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#20: 06-17-2015 @ 07:44:05 am
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I like how the article is worried about licensed games being crappy mentioning the few exceptions being Shadow of Mordor and Batman series and but seems to completely forget about the Transformers Cybertron games by High Moon studios which did well. Seems like a completely silly over sight since they were also based off of the 80's cartoon (though not as direct as this one).

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#21: 06-17-2015 @ 09:55:03 am
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There was also a thrown together PC Gaming show that I didn't know about until my subreddits started talking about some of the stuff that showed up.  It's long so parse at your own discretion.

Stuff shown (may update this as I listen/watch):

  • Killing Floor 2
  • Rising Storm 2
  • Star Citizen
  • AMD hardware talk
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided tech talk + some in-game examples of this tech
  • Total War series, including Total War: Warhammer
  • Phil Spencer from XBOX came ... Talking a little about Windows 10.  Killer Instinct is coming to PC!!! (WOO).  Fable Legends and Gigantic as well.  Gears of War Ultimate Edition (super HD remake of Gears 1) is coming to PC
  • EuroTruck Simulator announces AmericanTruck Simulator!
  • CCP talks EVE Valkyrie
  • Space station simulator "Ion"
  • Kickstarted FPS, Strafe
  • Pillars of Eternity expansion
  • David Braben from Frontier (Elite:Dangerous) to show off something else: Planet Coaster, a Roller Coaster Tycoon kinda game.
  • Colin Johansen from A.Net showed up to talk GW2:Heart of Thorns.  Talked about Guild Halls.
  • More Hitman reboot stuff.
  • AMD came on to talk more hardware - graphics cards specifically this time.  And a 16 Teraflop gaming system (what?).  Dual VG graphics cards.
  • Bohemia Interactive announces ARMAIII expansion.
  • Indie game, "Beyond Eyes."
  • "Dirty Bomb" developers show of more features for their game. 
  • "Gone Home" developer shows off "Tacoma"
  • Amnesia developers arrive to talk about their next game Soma
  • DayZ stuff.  Also another former ARMA mod "Take On  Mars."
  • Cliffy B is back to talk about "Project Blue Street" - Looks like a multiplayer focused sci-fi shooter.
  • Enter the Gungeon.
  • Blizzard showed up to talk Starcraft: LotV and Heroes of the Storm
  • No Man's Sky.  Developer admits being inspired by the early Elite games which explain why I had started getting the sense they were related games this E3.  It still feels like this game is going to do a better job of being about discovery than Elite:Dangerous does.

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We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#22: 06-22-2015 @ 09:51:14 am
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More stuff might filter in over the week, like this Playstation Morpheous trailer that didn't play during the Sony show.  It sorta looks like VR Hawken.  Not sure why you'd play it instead of Hawken other than it being VR and on PS4, but that might be a thing.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!

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