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#0: 07-26-2017 @ 08:41:56 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Wednesday Night Game Night, August 2nd 2017

Game: ???

Time: 8:30 pm eastern

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#1: 08-02-2017 @ 11:43:12 am
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  • Real Name:Glenn Hart
  • Joined:2010-01-22

We really need to be better about posting games early...

I'm going to vote for space game.

Also... Space Marine.
#2: 08-02-2017 @ 04:38:29 pm
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  • Real Name:Steph
  • Joined:2010-01-22

I think between Nate starting up classes and Mark and Colleen closing on a place, people have been a bit distracted. :P

I'm up for Space Marine or Duck Game or Rocket League or giving Robot Roller-Derby Disco another shot (if others have picked it up).

Canadians are my favorite mythological creature.
#3: 08-02-2017 @ 04:55:43 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

Would love to try BrawlHalla if anyone's interested -- never opened it before but it *loooks* like F2P Smash brothers online [Steam].


Otherwise, SC2 always gets my mood up.

SC1 (Brood War) is good.

I've patched up LoL so ready for standards.

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed if there's interest, could get a subgroup going.

Otherwise its been so long since hanging out even just hanging out to chat is awesome too.