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#0: 05-11-2016 @ 11:00:45 am
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So there's this confusing thing happening this year in Video Games.  We have the emergence of a lot of very similar games looking games this year.  The problem is you can't actually call them part of the same genre because while they share a similar point of origin or inspiration, their execution is resulting in some pretty wildly different gameplay. 

What I'm talking about is all the character-driven, team based, ability powered, games that are coming out this year.  MOST of them are also First Person Shooters, though some of them wear that mechanic more than others.  Some of them are ALSO MOBAs, which is to say both teams are trying to blow up the enemy's objective while defending their own through the use of NPC minions.  All of these games seem to emphasize team work on some level, and have a competitive element, though for some it's more than others.

Some of these might make decent games for Game Night, but keeping them all straight is becoming a chore.  So I thought I'd make one meta topic for keeping track of the ones that aren't around yet just to keep up awareness.


IMO the biggest of these is Blizzard's Overwatch, the re-imagined spin on their failed MMO "Project Titan."  Overwatch is:

  • A Class based competitive First Person Shooter like Team Fortress 2...
  • ...except the Classes are Unique characters who ALSO have MMO/MOBA inspired cooldown abilities.
  • The gameplay is closer to TF2 in petegree.  Matches are quick and around team objectives.  Some of the objectives are STRAIGHT RIPPED from TF2 like Payload.  Others share a common history with King of the Hill modes.  Many maps are multi-staged as well, requiring you to take a point and then escort a payload.
  • The game did not have good co-operative support until recently.  It now has a Co-Op vs AI queue like League of Legend's.  The game is still clearly more about queueing up for random matches against random foes, as opposed to TF2's server based approach.
  • 6 v 6 game.
  • Buy the Box business model.  If there are microtransactions they will be for cosmetics only (or so we've been promissed).  $40 for base model, $60 for the edition that comes with extras for the other Blizzard games.
  • All characters playable on purchase.
  • May 2016 release.


Battleborn is Gearbox (Borderlands) multiplayer based character shooter.  It is often compared to Overwatch, though more than a few video game commentators have said such comparisons are incorrect.

  • Character based first-person shooter.  Each character has unique equipment and cooldown abilities.  This is the 1 place the Overwatch comparison is accurate.
  • After that the gameplay varies significantly.  There's a Borderlands-like campaign mode, MOBA-like competitive modes as well.
  • Buy the Box model.  $60 price tag.  On Steam.  There is also a season pass to suggest there will be more DLC and you will have to pay for it.
  • There's so many gameplay modes it's hard for me to summarize quickly.  You're best suited looking up videos on it, like TB's WTF is or his Overwatch comparison video.
  • All characters that are currently released are available to the player's account, but the the player cannot choose most of them until they level-up their account through playing the game.
  • Already released


Paragon is a Third Person Shooter MOBA by Epic Games, powered by the Unreal 4 Engine.

  • Not yet released.  In Early Access.  Open Beta planned for Summer 2016.  In the meantime the Early Access packs, which range in price between $20 to $100, will give you access to differing numbers of heroes.   They say that all heroes are free though, so there's some conflicting information here.  It might be that hero access is tiered for the Early Access version?  Not sure.
  • Some cosmetic items will be earn-able while others will need to be purchased.
  • Some video game commentators who have played the game have expressed concern about the boost cards one can equip before a match as a way to "buy the win."  I'm not confident in my ability to explain this accusation or oppose it, but that might be worth looking into if this game looks interesting to you.


Paladins is a ... I'm not sure.  It's developed by Hi-Rez who did Smite and the current iteration of Tribes.

  • To quote their Beginner's Guide: "Paladins is a team-based shooter with deep strategy elements and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards. These cards amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities in many interesting ways. Paladins will be free-to-play and is currently in closed beta testing for PC systems."  SOURCE
  • It appears to have two multiple game modes at the moment: Siege (which seems like capture points + Payload),  Payload and Survival.
  • There is a $20 founders Pack that gives you all current and future heroes which sounds like a steal if the game's any good.
  • No word on release date that I can easily find.


Lawbreakers is a competitive First Person Shooter built by Boss Key Games (Cliffy B's new company after leaving Epic Games) on Unreal Engine 4. 

  • Currently available for Alpha Test Sign up
  • White it also has the whole Characters with unique loadouts and abilities thing that Overwatch does, this game's gameplay looks more UT inspired than Team Fortress 2 in terms of speed, responsiveness, agility, time to kill, etc.
  • Messed up gravity is a big features of the game, so having levels where you may leap great distances for small areas and also having a grappling hook is a big part of it.
  • Melee isn't just an after thought, some characters are more focused on it.
  • Not sure on business model.  Will update.
  • Total Biscuit did an 8 minute video looking at the game at PAX East 2016.


Gigantic is a third-person MOBA published by Perfect World.  It's been in developement for A WHILE now.  I feel like it was first announced a PAX EAST or two ago.


I make this post because I think at least one of these games might be good things for the group to look into, but I'm not sure which.  So I want to put them all on everyone's radar and keep an eye on them as things to consider.

Also I feel like after having made this post I'm forgetting one... so if you think of any I left out or hear of new ones, let me know, I'll update the first post.

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