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#0: 07-20-2019 @ 04:21:35 pm
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FUCKING FINALLY. There's a new Trek show that's moving forward in the timeline instead of all this shit set in the past. Official trailer below. While it would've been nice to see a brand new cast instead of piggy backing off of a character we already know, I'll take it. Of course this is still all set behind CBS's new bullshit streaming service. So I probably won't be watching it right away because fuck that. I'll can still be happy though. Thoughts in spoilers.

I think it looks pretty good! I had no idea Seven of Nine was coming back and apparently Hugh, the other Borg they rescued in a few episodes is there as well. Also yay Data!

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#1: 07-20-2019 @ 04:41:09 pm
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This is going to be a BIG LIFT for the writers of this show.

I'm not saying that means it's doomed.  I'm saying they chosen a plot as hard as deciding your first run at Dark Souls should be a Soul Level 1, Broken Straight Sword Only run.   They could pull this off, but they are going to be under a lot of scrutiny. 

"Star Trek: The Third Generation" would have been less risky than this. 

If they don't fuck it up though, yeah, this could be very very hype. 

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