Forums RSS Feed - GameKnights An RSS feed of the Forums @ GameKnights - the home of Wednesday Night Game Night Copyright (c) 2010 Adam R Clegg Gamenight 1-23-2019 post by machvergil Since we haven't been playing a lot of LoL lately, and it's that early time of the year between Seasons when SHIT IS USUALLY CRAZY, I'm going to try and make some posts over at the League of Legends topic to catch us all (including me) up on what might work and what might not before next week.

If there's any stuff you specifically want to try and get and haven't done the research yourself you want me to post about (like the Runes Rework from last year) let me know.

League of Legends post by machvergil I'm making this post before the Jan 23rd 2019 game night where we're on the docket to play LoL, but haven't really been playing all pre-Season, so this is to try and start up a sort of "here's the current state of things" post.

First, our newest champion as of now is still Neeko, a chamelon girl who hangs out in the jungle and mimics friend and foe.  Her champ spotlight should appear a few posts above this post if you want to check out her deal.  You can also learn more here.

Other notes, as far as I can recall:

  • Teleport can no longer be canceled
  • The bot lane Turret now has ARMOR PLATES which result in its health being broken up into chunks.  This makes it the hardest turret to kill, but gold is rewarded for each chunk, making it the most valuable outter turret as well, so you still want to put your hardest carries in the bot lane.
  • We're keeping last year's rune system (GOOD IMO), Here's an article on all the rune changes, though if you haven't been keeping up on runes this might be over your head.
  • For vision, you can now only hold two control wards at a time. Second, yellow trinkets, which steadily increase their ward timing, now scale off of team average level, rather than individual, meaning that one strong member no longer gives a team a massive advantage in vision.
  • The bounty system (the thing that rewards bonus gold for shutting down a player) now also takes into consideration minions and monsters.  This means that nuking a fed enemy jungler who hasn't been killing players, but has been farming hard, can be more rewarding for your team (for example).

With the LEC (formerly EU LCS) starting up this week, this video talks about some of the hot new mage picks and how we're seeing them in odd roles.  This video focuses on Karthas Jungle, Lissandra, and Casseopia bot-lane.

Gamenight 1-23-2019 post by Misharum Kittum Since this is the Game Night closest to Mark's birthday, I'm calling LoL for it since we're pretty much the same person.

Gamenight 1-23-2019 post by machvergil Wednesday Night Game Night, January 23rd, 2019

Game: League of Legends ( + ??? for the excess over 5 )

Time: 8:30pm eastern

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Honor and Dishonor 2018 post by Nayth0r A bit late to the party, but here are my game thoughts for the year.  As a side note I need to keep better track of the games and especially board games I play during the year. 

Honor and Dishonor Games 2018

Getting Dissed:

Dust: An Elysian Tale - I have to call this my Dishonorable Game of 2018.  Somewhat tries to be an action/adventure/Metroidvania, but it ends up being just running the right and swinging your sword.  I still beat the game, but by the end the health you have and the damage you do just makes it so that the enemies are just big bags of HP to grind through.  The story was alright but the combat was repetitive to the point of me having to force myself to finish it after I got distracted my other games.


Timespinner -  I didn’t particularly like it.  I played through, beat it, beat it with a different ending, got to maybe the “real” ending?  The story was alright, and there are a couple of nice twists and turns that help explain a LOT about why the main character is kind of a bitch.  As I understand it the game is much more Castlevania than Metroid, and perhaps that was the problem - I’ve never played a Castlevania game. But the endless leveling of all the different orbs for the ultimate goal of having a bit more DPS was uninteresting to me.  I’m not the best at 2d platform combat, but the game provided me plenty of health items to dodge when I could and heal up as necessary. Honestly I wouldn’t have wanted combat to be harder though. Then it would have taken longer. For me this game was perfectly mediocre.  

Honorable Mentions:

Endless Legend - Mike had me play Alpha Centauri last year and I was interested in the Civ Style of game (I’d never tried them out) but it was SO OLD.  SO look at this! Same style, modern upgrades, and the combat has some nice tactical positioning and ordering to do. This game consumed me for a while.  The story is great and makes perfect sense given the massive number of sentient species on Auriga. I would have liked if each group had a different take on the endgame, and I still have no idea what Guardians or Legendary Buildings are.  Perhaps an expansion I don’t have? Anyway. It’s great. I like it.

Stardew Multiplayer - A bit glitchy at times.  The fact that the owner of the farm has to be the one to drop off the items in the town center is a bit annoying and we’ve certainly crashed a few times.  But still. It is a hell of a cool time playing with folks, planning out a farm, and especially going into the caves together.

Battlerite - The new LoL!  Less Free to Play, but we’ve also spent thousands of dollars on LoL so it’s not like it’s FTP.  Anyway. I like how quick and to the point it is. Team fights are fun, although I’m already falling into the the LoL habit of having a couple of people I play at each position and not bothering to try out more people.  Oh, and I swear that the most recent update amped up their AI. Like, I’ve lost more games in the past month than in the previous six months combined. I’m having a good time with it.

Cryptark - It took me a while to enjoy this game.  I found that the campaign version was aggravating me far too much to continue playing.  Managing everything from how to survive to what to take out first to inventory was enough without me then also having to worry about if I heal now will I make a profit?  Also the concept that I would get a bonus for some of the restrictions they put on you - like only having 3 health. Why would they care? Provide a better reason to challenge the player apart from tying it to the ability to continue the campaign.  Time limits, not using certain weapons, and leaving certain systems intact all make sense from a salvage company perspective. But if that’s the case there should ALWAYS be a bonus for leaving things intact.

Now, that all said, playing the Roguelike was WAY more fun for me.  Get dropped off. Survive. Pick up weapons, heal pods, whatever. But the goal is just to make it through and get picked up at the end of your illegal salvage run.

Deadbolt - This was a neat little tactical shooter.  The apocalypse has happened, there are only undead and you, a Reaper.  Live, die, repeat style game with lots of tactical and slow parts. The story payoff is a little unclear and therefore a bit weak, but I had fun with the game.  

State of Decay 2 - Pretty solid.  I loved State of Decay, it was a great zombie survival base building and scavenging game.  This took one step forward and two steps back unfortunately. It’s now possible to multiplay, which is awesome.  Mike, Janssen, and I all got together one or twice, but it was a buggy. They were on xbox and I was on Game for Windows, which is probably part of the issue, but when it worked it was fucking great.  Driving a car into a zombie hoard and both driver and passenger open the doors at the same time to clear the whole hoard should have been an achievement.

The backsliding came in the form of the base management.  In the last game the people you recruit are useful. They go out and bring back resources, they make things at home, they protect the base, etc.  Now they protect the base and break shit. It’s really frustrating that only the person I control can find a bag of supplies and walk it back home.  Also, WHY DOES NO ONE KNOW HOW TO USE COMPUTERS?! I just want to upgrade my command center to have more outposts! Fuck! Anyway. I still found it fun, though I wish it was on Steam and I could play with people on there.  

PSO BB - Is PSO a good game by modern standards?  That’s the question. The answer to that question is Yes.  Resoundingly so. A perfect game for any and all generations.  More seriously I do like how there are assigned drops and you can gamble your infinite meseta now with the Blue Burst upgrade.  Red boxes are still crack though.

Thornwatch - Finally!  I wanted to buy this in 2017 at Unplugged!  Now I own it! It is essentially a light RPG though, which makes it hard to fit into gaming when we have a DnD campaign and so many board games that are super fun.  I did get the Dark of the Wood at PAX, but I’ll wait to break that out until we get all the base game knots. Oh, also! They said there would be special knots to earn at conventions and they barely acknowledged Thornwatch at Unplugged!  There were no panels designated playspots or anything! Running a Thornwatch game in cosplay was definitely one of the highlights of my time at PAX though.


Magna Cum Highest Honors of the Year of Our Lord 2018

Into the Breach - By the makers of FTL!  Live, Die, Repeat style gameplay with a little bit of story that’s somewhat revealed once you unlock the final special team.  Phenomenal Tactical Gameplay that I loved. And the core idea of the game is that you’re time travelers so it makes perfect sense that you get to see what their actions are going to be, then you get to set yourself up and act, and then they get to go.  Really just a clever design through and through.


I do get upset when they put you into a No-win situation, but usually you can mitigate important damage.  Man, at one point I was in the final battle and there were like, 8 enemies on the field who ALL targeted the energy pylons - aka the power grid that prevents your mechs from powering down.  If just two of them hit the power grid I would lose. With my three mechs I killed 6 of them in one turn. The remaining 2 hit the grid and I had to time skip out of there.

Finding the easter egg characters is awesome too.  Great Game! Highly Recommend!



Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon post by machvergil TIL thanks to GDQ that Nightmare mode of this game is a very different playthrough with no Zangetsu and starting with all 3 of the other characters!  Here's the Speedrun (it's pretty neat) but now I have a reason to go back and play this again!

If you care about this series' story, maybe don't watch this run until you've beaten the game normally.

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Stupid funny crap post by Shieke OH REALLY!?

I'm into shy guys

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Black Mirror post by BountyHunterSAx So, I was waiting till I'd watched more than just 1-2 episodes before I mentioned it. I've seen 5 now and can confidently say Black Mirror is one of the best TV Shows I've seen recently.


The premise of the show is that, in each episode, they take a hypothetical 'near-future' technology and then follow a character (or few characters) through a story that shows many ways said tech could have various downsides/consequences. Often this leans a little hard on the idea that we're far enough in the future that the tech has attained mass-adoption or widespread use AND social normalization.

Three things make this show particularly watchable on top: It's 'british' episodes - so each is ~1hr long. There's ZERO continuity between episodes - new characters, new world, new tech, new drama every time . . .so you don't have to have 10-30 hours to watch it all in order. And it's SMART.

This isn't a show that's moralizing on the ills of technology or advocating a return to pre-tech or whatever. Rather, it's just exploring consequences of their what-if scenario from their what-if tech. And it keeps the focus on the characters and the story rather than the technobabble and the technology. I can't tell you how often I'd be thinking "Yeah, but if this really existed than wouldn't people just 'blah blah?' and then within the next five minutes, we see someone do just that!


One example:

In one episode I watched, the tech-du-jour was an eyepiece/contact lens that let you record every detail of every event you saw, auto-index it to your hard-drive-added brain, and then recall or share it with perfect clarity and accuracy. Better, in fact, as you could zoom in, slow down, etc.

But then look what this does to a paranoid protagonist! Who spends hours, days, months . . .just poring over the same few instances and overanalyzing every interaction till they see things that simply aren't there. Still, I thought of a bunch of things in the episode that happened in some fashion as if to say "yes, that would be too"
-> Wouldn't interrogations be more effective since you simply demand they show their video log?
-> What about people (even the minority) who refuse this tech? How far behind would they fall in such a society?
-> Would ordinary 'memory' skills atrophy? What happens if your software crashes?
-> Ever had an argument where someone says you said "X" instead of "Y"? How great would it be to replay and prove them wrong? (ProTip: Not very).


I believe the show is available on Netflix. I strongly recommend it.


1.) This shit is rated R. Violence, Sex, Language. . .all three are in full effect and occasionally more intense than I'dhave expected of TV.
2.) I think it's a mark of good Sci Fi you walk away thinking more and more about what you saw and  dwelling on it. But given the frequent 'sad endings', dark scenarios, and extreme content . . . I could see how someone else would dislike this experience.

Ultimately, while fastforwarding sex scenes, I watched 3 episodes with Mom, Duha, and my little sister Maryam. . . so it's not THAT bad.



Movies! post by Dominion Mysterio is definitely a bad guy. They'll no doubt have him act like a good guy to the public but secretly the bad guy in the background thing.

Movies! post by machvergil This trailer does not make Mysterio look like the bad guy.... but he's a bad guy right?  A Sinster Six even?