible cliques!

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