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So I picked this up on Nintendo Switch as something new to play during all the travel/low internet access.  Here's my impressions:

  • Beat the game somewhere between 6 and 7 hours.  That was at 99% map clear and about 95% items.  A couple hours later I'm still hunting for the last of the items, but am at 100% map.
  • Overall recommend the game.  I would call it "solid" for the most part - it does little to break new ground but everything it does it does well.  There are some fun variations on the navigation tools you get, just different keep things interesting.   The combat is all gun-based.  Mostly you will be fighting monsters using modern firearm inspired weapons until late game.  The gunplay is solid.
  • The most "unique" feature is the death mechanic.  You are in fact namless, faceless, agent #1 - at least until he dies.  Then you respawn as nameless faceless agent #2.   This never changes.   When agent #1 dies, his zombie is risen in service to the mummy, and you will have to kill his zombie to get back your stuff.  Now when I say get back your stuff, I mean almost everything.  He dies with the two guns he had equipped, explosives, and all the max health expansions you had.  This can make defeating his zombie a bit of a slog, but thankfully the zombie is generally kinda dumb and predictable.  So in execution it feels very Dark Souls-y but more forgiving.  Specifically should agent #2 die fighting agent #1's zombie, both agent #1 & #2's zombies will rise and remain until cleared, so there isn't the "This is your one chance to get your souls back, don't screw it up!" effect common in Souls-likes. 
  • Some things you do keep through death.  Items that assist navigation are always on and passed from agent to agent and don't have to be picked up again.   This helps make sure you don't die and then cannot reach your last zombie. 
  • Honestly though I didn't find the game that challenging.  I suffered 8 deaths overall and I'm pretty sure all of them were from boss fights.  When you die in a boss fight the zombie spawns outside the boss room so you aren't dealing with both.
  • The game autosaves after every death so you can't scum dying (unless you quit the game by pausing right before your death, but then you lose all your progress since your last save).
  • I wish the death mechanic did name the soldiers though.  I think it would be neat if it procedurally generated the agent names, making it even more rough when you realized you've let Jim, who made it through two whole zones, die to the giant spider boss.  They could have had a memorial wall at the end of the game.  Woulda been a nice touch.
  • An absolute highlight of the game is the music.  Monomer is the chiptune artist currently used by the Acq Inc C-Team twitch streams during ad breaks and he was hired to do the entire soundtrack for this game.  It's a great soundtrack and even if you pass on the game itself I recommend listening next time you want some moody chiptune/electronica. 
  • TIP FOR COMPLETIONISTS:  "relics" are hiding in destructible objects, IMO in some really innocuous places.  I'm at 47/50 now and I'm furiously scouring the map shooting at lights, boxes, and garbage, trying to find the last of them. 

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Stupid funny crap post by BountyHunterSAx So, zefrank is back/around. . . and i laughed so hard at this I cried. . . and nearly aspirated dinner.





Happy Birthday Adam! post by machvergil :-O

Excellent pocket monster choices to Mish and Dom.  And I will enjoy the army of foxes St00f! :-D

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!  It's kinda nuts having your birthday on your fourth day in a new country where you only kinda sorta speak the language, spending half of it in briefings and the other half having wonderful conversations with office ladies and probably getting in the way of them doing their jobs, but at the end of the day I went to a brewery with new friends, ate fried food, and then pizza, and then came home and called my parents.  That sounds like a birthday.

Miss you all, looking forward to when I can gamenight on the regular again!

Happy Birthday Adam! post by St00f Happy birthday!  For your move to a new country, I army of foxes to help with unpacking, reorganizing, and to play with when you feel overwhelmed!

....also to eat when you're hungry, because they're cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Adam! post by Misharum Kittum Eevee and Togepi want to come to the party too!

Happy Birthday Adam! post by Dominion Happy Birthday!

Fennekin is here to help blow out the candles! Or maybe light the candles?

Gamenight 3-27-2019 post by Dominion I enjoyed the little bit I played. I agree with Mish though, I think 8 people is too much. 4 or 5 is probably the upper limit of what the group should be. Splitting up in groups in different games might be better.

Gamenight 3-27-2019 post by Misharum Kittum Once we organized ourselves into front-line and back-line teams, I started enjoying it. 8 people was just too much on those maps with everyone running around haphazardly. Would do again.

Gamenight 3-27-2019 post by Nayth0r I had fun with the Alien Swarm Game.  I'd do that again!


Also Space Marine and ME3 and Rackit Legg and Battlerite and you know, the usual. 



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