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#0: 11-23-2016 @ 07:50:55 am
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If anyone has fond memories of SimCoaster, Roller Coaster Tycoon and other games like it, you should know that Planet Coaster, the 2nd game from Frontier Developments (Elite:Dangerous) has been released. 

What I have heard is that the game is one of the most fun games in this genre ever.  It sounds like what really has made it awesome for people is the ability to make your own assets for your park and then being able to share those assets on Steam Workshop.  However I also hear that the game's management sim is a bit undercooked, though they promise to expand it more with future content patches. 

The Elite:Dangerous veteran in me goes "Wait, what's that?  Frontier Developments has released another game with a very solid foundational core but somewhat lacking metagame over it?  Hmmmm..... why does that sound familiar...."  E:D has a similar thing where the "flying around in space" part of the game is extremely immersive and well done, but two years after launch various parts of the Exploration and Trading game are still very shallow in design. 

So what I'm guessing is that if what you dig about these games is just the fantasy of building your own theme park, then much like people who continue to enjoy just flying in space in Elite, you'll probably love Planet Coaster and should check it out.  However if what you were looking for was a hardcore management sim... maybe give it a pass?  At least for now?

If nothing else it has really fun looking crowd physics:

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#1: 11-23-2016 @ 12:11:20 pm
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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Kelly keeps cackling over videos of the crowd flying through the air she finds on Reddit these past couple days.

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