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#0: 04-17-2012 @ 09:43:10 am
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
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So this game looks awesome. At $15   $8 on steam, it's not unwieldly pricey either. My first impression of it based on looks alone was "Hmm, impressive how much you can rip off Sins of a Solar Empire."

But then I started reading IGN reviews on the game; apparently it's a MOBA? And getting extremely high ratings at that?! Definitely a game I'm consdiering trying out at this point, though the vs PvE scene is going to make or break my decision for it.

So any thoughts? Have any of you seen this game yet?


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#1: 04-17-2012 @ 10:11:13 am
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MachVergil Photo.
  • Real Name:Adam
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Since the above post really doesn't tell us anything to go off, I decided to do some Googling.  Turns out TotalBiscut has done a "WTF is ... Stellar Impact" video and I have attached it below.

Honestly as neat as this sounds I am hearing some things that make this a nope from me:

  1. PvP only - which is a killer for me only because this damn thing sounds complicated, and you really shouldn't make complicated pvp only games.  It means people who are curious about your game have to sacrifice themselves to experienced players as the flail about uselessly not knowing what they're doing wrong.
  2. Axis vs Allies?  Really?  Are we that uncreative that we have to do WWII in space?
  3. Community sounds so  small that not only is player skill imbalance an issue, so is player power level an issue.  And the grind to level cap sounds much longer than League of Legends.

It's a shame because the graphics and several ideas sound neat, but for me, this is a pass.

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