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#0: 01-08-2015 @ 10:30:19 pm
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  • Real Name:Ahmad Rasheed
  • Joined:2011-06-29

So, since the SOGKEYSGE haul (thanks again, KittyDono) I have apparently racked up over 18 hours of gameplay in this game.

Gameplay Summary:

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, the concept is exceedingly simple. You are a "stick-figure" fighter in a linear field. You stay in the middle and use two buttons (left/right mouse button,  s/d keys, a/y buttons of controller, etc.) to control him. Enemies run at you from left or right. . . when they're within your threatened reach range, you hit the corresponding button and attack! Kill all 50-3-400 enemies to clear the level. Misses or going too slow opens you up for being hit. Get hit 10 times (or however many lives you have) and you die.

For the first couple levels that's it, but quickly enemies increase in complexity. After these grey "one-hit" enemies, we start to see blue ones - they first dodge past you, so you need to hit "left/right" or "right/left" to finish them, depending on the direction they come form. Then green ones - "left/left" or "right/right". Eventually it leads up to enemies with up to 4 stikes required. Or brawlers that cue-up a giant "freeze-time" attack sequence. Mercifully, you don't need to memorize all this, as the required attacks/keypresses are all listed underneath them.

Next wrinkle is the weapons. Enemies will come at you with bombs, swords, daggers, bows, maces, lances...etc. When you kill them, you steal their weapon(s) and use them for a bit. Bows, for example, give you a one-time-use attack to fire left/right for an insta-kill. Bombs and daggers are similar. Maces and Lances give you an expanded attack/threatened-range for a short duration. You also occasionally hurl them :).

Then there's the skill points. Unlockable on the giant "overworld map" that give you buffs every X kills. For example, 3x-bombx, where after one kill (so constantly) anytime you'd pick up a bomb you instead pick up 3. To the far more late-game "heal" that grants you +1 hitpoint after 99 kills.


My thoughts


This is a perfect example of simple yet elegant gameplay. Or just insanely addictive gameplay, I dunno. There are many tiers of difficulty and now that I'm on Grandmaster I can honestly say that it really does feel rewarding as hell. I've commented many times before on how I enjoy games where the "action-window" is small enough that you can get progressively better and better until you do just insanely well with god-tier performance. This game is lets me do that in spades with all the joy of a stick-figure "spectacle brawler" while I do it.

If this were a mobile game, I'm quite sure I wouldn't want another game for my phone -- it's just that good. Each round lasts 1-2 minutes, tops. Well, barring the survival mode that can keep you going for 10-20 minutes or even more depending just how long you can outlast.

Loving the hell out of this game! Despite having picked up Shadow of Mordor, having gotten reasonably far into Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, enjoying me some Unholy Heights, and having not even properly opened Galactic Arms Race, I still suspect that this game is gonna be occupying the bulk of my playtime till I clear the final tier of difficulty (Grandmaster). :). Great game, and strongly recommended if you're into this sort of precision-action. Will try to put up a youtube vid at some point.