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#0: 08-02-2010 @ 01:38:19 pm
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Misharum KittumMisharum Kittum

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My parents have been planning on visiting this upcoming weekend for a while now. Every week things have gotten to be more of a pain in the ass about the trip. At first it was just going to be them. Then they decided they were going to take the train so I'd have to go meet them in Chicago when their train arrives (of course they don't have cell phones to call me when they're an hour or so away or anything). Then they invited my brother along for the weekend. Then they are arriving on different trains about two hours apart from each other, so I have to meet my brother, hang out until my parents arrive, and then get on with entertaining them for the weekend. This trip is apparently their wedding anniversary present to each other.

Most of you haven't seen my apartment, but it is tiny. My bed is in the closet just so I have a little living room for my computer and TV. There's room in my place for one person to sleep on the couch, but that's about it. I don't have an air mattress or extra even extra blankets and pillows, but for the past three weeks my mom has been insisting that they'd all be sleeping at my place no matter how much I told her there wasn't room and it would be really uncomfortable for everyone.

Well it looks like I finally raised a big enough stink with my mom last night that she finally went and got herself and my dad a room at a bed and breakfast for this upcoming Saturday weekend when they are planning on visiting. My brother will still be staying with me that night, but that's fine. I have enough space for one other person in my apartment.

It just took me being blatantly rude on the phone last night for her to get it through her head that it was a bad idea.. All the times I tried to explain it calmly and reasonably never worked. I guess I'm just going to have to be rude about guest rights in the future with her.

Blarg parents. Anyway, /rantoff
Justice and Truth
#1: 08-02-2010 @ 01:47:58 pm
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Sucks dude. Family can be a pain sometime, but at least mine respect imposition before they assume they can just chill at my place for a vacation of some sort. I remember one time my sister had to stay the night because something happened to her car. It was a bummer because Grace was up that weekend, but she was real nice about it and did her best to not be a bother. It wasn't like she was all like "Drop your whole life because I need to sleep at your place."

Still at least you've made things a little better. I'm sure once they see your place they'll be glad they got the bed and breakfast (based solely off what you've said as I clearly haven't seen your place either).
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