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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Has this Otaku gone from die hard to bored?

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Last night my chair almost broke.  For reasons unknown the metal around the shaft that the chair rests on began to break this weekend and right now, it’s pretty much a guaranteed health hazard to sit down on the thing.  Since this had to happen around 11:30 last night, while I was on a mission to get my new Orc Hunter to level 10 (I only made it to eight before I went to bed) I couldn’t really do anything about it.  I snagged my gaming chair, which is a green foldout chair like the ones you see at tailgates, and stacked some pillows on it and used that for the rest of the night.

The relevance this has to what I want to talk to you about today is that my broken chair has wheels; this one does not.  Now, my roommate and I are in the habit of watching the comedic parts of [Adult Swim] pretty much every night.  However, around when Inuyasha comes on, I usually wheel around and turn of the TV. You see, I’ve seen almost all of Inuyasha [AS] has shown, all except that last run of new eps that hit during the summer.  Since they aren’t showing those episodes during the weekday, I have no interest in seeing old episodes for the 137th time (an exaggeration I know, but the slow speed the plot moves at makes it feel like I’ve seen them that many times).

However, last night I did not wheel around in my chair and turn off the TV.  Rather I just left it running and kept on playing World of Warcraft.  It remained on through Full Metal Alchemist, when my roommate wanted to go to bed so he shut the TV off.

Today I sit here and I realize something interesting – just listening to both programs annoyed the hell out of me.  My roommate seemed to be paying them some level of attention so I never made a motion to turn them off.  Kagome yelling Inuyasha’s name all the time, Sesshomaru’s pretentious babbling, Mikoku and Shippo practically narrating what’s going on since we’re clearly too stupid to be able to figure it out on our own.  Then there was Full Metal Alchemist, which just seems to be trying to win the “Largest number of tragedies to occur in one anime” award from Trigun, and it’s trying really really hard too.  The way Alphonse and Edward whined and screamed while they were used as pawns by those with bad intentions, and refuse to see that Alchemy is no more or less evil than those who use it, even after 24 or so episodes, just seemed ridiculous. For a couple of child prodigy Alchemists, man they sure are slow.

Then it hit me.  This time last year I was eagerly consuming both of these anime programs.  I would plan my Saturdays around making sure I was in front of my TV to see if Al and Ed had figured out a way to get themselves back to normal yet and to listen to Sesshomaru’s pretentious babbling.  I used to care about these stories about super-natural people having problems functioning like normal people.

What the heck happened in 365 days?  Kitty tries her best to tell me about why Anime club is exciting for her and I just shutter to think about spending that much time watching Anime.  Sure, that’s jaded by the few times I went to our University’s anime club that they totally failed to show any more than one show I wanted to see and a bunch I could really do without (Gravitation can go directly to hell), but even when she tells me about the impressive show listing they’ve got, I just don’t care.

The only thing I can think is that I’ve somehow outgrown it.  After spending most of High School and College a consumer of Anime, perhaps I have become jaded by the same-old-same-old again and again and again.  Perhaps the things that I used to think were cool about Anime, like original super powers and settings and histories, no longer interest me since the character-to-character interactions are identical across several titles.

The thing is, I can’t have developed a complete dislike for Anime.  If [AS] was to put Big-O back on the air, I probably would watch it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it, but watch it I would.  The same goes for if they put GitS: Stand Alone Complex back on.  Of course, I suppose the big difference between those shows and Inuyasha is that their plots actually move and there aren’t people sitting around telling me what’s going on.  Instead they challenge me to try and figure it out, something that I liked the about Neon Genesis Evangelion and Robotech (Macross) when I first watched it.

Honestly I have no idea.  All I know is they are showing the episodes of Full Metal Alchemist I wanted to kill [AS] for holing back on us right now, and I don’t care.  I don’t know why I don’t care, but I just don’t.
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