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#0: 04-09-2013 @ 07:49:18 am
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There is an interesting article on Polygon about the Metroid Prime style remake of Mega Man X, called Mavrick Hunter, that Capcom was working with Former Retro Studios people to make.

The game was canned when Mega Man's creator quit Capcom.  The notion in the company is that something like this is not what the Mega Man brand needs right now, and they are probably right.  That said, on a base concept stand point, I would LOVE to see a Retro-games-style FPS set in the Mega Man universe, ESPECIALLY the Mega Man X or Mega Man Zero universe.

The stuff on that site is very prototype.  If the final product would have had more polish in the textures, robot design, gun effects, sound, and voice work though, I'd probably have given this a shot.

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#1: 04-10-2013 @ 08:04:15 am
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This looks like it could've been entertaining but I wonder how "Mega Man" it'd feel. Certainly as as a proof of concept it looks interesting (though that "X" visor... ugh). Then again, as stated in the article, how many of us were saying a FPS perspective for Metroid was gonna suck and it ended up being some of the most awesome games out of the Gamecube era? Maverick Hunter may have been worth a shot given the right love and attention. At this point though, it probably should stay dead until a proper Mega Man revival can happen.

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