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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 25 September 2006
Guys, next month I want to try out doing a month long challenge format.  What I will do is find a puzzle game, a action game, and a wildcard and they will all be up for challenge all month.  Each Monday of that month, I will update everyone's points based off the current status of each challenge, giving you more chances to score a month.  This is a try out, so not nessesarily the permenent format.

As a result, I want to skip this week.  There's a real fun game called "flOw" that the guys at Penny Arcade linked to last week.  If you're bored waiting for next week, give it a look over.

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Challenge 16: Lunar Command PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 11 September 2006
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For our first challenge back after a long hiatus I thought a bit of "retro" was needed. Our game, Lunar Command from CyberiaPC.com, is a mouse driven version of an Atari classic called "Missile Command." You must shoot down the incoming missiles, which will look like either red or yellow lines, before they crash into the domes you are protecting on the sides of your launcher. You must shoot at the front of the lines, otherwise you're just hitting the exhaust from the missiles, not the missiles themselves. Hold down spacebar when you click for a super missile.

Just to warn you, the score display is a little fast so BE READY with your print screen button when you game over.

This challenge goes until Friday September 22nd, and is eligable for "Endless Challenge" if we start doing that.

EDIT: Forgot to say to play in "Soft" mode.
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Free Games Challenge to Return soon! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 11 September 2006
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I tried.  I tried to do a few things aside from the FGC to get people excited about the site.  Turns out the only thing you guys like more than web comics is the opprotunity to one-up each other on a bi-weekly basis.

In leu of this however, I have no intention to carry on the challenge as it was.  It had become a chore for me that was more work than it was fun, which gave me little to not desire to continue it once the end of senior year hit.  Now that things are settling down and I have more "free-time" again, I'll see if I can't give this another go.
Challenge 15: Diamond Mine PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 06 March 2006
Okay so after looking along time I've settled with what I hope will be good enough.  Diamond Mine is a puzzler from Yahoo!Games that has you moving gems around to make combos of 3. You play until you run out of moves so there is no pressure to make snap decisions.

EDIT: I am re-considering skill level.  It'll be either 2 or 3.  Please wait for this announcement.

EDIT: Please play the game on skill level 2.  Disregard my first score post.  I do recommend giving the game on skill 1 one once first if you've never played a game like this before.
This challenge goes until Friday, March 17th at midnight, EST.

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Post Challenge 14 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 13 February 2006
Click here to post scores for Challenge 14 Please.

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