Forums RSS Feed - GameKnights An RSS feed of the Forums @ GameKnights - the home of Wednesday Night Game Night Copyright (c) 2010 Adam R Clegg Let's work out! post by St00f Nate and I have acquired MyFitnessPal andhave begun the gauntlet of figuring out exactly where to make our changes.  Did we want to friend each other for this stuff or forgo that?

Slay the Spire post by BountyHunterSAx A not-so-hot run. And oh so fun.



Let's work out! post by machvergil Yeah I have a similar understanding that if one is specifically looking to burn calories, do cardio, but if one is specifically looking to replace fat with muscle, especially in targeted areas, then lift dem weights.  So yeah still useful, still helpful, still wanna do it because it's a good idea, but on days where I only want to lose 30ish minutes to the whole working out thing I'm going to focus on calorie burn first and fore most.

Adventures in Medical Clearance post by Misharum Kittum Wow, that is some scary news but I am glad that you're taking such thorough action on it so quickly! Best of luck, man!

Let's work out! post by Misharum Kittum I don't know a good way to calculate calories burned for strength training, but I do know that it won't be as much as you'd get out of cardio. Depending on what you're doing it can be closer (ie; an Insanity-style workout), but sitting down at a bench and pumping iron just isn't that kind of workout. Not to say that it is a bad thing, but just not as efficient.


Edit for thoroughness.

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War post by Misharum Kittum Anyone know if they finished patching out all the loot box BS yet?

Middle Earth: Shadow of War post by Theodore is the goat They just had a free weekend and a 50% off sale (sorry for the late notice, if anyone wanted to get it). I loved the first game, and I never (gw2 excepted) get pre-order or get games right at release. So, I hadn't seen the controversy in this game's p2w format. Happily, it seems they have heard the clamoring of the masses, and they removed the market entirely (rather, the ability to purchase stuff has been removed. All current gold purchases will be transformed into chests as of July. Then it's totally done after that. There is a whole system planned, in case anyone bought into this scam.. ahem, sorry, marketplace, to take care to reward the people that paid into it, so they haven't just wasted their money). Also, the Forthog tribute character that was was DLC is included in the regular purchase, and they will make a donation to the family. People that paid for the DLC get a full refund.

Kinda nice to hear that when the masses assemble in outrage, the people in power listen. At least when it comes to video games. Sometimes.

ANYWAY. As for the actual game, I only logged 10 hours, and I didn't finish the first area that was unlocked for the trial, so don't consider this a full review, of course.

These are my thoughts on Hard mode. I decided to play on hard mode, given my experience with the first game, and I was PUNISHED for my hubris. I had gotten used to destroying entire armies, and I had forgotten that sometimes you need to run away from a fight. But when you start out here on hard mode, enemies and especially captains, are several levels higher than you, so you will get murdered if you fight the whole gang. For hard mode, the combat seems a little tedious, since even grunts take so, so many hits to die, but the overall flow is still enjoyable, especially once you get more skills unlocked. I suggest starting with lots of stealth kills, and if facing a captain that is vulnerable to stealth, just try running away from them for a minute until they are isolated and then stealth hit them. Wash, rinse, repeat. BUT, these captains will adapt to tactics you use, so you will need to mix it up sometimes(reminds me a bit of the Doc Freeze battle in Batman: Arkham City, except you can use different attacks more than once before they adapt). Also, this might be due to just starting the game, so they were trying to introduce a lot of new captains and new classes, but I got ambushed a LOT. Might also be due to difficulty. I'd be staking out a position to fuck up some captain's party, when all of a sudden, a brand new captain appears and wants to fight. That reminds me of another thing: this first part of the game is largely in a city, a huge city. It gives the game an assassin's creed feel (even more so than the previous game), since you spend a lot of time climbing buildings and jumping on rooftops, compared to the first game's mostly rural/rocky area.

Uhm, this is probably already too long. People are probably already sold on this project, or they're not. I'll try to wrap this up. I kinda thought the execution animations were a little too long, compared to the first game, and that bothered me, slowing down the flow of combat. They changed the equipment upgrade system. You now get new stuff from captains with new skins, instead of just runes, but you can collect gems to add to your gear to give additional boosts. I think it's fine. There is a new skill upgrade system, where you can choose from different optional upgrades to your skill (actually very similar to the gw2 skill system). They also added some new combat moves, so that's cool. Story I just barely started, so lets call that "thin." I also found a "fun" bug. you can suck the life out of rats for a little bit of life, and i found myself twice in a situation where i was completely out of combat, and I was chain-draining rats to regain health (they're all over the place. They're like rats or something), when all of a sudden I wooshed through the landscape to grab and interrogate a nearby, but completely out of sight, orc worm (draining and interrogating use the same button).

I HAD FUN. the end.

Also, the spider queen is a hot chick? I mean, come on. Talion, she looks like a hot chick, but she's definitely a huge spider. Keep your sword ready, not your dick ready.

Let's work out! post by machvergil

Does MyFitnessPal let you record exercise by intensity?  Because unless you're really phoning it in I feel like weight training should always be high intensity exercise.  Not in the least because you will continue to burn calories for about 24 hours after you lift while your body recovers.

Maybe with Premium?  It seems to be most concerned with the calories burned. 

That's why I'm trying to figure out how to calculate calories burned by weight training.   If I had that then I'd have reason to pump iron and have it count.  As it stands now if I have a day I can spare 30min to work out, then I'm further ahead going on a long bike ride or hitting the elliptical.

Let's work out! post by dmz2112 Does MyFitnessPal let you record exercise by intensity?  Because unless you're really phoning it in I feel like weight training should always be high intensity exercise.  Not in the least because you will continue to burn calories for about 24 hours after you lift while your body recovers.

The greatest discovery of my vegetarian journey (excepting soymilk because Adam is the BEST) has been that vegetables (especially broccoli) makes nearly everything better when it is substituted for meat.

I mean, if you think about it, the whole function of a spice rack is to make meat taste like vegetables.

Let's work out! post by BountyHunterSAx Reading this is like music to my ears. I remember trying this EXACT approach somewhere back in college. Living on a 'calorie budget' as I used to call it. I quickly realized that the financial cost of food was way easier to compensate for (ie: eat cheap 3 times to eat expensive once) than the calorie budget. And there were a whole mess of foods that were "tasty, but not enough to justify thecalorie cost" -- like eggs (w/yolk), potato chips, olives, etc.

I came up with a footlong tuna sub w/ vinagarette, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles + honey oat bread that was almost spot-on 1000cal from subway. Lived by that standard for some time and it kinda made a difference?

Unfortunately for me, I just *refused* to ever subject Pizza eating to my calorie counting. And so...yeah... uber-fail.

But I never had an app. I feel like having an app and maybe cross-sharing it with a friend or family member might help me with accountability. I also like the idea of treating workout "caloreis burned" as an allowance to eat more. I never used to factor that in, and it's a great incentive.


Props again, Adam! I can't tell you just how happy I am about your healthy choices and how proud I am to be your friend right now.
Keep fighting the good fight!