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Viewing Topic: Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup - Page 3
#20: 07-22-2011 @ 12:07:29 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

New high score:

 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.8.1 character file.

1009 Ardent the Chucker (level 8, -7/57 HPs)
             Began as a Human Fighter on July 22, 2011.
             Killed by divine providence
             ... invoked by an orc priest
              (12 damage)
             ... on Level 5 of the Dungeon.
             The game lasted 00:51:46 (6704 turns).

Ardent the Chucker (Human Fighter)                  Turns: 6704, Time: 00:51:46

HP  -7/57        AC 13     Str 23      Exp: 8/1085 (0), need: 895
MP   7/7         EV  3     Int  8      God:
Gold 250         SH 18     Dex 13      Spells:  0 memorised,  7 levels left

Res.Fire  : . . .   See Invis. : .    a - +1,+2 falchion
Res.Cold  : . . .   Warding    : . .  F - +2 plate mail
Life Prot.: . . .   Conserve   : .    c - +0 shield
Res.Acid. : . . .   Res.Corr.  : .    (helmet restricted)
Res.Poison: .       Clarity    : .    (no cloak)
Res.Elec. : .       Spirit.Shd : .    (no gloves)
Sust.Abil.: . .     Stasis     : .    (no boots)
Res.Mut.  : .       Ctrl.Telep.: .    (no amulet)
Res.Rott. : .       Levitation : .    G - +5 ring of strength
Saprovore : . . .   Ctrl.Flight: .    w - ring of protection from magic {unknown}

@: quite resistant to hostile enchantments, extremely unstealthy
A: horns 1
a: no special abilities

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#21: 07-22-2011 @ 03:26:01 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

Props on your branching out - and your successes :)! I've been experimenting with a few other character types:

Centaur Hunter: You get high speed, no "food limits" like the Spriggan hand, and solid range attack - all around a nice package. Still, leaves me filling a bit *too* impotent at hand-to-hand for my taste, and not quite nippy enough to get away at will.

Vampire: Yeah, I talked about them before - but I'd just love to see one of these actually get *rolling*

MountainDwarf Berserker: The *ultimate* in easy-to-use "Melee-powerhouse". But it's really hard to switch from playing a spriggan to this. The styles are so diametricallty opposed.

I've got some time today - I'm gonna try to get a crazy-awesome Spriggan going. Ideally I want to go either poison+fire conjurations or Necro/Summon play. We'll see what I get.


#22: 07-22-2011 @ 06:10:11 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

*sigh* this game has SERIOUSLY frustrated me now. . . .

Quote from my last character's last moments:


  _There is a stone staircase leading down here.

 You climb downwards. Pikel hits you with a runed whip. You are electrocuted!
 Ouch! That really hurt!
 You die...


Yup. I walk down a staircase and am insta-killed the moment I walk down those stairs. GRRRRR! That makes 2 times its happened. Most the time when you die it's your fault. . . . but . .. not like this!


#23: 07-23-2011 @ 12:27:32 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

So after *extensive* Wizard usage I've come to a few conclusions, at least as far as Spriggans goes:

The "Wizard" background is by far the best for the first 4-5 floors.

Why? 3 reasons.

First, it min-maxes yoru INT up and your STR down nicely plus gives you a big boost to Spellcasting. These together mitigate spell hunger which are the bane of a Spriggan's existence and also increases the power of your spell.
Second, you start out with "Magic Dart" which is irresistible (unlike fire, ice, poison, or Necro), highly accurate, and uber effective. Further, your starting book gives you "Blink" to get out of tight spots and "Mephitic cloud" to round out your early game.
Finally, you get 1.5-2x the mana of any other opening combination. This by itself would have been enough to convince me, honestly.

That said there's a HUGE weakness - your starting book does NOT give you a solid tier-2 damage spell (much less tier-3). As such you are 100% at the mercy of what books you happen to find around the dungeon to advance further. Now, dont get me wrong, Mephitic Cloud and Magic Dart are GREAT spells. I just played 3 games IN A ROW where I leveled quite nicely, got to exp. level 8 or more (in this last one, to level 12), and cleared through floor 8 of the dungeon + some pushing into the lair with JUST these 2 spells.

But after that, it starts to become kind of ridiculous. It takes 10-15 darts (assuming 4/5 of them hit) to take down a spiny frog. A spiny frog that is only a hair slower than you (since I play a spriggan) and can kill you in 2 shots. In a vacuum, no problem - just keep backing away and being super cautious. But frankly you NEED a bit more of a bang to keep pushing.

That's when I realized: every seriously awesome attempt I've made in this game I've "happened" to get Isekundurun's Magic Blast (Lvl2 "magic missile"-like spell) by finding the book of power or some variant lying around the dungeon. I think I'm gonna start quitting the game on floor 3 every time until I get that spell. No point running a conjurer who's gonna cap out 1hr in and be up against challenges he can't reasonably face.

And yes, technically you can get the books as god-gifts. . . but I've yet to have that happen in time in any of my last 3 games. The alternative is to pick a background that starts wiht a weaker starting spell than magic dart, but at least has SOME tier-2 damage capability.  I may experiment with this later.


#24: 07-24-2011 @ 10:29:35 am
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

I tried a fun new combination today:

Deep Dwarf Necromancer.


Deep Dwarves have a massive weaknes: No natural healing/health regen! Naturally this puts pretty tight restrictions on how you can go about playing them - but therein lies the fun of it! Their advantage is equally incredible: Damage reduction.

The formula is (something like) 1+ Lvl/2 damage reduction from ANY source of damage. And yes, if the damage would be zero, it just becomes zero. And if you're wearing armor, it stacks! Early game poison? I'm invulnerable to it :).

So here's the strat I used. Necromancers have one of the strongest tier-1 spells in the game "Pain". Problem is is that pain deals dmg to you also (i think 1 or 2 dmg). Of course, as a deep dwarf, I'm immune :)! I level up my necromancy and spellcasting and quickly learn Vampiric Draining. This is a range-1 attack that deals damage and heals you (so you can only use it if you've taken damage). The amount it heals you is directly related to your necromancy skill, so while at first it's barely worth the 3MP youre paying, pretty soon I'm getting 1/4 of my health back per-cast. Meanwhile, due to my dmg reduction, surviving at melee range isn't as terrifying as it would normally be.

Pretty soon I have enough spell power to learn "Dispel Undead" - a critical spell for a necro-caster since otherwise we have zero way of dealing with offensive undead/demonic characters. That's about all I've discovered so far with this character build. Oh - you start off with a heal-wounds potion and a wand-of-healing (5 charges, so 5 heal-wounds). Incredibly useful for early game before you have vampiric draining up as well as for mid-game if you're in a pinch or out-of-mana.

Problem is that I'm still used to "spriggan speed". This class is fun to dabble in, but I'm definitely *NOT* going to main this. Still, feel free to experiment and let me know how it goes.

2227 BountyHunterSAx the Reanimator (level 9, -16/63 HPs) Began as a Deep Dwarf Necromancer on July 24, 2011. Was a Priest of Makhleb. Demolished by Erolcha ... wielding a +0,+0 great mace (17 damage) ... on Level 8 of the Dungeon. The game lasted 00:57:20 (9410 turns). BountyHunterSAx the Reanimator (DDNe) Turns: 9410, Time: 00:57:20 HP -16/63 AC 7 Str 14 Exp: 9/2677 (0), need: 2405 MP 13/28 EV 13 Int 17 God: Makhleb [***...] Gold 354 SH 0 Dex 13 Spells: 3 memorised, 8 levels left

#25: 07-25-2011 @ 10:51:45 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

Okay seriously the ghosts are becoming a problem.  I tried a Mountain Dwarf Berzerker, was tearing ass up and down the dungeon, killed BOTH Sigmund AND Edmund with EASE, and then all of a sudden

"You've encountered the Ghost of Lysradel" who was my previous to now 3rd best run, a High Elven Wizard.  Somehow I let her get of Mephic cloud before I could berzerk, and without being able to do anything about it, I died.

"481 Krog the Chopper (level 6, -10/50 HPs)                            
             Began as a Mountain Dwarf Berserker on July 22, 2011.             
             Was a Believer of Trog.                                           
             Mangled by an ice beast (13 damage)                               
             ... on Level 4 of the Dungeon on July 25, 2011.                   
             The game lasted 00:25:15 (3540 turns). "

Seriously people.  If my ghosts are so damn bad ass why DIDN'T THEY GET FURTHER ON THEIR OWN RUNS HMMM?!?!  My Moruge list is now this:

  1.    1009 Ardent     HuFi-08 blasted by an orc priest (D:5)                 
  2.     588 Letumvictu HEDK-06 shot by a centaur (D:7)                        
  3.     481 Krog       MDBe-06 slain by an ice beast (D:4)                    
  4.     222 Lysradel   HEWz-04 blasted by Edmund (D:4)                        
  5.     203 Vaelrath   HEHu-03 shot by Ijyb (D:3) 


Seriously I hate you sometimes StoneSoup.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#26: 07-25-2011 @ 03:14:14 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

What ticks me off the most is that ghosts are automatically immune to poison (and thus, Mephitic Cloud).

Doesn't *sound* like a huge deal . . . but then realize that my main character is a spriggan venom mage! Until I start hitting level 4 spells in OTHER magic books (around character Level 8), I have no way of dealing with even my weakest ghosts.

And all of them are packing ****ing mephitic cloud. It's an unfair fight :). Honestly, one of the high points of that Deep-Dwarf necromancer build I tried was going back and 1-shotting ghosts with "Dispel Undead".

BTW- it's possible to delete ghost files if you're playing locally. I think they're each saved as a "bones.###" file, indicating which floor they haunt.


#27: 07-25-2011 @ 07:12:27 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29


So I had an exam today (which went well.  .. VERY well  I think). To celebrate I tried starting a new Crawl. The first 4-5 characters were pathetic, each managing to die on floor 1/2. But then :)...

ZeO the Tainter (Spriggan Venom Mage)                                                  Turns: 34576, Time: 02:26:44

 HP  57/57        AC  6     Str  7      Exp: 13/49182 (2), need: 13867

+2 Robe: rFire+

+1 Wizard Hat (Magic Resist)

+0 Dwarf Cloak (invis)

amulet of faith,  ring of the Clam {Ice, MR, Int+3, Dam+2}, ring of Int+5

MUTATIONS:+10% hp,  Str -1


Wielding: staff of wizardry (weapon),  (also have staff of air)


 Spell List

 Your Spells              Type           Power        Success   Level  Hunger

a - Sting                  Pois/Conj      #####        Perfect     1    None

b - Iskenderun's Mystic   Conj           #######..    Excellent   4    None

c - Mephitic Cloud        Pois/Air/Conj  #######...   Excellent   3    None

d - Blink                 Tloc           N/A          Excellent   2    None

e - Lightning Bolt        Air/Conj       #######...   Excellent   5    Strawberry

f - Throw Frost           Ice/Conj       #######      Excellent   2    None

g - Animate Dead          Necr           N/A          Very Good   4    None

h - Magic Dart            Conj           #####        Perfect     1    None

i - Poison Arrow          Pois/Conj      #######...   Excellent   6    Honeycomb




And best of all? He's not dead yet !!! :)! I have cleared out the Orc mines, and only just started working my way through the lair. Gotta call it the quits for the day though. Still - this isone of the most promising starts I've had in a while. Solid faith, 6-8 spellbooks (though admittedly getting them was a PAIN), Orc mines cleared, and +8 to INT via my rings! If only I could find the hive and secure a food-source I'd be feeling optimistic.

Cross my fingers that I don't do something colossaly stupid and lose this guy before then. 


#28: 07-26-2011 @ 02:12:32 pm
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
  • Joined:2010-01-22

So remember when we were trashtalking Felids?

767 Purika the Ducker (level 6, 0/31 HPs)                             
             Began as a Felid Berserker on July 26, 2011.                      
             Was a Priest of Trog.                                             
             Slain by a shadow imp (1 damage)                                  
             ... summoned by Eustachio                                         
             ... on Level 4 of the Dungeon.                                    
             The game lasted 00:31:53 (4821 turns).

While scorewise about 240 points short my best run, Berzerker and Felid get along VERY WELL.  So well in fact that that during this run I took out at least 3 named enemies and TWO of my own ghosts.  Had I not run into Eustachio, who I have NO CLUE how you are supposed to fight him AT ALL EVER WHAT THE HELL NO FUCK YOU GOD DAMN IT STONE SOUP, I'm sure I would have gotten even further. 

Felt good too - a lot of my more recent attempts had been going really, really really bad.

We set Wednesdays on Fire!
#29: 07-26-2011 @ 05:44:57 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

I'm so glad you're enjoying the berserkers:)!

And yeah, Eustachio is a douche of a summoner. Best advice is to just avoid/run from him avidly... unless:
a.) you can silence/mephitic him from out of range

b.) you can lure him to a corner and pounce on him at melee range*BEFORE* he summons a cloud of minion-imps

c.) You have a wand of disintegration (mwahahahaha!)

With a berserker, when I'mup against an enemy like that, I'll usually use Brother-in-Arms and summon allied "berserk trolls"to go for the kill while I run. Incidentally, a berserker felid sounds like a LOT of fun.


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