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#0: 12-05-2013 @ 09:47:59 pm
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Finally beat this game tonight.  I know I know, I started it like a year ago.  I never got around to finishing it.  Got distracted by my newer, shinier PS3.  I have a two-fold reason for my return to it,  one of those reasons being Haldon12 came over and we did some co-op, reminding me how much I enjoyed the game.  The other reason is for another post.

I just wanted to take a moment to comment that even after all the time has past I do want to mark this as one my favorites in the series, certainly better than Halo 1-3.  My reasons for this are such:

  1. 343 dares to do something Bungie never did:  develop John-117's character.  The swings of the plot seem to genuinely affect him and his AI partner in subtle ways, but by the end you can tell his character has been shaken by the outcome of events.  It's pretty cool to see a character who has been for the most part generic-badass actually take a character turn, even if he's still staying stoic and silent.
  2. There are no flood.  At all.  Thank fucking god.  The Flood were always my LEAST FAVORITE part of the Halo franchise.  The Library in Halo 1 still haunts me.  Fighting Covenant requires some thinking, planning, variety of weapons.  The Flood are just bullet spounges you HAVE to engage up close while somehow not getting swarmed.  Good riddence, may they stay gone.
  3. The new Promethian enemies are a fun alternative to the Flood, especially since they let me use their guns.  And Promethian guns are FUN, if not maybe a little over powered.
  4. Having sprint as an option all the time adds a much needed level of mobility to the Halo franchise, while still incorporating the armor powers thing from Halo:Reach (though not super showy Armor Lock).  I love the new Auto-sentry power - it's so fun to make my foes deal with a second gun firing at them (especially since the thing is sometimes more accurate than I am).
  5. While we're at it - I don't miss Brutes either.  At all.
  6. This is probably the prettiest game on the XBOX 360.  This is coming from someone who thought Halo 3 was ugly.  Once upon a time the Halo engine looked like a joke next to Unreal 3.  The Halo 4 Engine is pretty freaking baller tbh. 
  7. The soundtrack is great, on par with some of the series best even without Bungie at the helm.

Anyway if you've been a fan of Halo and have been dismissing this one because Bungie didn't do it, do yourself a favor and pick the game up.  I had a blast with it, maybe even more than I did with series favorite, Halo:Reach.  If I didn't have a backlog of other things to play I'd probably dive right into Spartan Ops for more singleplayer/co-op action.

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