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Machvergil 4.0 archive online Ė new site in progress

Posted April 8th, 2008

Palus-the man within

I call this one, "The man within." In case you can't tell that's Palus Vandrake. Don't know who he is? Betcha wish you played in D&D this year

Okay so Iíve moved the old, broken, dying Machvergil 4.0 site off the site root and into a new location. If you want to read old posts or post on the forums, or check out any of that stuff while you wait for the new site to go up, feel free.

In my search for a replacement site, itís bolted down to pretty much two options:

Wordpress might win out in the end and hereís why. Drupal strikes me as a more powerful CMS with more features out of the box. Unfortunately what comes with more power often means itís more of a pain to work with. While I love the fact that it comes with template control, user control, blogs, comments AND a forum right out of the box, neither the forum or the designs are what I want them to be. After reading an extensive document about making custom templates for Drupal, Iím convinced thatís a headache I donít really want to go into.

Meanwhile, Wordpress while less feature complete out of the box, does have blog posts and commenting out of the box, and since wordpress is so hugely popular, there are addons out there for any feature we want to get back on machvergil, be it the image gallery or the message board. I also know from working with it at my job that Wordpress is great about adhering to web standards, something very important to me at a personal level, where as I am much less confident of Drupalís ability to do that.

I will probably install one or the other in the coming days and give you guys the link so you can try it out and tell me what you think. Until then go back to machvergil 4.0 and drool over the bikini clad elf girl or something. Oh and in case you hadn't heard I did update my professional site, so feel free to look at the new stuff there too.

Machvergil 4.0 is sick. It's Mach's fault I swear...

Posted April 2nd, 2008

Shriarra's Hiding armor concept

Here's a sketch to tide you over!

So those of you who have been around lately know that the site hasnít been working as good as it used to. Half the time she wouldnít load, and I was having problems with it spitting out duplicate blog entries. At first I just thought she was getting old and a simple update of her software would fix Ďer. Alas I attempted that tonight (April 3) and it had no effect Ė the Joomla 1.0.x build of Machvergil 4.0 was just as prone to loading failure, and it turns out the old simpleboard is just right out not compatible with Joomla. Since the Simpleboard/Joomlaboard guys are no longer in the biz, I canít get support for it either.

After all my tests I can say with certainty the database Machvergil 4.0 uses is shot Ė or at least it has been shot and is now bleeding a slow slow slow death. So my plan is this: I am going to back up Machvergil 4.0 and put it in a new directory so we can continue to reference it if needed. In the mean time I am going to be looking up alternatives to Mambo/Joomla for a brand new Machvergil 5.0 that Iíll develop sometime in the near future.

Some fun facts about Machvergil 4.0:

So, stay tuned for more news on how things are going. Iíll probably update this space from time to time with more info. Until then, peace!