Forums RSS Feed - GameKnights An RSS feed of the Forums @ GameKnights - the home of Wednesday Night Game Night Copyright (c) 2010 Adam R Clegg SOGKEYSGE 2017 post by BountyHunterSAx My wanted-stuffs things list is pending, will be updated by Sat/Sun as I am unfortunately going to be in limited PC access due to thanksgiving.

If for some reason labor and baby prevents me from doing so, Steam Wish List is at least updated and partially sorted.
Also new baby coming so some appropriately cutesy "Gamer-Father" gift and/or any games that would be good for family play with a 0-3 year old? Not even sure what that would be, but will update with details later.

Planning to spend 2-3k$ on a new computer sometime in Q1 of 2018 + a VR setup. May pick up the HTC Vive + a 1080 Ti graphics card this black friday season. I'm not sure what VR games to desire/acquire or what "gorgeous graphics" games are good but happy to hear from the group if there's a hidden-gem or something up my alley I'm not aware of.



SOGKEYSGE 2017 post by St00f As Nate and I are now owners of a Switch, Nintendo Gift Card thingies would also be good for us.

We lost some Mistborn books in the flood, so wouldn't mind getting replacements for those -- will have to update this post with a list of actual books.

We played One Deck Dungeon with Colleen and other Nate at PAX Unplugged and wouldn't mind getting that as a gift.

Ummm......Steam stuff is always welcome, so those lists should be good to go off of.

Nate and I should probably talk about things on the drive tomorrow morning and subsequently post stuff to give people better ideas.

Prepare Your Wallets... for a Steam Sale! post by machvergil AUTUMN SALE 2017 BEGINS! Through November 28th!

SOGKEYSGE 2017 post by machvergil Yay!  New Blood! New participants! Welcome Lurial!

For whomever gets me:

  • Steam Wishlist has been updated (though I may make some more updates/revisions closer to our deadline).  The top game on that list is Nier Automata which is there because I'd prefer to play it on PC instead of PS4, but if the Steam Sale doesn't offer a good deal on that feel free to pass it over and I'll probably get it on PS4 before the end of the year.
  • Starcraft Remastered would be near the top of that wishlist if it were a Steam Game.
  • As a happy Switch owner I have more games I want to pick up for it, so Nintendo Gift Card Points are welcome.
  • Cannot go Wrong with Riot points, which is easier to do now that you can direct gift Riot points in the LoL client.
  • Fragged Empire ever since I got back home from PAX Unplugged I have not stopped reading the rulebook for this space opera RPG.  Already I want some suppliments to back me up in case I try to run this, specifically the "Protagonist Archive" and "Antagonist Archives" and the "GM Screen."  These are not cheap options so in no way should you feel obligated to go this route, only if you, for some reason, would rather support me doing physical, non-digital gaming.  Their US/AUS online store is here.
  • They ran out of Hero Realms at PAX Unplugged, but it'd also be cool to get The Core game and the campaign Deck.
  • Xanathar's Guide to Everything strikes me as the first 5e Suppliment that I really should own.

Folks, remember to get your post like this one in here, otherwise your gifting giver is probably going to get you something off your Steam Wishlist assuming that it is in order!

LoL NA LCS format in 2018 post by machvergil Of the four teams not returning next year, Immortals was my favorite.  This 8 minute video condenses the team's promising 2 year history, and really makes it a shame that they  will not be returning to the LCS.

SOGKEYSGE 2017 post by Lurial I am in!

An 'X' of My Own Creation post by BountyHunterSAx EPIC THREAD NECRO COMMENCING.

 So I've been working on a game since Friday. Its been 5 days, 3-4 of intense development and 1-2 of lazy/lax development. But the product is finally here. Presenting:



Download Link:
Zip file containing Executable of v0.9 of the game, and necessary .wal and .mmz files]




I've written a java program to make mazes. Start off with an empty grid of walls, then digs pathways out, and places keys:


######    ##A###        BBA##B    BBA##B
###### -> ##>AAa    ->  b#>AAa -> b#>AAa
######    ##A###        ##A###    ##A###
######    #AA###        #AAB##    #AABC<




So you start at >, with access through A, find key 'a', so you now have access to the Bs, find key 'b', etc. etc. till you exit through '<'.




Now, obviously, there are only so many ways to connect orthogonally (left-up, left-right, left-down, down-right, left-up-right...etc.). So I create another program to spit out 50 random 'small' grids one for each of the possibilities. So now we're in the maze:




Put these two together, add some enemies and you've got yourself a game with enemies in rooms you need to traverse:

Starting with easier rooms:

Then getting harder w/ more enemy variety:



While exploring continues to fill out your map:

... and provides you with fast-travel locations to boot :).

Now, to unlock those fast-travel locations and save points is hard at times:


But the rewards include full HP regen and a save point, so totally worth it:


Currently only 5 enemy types in the game and 2 weapon plenty of development required to finish up with. But for now it's fully playable. See what you think :)!


I'll try to make a vid of it at some point. Enjoy!



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Gamenight 11-22-2017 post by St00f So secondary to exhaustion from this past weekend, we are not driving over Wednesday night and will instead head to Michigan early Thursday morning. This means we are free to play games, or just hang out on Discord while we all play games separately if you guys want to do Destiny.

Gamenight 11-22-2017 post by Misharum Kittum I just now shot Avi and Luri a message on their forums to make sure they knew about it.

Gamenight 11-22-2017 post by machvergil Folks who will be at Game Night this week:  Do me a favor?  If Ted, Avi, or Luri show up for any reason, make sure they know about SOGKEYSGE and that they are invited?  I won't get the chance to do that myself.  Thanks!