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#0: 11-07-2018 @ 10:10:41 pm
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  • Real Name:Adam
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Wednesday Night Game Night, November 14th, 2018

Game: ???

Time: 8:30pm eastern

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#1: 11-13-2018 @ 04:41:28 pm
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  • Real Name:Glenn Hart
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Currently halfway to Texas for my training. I do have my new laptop, though who knows how the wifi at the official lodging will be or out I'll be busy. I'm not going to make the calls but I'll try to get some stuff downloaded if people make suggestions. I'm sure I must have missed a few standbys.

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Also... Space Marine.
#2: 11-13-2018 @ 07:13:54 pm
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  • Real Name:Steph
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Down for Stardew if we gotz the krew.  Also Duck Game and Rocket League, maybe working on some Battlerite to gain progress on that slug mount.

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#3: 11-14-2018 @ 08:54:09 am
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  • Real Name:Mark
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I care not for anything in particular. A game of LoL, some Rocket League, Duck Game, Stardew farming, etc.

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