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#0: 11-09-2016 @ 06:18:00 pm
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Obsidian is apparently coming out with an RPG named Tyranny that completely flew under my radar, even though it looks completely up my alley. Old school baldur's gate style group combat, but new graphics and a skill based system instead of class (sounds kind of elder scrolls style, use it=improve it). Sounds like an interesting magical, but not medieval setting where the bad dude won, and it looks like it has some very branching paths. Also it's obsidian, so the story should be damn good.


Obsidian was doing an AMA about it. They also talk about some of the other stuff they're working on, or would LIKE to work on.

Two videos. One is a trailer. Another is 12 minutes of gameplay showing 3 of the different paths for a single section of the game.



Also... Space Marine.