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Hey again guys!

Gentle reminder that if your address has changed since November 2017 and you want to ask for non-digital-game-stuff, hit me up over e-mail or gChat so we can make sure I have the right address for you in my fancy dancy spreadsheet of secret arcane lore.


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Gamenight 11-21-2018 post by Misharum Kittum I retract my previous statement! Kelly is getting her hair dyed interesting colors Wednesday night. No idea when we'll be around.

Gamenight 11-21-2018 post by St00f We will also not be around as we will also be in Michigan, just not in the part of Michigan that other Michigan peeps will be in.

SOGKEYSGE 2018 post by St00f

Don't let the face fool you.  I'm in.  I'll make an effort to go through my Steam wishlist and get it sorted out.  I have so many Steam bucks at the moment though I'm hesitant to have people buy stuff for me there....  I will also think about other things for folks to get me in the meatspace.

SOGKEYSGE 2018 post by Nayth0r


My Name is NATE.  And I Like... To buy GAMES. 

And also to receive games. 


I guess what I'm saying is that this situation seems ideal for my interests, and I will happily participate!




Gamenight 11-21-2018 post by monkeybizg I will probably be here. Willing to play whatever depending on who shows up.


Maybe space game?

SOGKEYSGE 2018 post by monkeybizg


I. AM. IN. I will curate my Steam wishlist. I will practice my deal hunting. I will be ready. Once I'm fully trained..



SOGKEYSGE 2018 won't know what hit it! 


My steam wishlist will probably be most of the stuff I want. If I make the decision and pick up a Switch on Black Friday, I might add some stuff on here.

Adam's post on addresses made me think. I definitely don't want anything physical this year, because I am not at home.


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Sins of a Solar Empire post by Dominion Gonna necro this...


SIX year old thread!?

Anyways, pretty sure everyone who wants this has it by now but if not you can currently grab it for free if you sign up for Humble Bundles newsletter. Since we still occasionally play this I'd say grab it if you don't have it.

SOGKEYSGE 2018 post by machvergil

Hey just wanted to pop back in and make a quick note:  As Kitty and I will be traveling this Thanksgiving, you might not get your SOGKEYSGE targets at or around midnight on 11/22, it might have to wait until the next day.  I will make sure you get them with time to spare before the Autumn Sale on Steam ends.

So if it's noon on 11/23 and you don't have your target yet, don't panic.


... also I am proud of all of your gifs so far...

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Neverwinter post by machvergil In case you didn't know, the Neverwinter MMO from years ago is still going, still F2P, and has been updating its content FOR YEARS.  While the language of the game's mechanics are still inspired by 4e (Action points, Powers, the subclass names), the narratives have moved into 5e (or D&D in general) over time.

The latest expansion to the game, "Heart of Fire,"  brings Acquisitions Incorporated into the game adding Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, and Walnut Dankgrass as NPCs you can interact with and take quests from.  I have not looked at the content yet myself but if it doesn't require a max-level character (EDIT: it sounds like it requires level 15, which is not too arduous but will probably take you a few sessions) I'm hoping to poke at it sometime soon-ish.

In the mean time, if you like live streams, Mike and Amy did a live stream about the expansion on PA TV yesterday.

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