Forums RSS Feed - GameKnights An RSS feed of the Forums @ GameKnights - the home of Wednesday Night Game Night Copyright (c) 2010 Adam R Clegg Devil May Cry 5 post by machvergil New Dante trailer.  There was some fan negativity about the song on this trailer, other rumblings of mixed thoughts on how "old Dante" looks/sounds.   I like that he's still hanging out with Trish and Lady.

Gamenight 9-26-2018 post by machvergil Wednesday Night Game Night, September 26th, 2018

Game: ???

Time: 8:30pm

Gamenight 9-19-2018 post by St00f Down for more MH:W, or Duck Game, or Rocket League, or Stardew Valley (either with the established farm or a new one that Tim/Kelly start), or GW2 (if Tim and Kelly want to start working on the next bit).  Part of me also maybe wants to do some Toxikk or UT2K4....not sure anyone else has that itch though.

Gamenight 9-19-2018 post by machvergil He's not here to say so but I know MonkeyLord is out this week.


  • If Odyssey mode is still a thing in LoL, I could use a 2nd shot at it.
  • Will also join rounds of Battlerite, StarCraft: BW, or Rocket League
  • Really though I'm still in the throws of MH:W addiction (the high is coming down a little now that TimeSpinner is successfully distracting me) and am eager to help anyone with any hunts.
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw post by machvergil Well this looks Wing Commander Privateer as HELL

I've linked two vids, the one from YouTuber Obsidan Ant which is how I learned of it, and the hour long walkthrough from the devs.

Timespinner post by machvergil As a backer I have this now.

I'm now allowed to post videos, streams, or screenshots until the 28th 21st.

What I will say for now is my first impressions after about two hours of play. Keep an eye out for this one.  We've had quite a few 2D Metroidvania's lately that play with being souls-like (Hollow Knight, Salt & Sancutary), or rogue-like (Chasm), or both (Dead-Cells), or ... whatever the hell Iconclasts was (which was GOOD but NOT a traditional Metroidvania either).   TimeSpinner is not that.  TimeSpinner feels like it started with "What if C:SotN was on the SNES" and then from there said "and had unique mechanics around magic-punk time travel/control."  I'm two hours in and it feels polished, familiar, and refreshingly unique all at once.  I'll report more when I get further (you know, when I gasp for air from the Monster Hunter World abyss)

Update: Upon further playing I'm going to say the game is actually closer to Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance than Symphony of the Night.  Both games featured "Two Castles," but in SotN the 2nd castle was about creating an "end game" whereas in HoD, the castles were two, interlocked maps where you needed to use resources or solve puzzles in one to affect the other.  TimeSpinner has a more... direct reason for this than Castlevania's typical "THE CASTLE IS A BEING OF CHAOS" hand waving.

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Movies! post by Dominion Incoming new Marvel movie trailer.

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N1RV ANN-A: Cyperpunk Bartending Action post by Dominion And I continue to completely forget to buy the original and play it. I need to get on that at some point.

N1RV ANN-A: Cyperpunk Bartending Action post by machvergil The Cyberpunk Bartending Simulator VA-11 HALL-A will be getting a sequel to be released in 2020. 

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Stupid funny crap post by Misharum Kittum Today's Penny Arcade, man.


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