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Written by Kitty   
Thursday, 15 March 2007

-or- The sound of something that has fallen off of the face of the earth, falling back… at high speed

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Reading Vergil’s post about not rambling enough I couldn’t help but chuckle, after all it has been nigh onto forever since the last time I rambled. Why is this you might ask? Well the short answer is I’ve been busy. The long answer will require you to indulge me as I put to print my findings after I had put some thought into it.

The number one and most predominant reason has been academia. Ever since Japanese 101 the time of coasting along on prior knowledge had come to an end and the real work had begun. So in addition to spending increasingly more time studying the language, I have found that having cognates in History and Political Science means that more time is spent reading and studying for these non-major classes  than working on my primary subject. With each passing semester more and more time has gone into this work. This semester it seems in order to get through it all I’ve been forced to micro-plan my daily schedule days in advance. So sadly this has not left me with large windows of time, or even time with energy to post a ramble. (Especially since for the first time in years I’m making an effort to sleep from time to time) So wait a minute, one might ask, what are you doing when you have time off?

When I actually do get a moment to spare for the internet, it’s usually being taken up by one of two W-words, webcomics and World of Warcraft. I will admit I am a webcomic junkie. I have a list of over 25 comics that I check on a regular basis through out the week, and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday tend to be “webcomic” days as many update on that schedule. Those days I tend to take the time when I have a chance to check for updates. WoW as I’m sure you all know it quite a bit of a time sink. Despite the fact that of the people I know who play it I tend to be a more casual player in terms of play time, because its something I can do with my significant other while we are apart and I am far from top level, I do try to set aside time for it at night after I’m done with my stuff for the day (and if I don’t have to be up early the next day). But what about weekends and summer and stuff when I’m not busy with school and have more time?

Well aside from summer classes, its true my summer and breaks are more or less free of academia, though I did tend to spend less time in my room and more time with people. This is where I noticed a personal pattern has manifested. Its seems that with many online communities that I have been part of and would be active in, there would inevitably come a time in which I would get too busy with stuff in life to be active for a while. Then once things normalize again and things aren’t as insane (though still busy… for some unknown reason I am perpetually busy) I have a hard time coming back. From Neopets and Gaia online, to WH40K boards and I’m even seeing the beginnings of it for my guild’s site. I would think about coming back but it would always be at a time when I simply don’t have the time to contribute something, then as more and more time passes I would tend to feel more and more guilty about not having the time to contribute something meaningful. Because I don’t want to visit until I can contribute it keeps getting pushed further and further down the priority list of my brain’s daily task manager. Then all of a sudden when I have a free day or (gasp) a time when I’m bored, the idea of checking on the community doesn’t occur to me. It’s not a reflection of how I feel about the people there or the community as a whole, but rather an odd combination of a busy schedule inevitably changing my patterns of behavior over time.

So that covers school/busyness, WoW and comics, and Kitty’s idiosyncrasies, but what about this site itself? Well I have realized that there have been two things that additional things that have kept me from posting rambles on the page for a good long while. The first was as Vergil was moving further into the professional world, and was being used as a tool toward that end, I didn’t want to interfere with my free posting of random rambles on things like gaming, or fun facts of the day etc etc. But having read the post about ramble liberation, I feel I can do that again without fear of being out of place. Secondly… I have tried to post this ramble over 8 times. I’m not kidding! I didn’t want to return without a fair explanation of my absence, but every time I tried to write this post using the system, it would time me out, at which point I would loose everything I had written and my window of time would be closed so I couldn’t rewrite it. This has left me discouraged and kept me from trying for a while after each failure. It wasn’t until yesterday when I mentioned it to Vergil that I learned about the 15 minute inactivity setting. The site is set to log out inactive accounts after 15 mins and for some reason doesn’t count typing a post as active. Therefore had I realized this sooner I would’ve just typed the post in MS Word like I am now and then sent it and tried to restart my life here… over 9 months ago! Both of these issues have been revised!

Sooo… *looks up at the wall of text* for those of you who stuck around long enough to read this far, thank you. I <3 you all and from this post forward will do my best to not disappear like that for so long. Some of you may not care either way, but that’s okay too. I’ll still be busy as hell, I can’t see that changing, but the important thing is, even if I can’t ramble, or get up art, or comics (though I hope to do more of all of the above) I’ll do my best to return to the forums and do my job… of reading every post ^_^. Besides! I’m supper jazzed about the new sections and look forward to seeing what creativity flows in and out of it. So that’s that. I’m sorry for my leave, but I’m back now.


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