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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Friday, 14 April 2006
And so I have finally caved in and aquired a Freeware version of Fraps.  Fraps is an application that lets you capture video off your own PC screen, allowing you to make videos of your awesome gaming rounds.  It is the leading application of those crazy WoW video makin' people, and my buddy, who you all know as Manchego, even made a video using it as a final project.

So far I have not done anything specatcular, especially since I need to consider a way to make my frame-rate while recording not suck so much.  However, I have made one WoW and one UT video.  I want to stress again that these are not demonstrations of playing skill yet, just me playing around with a new app and figuring out if Windows Movie Maker will be sufficent to do any future projects (which I doubt). If you want to, feel free to give them a look.  The links are below.

(World of Warcraft) - Baroman

(Unreal Tournament 2004) - Contra 

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