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#0: 02-04-2011 @ 07:21:19 am
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Long story short, I'm in the middle of planning a major revision to the site to reflect its more than 1 year of existence.  New Year, New Revision is probably how I'm going to run this thing for a bit.  There's a number of things I want to do, some of which are behind the scenes, some of which will come before the major patch and some of which will wait until then.

The big reason I'm posting about it is because I am looking for your input on something.  For reasons I can't exactly remember anymore, I named this site "Game Knights" when I built it.  I know that's something I came up with on my own, without the group's input, and I was wondering what our feelings on that name were.  "Wednesday Night Game Night" is a bit of a mouthful and really is the name of the event, but not the group.  I was wondering if we wanted to consider our group as having a name, if for no other reason so that when we are referring to the group to outsiders we don't have to call us "My Wednesday Night Gaming Group."

So what are our thoughts on giving the group a name?  I have the mind that it should be something that'd look okay as a Guild Tag, just in case League of Legends ever implements support for such systems and we deem it worth our while, or we ever want to go the route of having a guild for this group in any other game.

The reason I ask is because among the things I want to do with version 2.0 is a redesign.  While I've spent a couple of hours in Photoshop playing with ideas, the problem I keep coming back to is not having a solid identity to base the design around. Having a group name, like Game Knights, could give me a motif or concept to work with (knights for examples invokes blades, shields, armor, etc).  

If enough people are anti-name I can keep working with more generic concepts like what the current site does.

Finally while I'm asking, I'm curious if, design wise, there are any other community sites, gaming or otherwise, that you guys really like and would like to see me maybe pick up some of here.  I'm looking for well designed forums or community blogs specifically, and anything from 'I like the way this one feature looks,' to 'I love the color scheme and use of images in this one.'   For example, I am a big fan of the Starcraft II forums/site and if left to my own devices am probably going to draw inspiration from it.  There are aspects of the League of Legends Forums and maybe the Escapist Forums that I will probably look to inspiration for as well.

There is also a part of me that feels bad for 'borrowing' artwork from the games we play, but I'm probably going to keep doing it anyway because it's what I have the time to do (and in the case of some of the games the art is SOOOO GOOOD).

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#1: 02-04-2011 @ 09:26:20 am
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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As far as names go I've always really like Game Knights. It is punny in a simple way and we're all D&D geeks enough to appreciate knights. I don't think that any theme needs to reflect this too heavily, though. If we get the site all wrapped up in armor, heraldry, and purity seals it might end up being difficult to tell what's going on in it. I know the AS board admin released a new theme for those forums recently that adds a lot of new functionality and whatnot but I can't get into using it as the icons, colors, background, and whatnot is too.. detailed. Its hard to tell if something is indicating something I should be aware of or if it is just part of the general theme. So I still use the old theme on the board.

As for art work, if you're really worried about it how about checking what these games offer in their fan site kits (if they have one)?

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#2: 02-04-2011 @ 06:59:07 pm
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I figured I'd put out our "brainstorming" session ideas together:

1. More flames.  Make them moving.  That way french maid Nidalee is like, tearing ass around the top of the screen. (Nate)

2. Tile the images!  It's not enough! (Steph)

3. I'd really like some music to be played!  Something cool!

     a. Yakety Sax (Nate)

     b. Midi file version of "The Final Countdown" (Steph)

4. More fun colors!  Like you know, brighter and stuff! (Steph)

5. If there's going to be a Zealot tearing ass around the screen with flames shooting off his feet, he needs to be shouting "88 miles per hour!" but only if you can get the original voice actor for Starcraft to do it.  (Ren)


Ok that's all I can remember.  So there's all the best ideas in the world.  I vote "yes"!



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