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#20: 09-09-2014 @ 04:08:12 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

So, I know it's human nature to find patterns where, in fact, none exist. But then this one has happened so consistently I just felt like I had to share it.

WHenever I open a random solforge pack and it has a legend, I tend to promptly buy and open another 2-3. . . . and about 3/4 times I get another legend in one of those packs. I can't actually remember the last time I've had a singleton of a legend dropping, though I'm sure it's happened before.

Any of you guys have a similar clustering experience like this with the RNG in solforge pack-opening?


#21: 04-02-2015 @ 09:45:35 am
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

So- so very much has changed in solforge over the last six months. More than is worth going into. Let's just quickly mention five:

1.) Campaign:
There is a campaign set of missions now. It is mostly just a few missions with a theme + lore at the beginning. But then there are challenge missions where your opponent gets some kind of unfair advantage you need to win against. Those are the most fun.
--> Every time you kill a creature, the creature that did it dies.
--> Lash of Alara -- you(the player) start with 3 poision. Every time you play a creature that creature enters play with 1 poison.
--> Pre-Constructed deck, now use it.

Also - great prizes, some guaranteed legends, etc.

2.) Tournaments:Ticket prices adjusted. Daily rewards *frequently* include a ticket after your first win. Etc.

3.) Cycles:
Solforge is past cycle 2. I think we're up to cycle fiveat this point. . Kinda fell behind on this one in my collection. That said, random packs will include cards from across all five sets.

4.) Card Sharing/Trading:
If you paid gold for a card, or earned a card via tickets in tournaments [[this includes prize packs as well as deck-constructed]], you can "donate" a free copy of a card to a friend. They get a copy, you lose nothing. Can only be done once per card, and the shared copy cannot be re-shared.  Very fun.

5.) Hero-enchanting:
Your character can now be enchanted with effects including Poison, Armor.... not a ton of cards that do this yet but they're coming out.

6.) Legendary Box in shop:
You can pay 100,000 silver to buy a legendary chest now. Doing so guarantees you a legendary, some heroics, and I've actually gotten a 2x-legend from such a box. Compared to taking your chances on 20x5000 to buy 20 ordinary packs with only a guaranteed rare in each? Often this is a better method.

7.) Individual card buying:
You can several times the "forging value" of a card to buy a copy of a specific card. So, for example, if you want to pick up "Sonic Pulse" - a heroic card - it costs 32500 silver (equivalent to 6.5 random 6-card packs). But it forges down only for 3550.

8.) Moar Cards:
Hard to put this one in words. Just, there's a lot of cards out there now which means a lot more interactions, archetypes, and viable playstyles as is typical of a well developing CCG.

As with before - dailies (log-in, first win, third win) are still  the best non-tournament way to accrue cards and packs. I recommend saving silver and buying a legendary chest each week or two.


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#22: 11-19-2015 @ 08:05:34 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

This may interest those of you still playing this game.  New Work in Progress UI for you to check out.

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#23: 11-19-2015 @ 08:37:49 am
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Dominion Photo.
  • Real Name:Mark
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Looks slick. Maybe they'll update the Android UI as well (since it's basically just a port) and hopefully it'll run better.

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