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#0: 01-16-2017 @ 09:34:46 pm
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Owlboy is an indie game that came out in late 2016.  Developed by a small team, Owlboy features hi-quality pixel art, beautiful music, well written and lovable characters in a 2D puzzle exploration game with some basic twin-stick shooting.  In the game you play as an owlboy named Otus,  who instead of just being a silent protagonist as a trope is actually mute.  As a result his inability to speak comes up in the story several times, causing Otus' friends to speak up on his behalf.  Otus finds himself on a quest to protect his town in a world full of floating islands threatened by robotic sky pirates.   Things start out pretty simple but quickly escalate out of control as Otus finds himself and his companions in a battle to save their world.

As Otus you have a cloak that grants you the ability to fly.   This controls not unlike a Kirby game - push jump again in the air to begin flying and then push any direction to fly that way.  Otus, unlike Kirby, can stay aloft forever, at least until he takes damage.  Otus himself isn't too great at combat, but since he flies with his cloak his hands are free allowing him to grab objects and toss them.  More importantly he grabs his companions who are armed with ranged weapons while hanging from Otus.  You can use the right stick to aim with them and trigger to fire, allowing you to freely fly around while engaging enemies.  If Otus is damaged however he will drop his companion, though they can be quickly teleported to his hands. 

Overall Owlboy is a beautiful game and I want to recommend it to anyone.  Unfortunately I found that the gameplay annoyed me after about half way through.  I'm not sure if it was a lack of variety or a lack of depth in the combat, but I felt like the game just went on longer than it should have and got bored with it.  What kept me going however was how much I wanted to see the story to its end and how much I enjoyed Otus and his interactions with his companions.  I'm glad I finished it because the ending was beautiful, even if the last level was bullshit (oh hey look we invented a BS reason to take away flight and now expect you to do precision platforming despite that not being part of the game before now!)  

That said if you are the kind of person who enjoys 2D puzzle adventures, especially pretty and charming ones, I cannot recommend Owlboy enough to you.  I found it a bit lacking, but still a great time overall.

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