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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Friday, 30 November 2007
So if you're a reader of Penny Arcade and checked out today's comic already, then you already know that Gamespot has fired one of their star reviewers, Jeff Gerstmann.  While there still isn't concrete evidence that this is the cause of the firing, Jeff, who is sort of Gamespot's resident shooter reviewer (which means he's been real busy lately) gave a scathing 6.0 review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, a game I spoke of in a previous post by the people who made Hitman.  Jeff went so far as to open his review with "Kane & Lynch is an ugly ugly game," going on to explain he doesn't mean graphically as much as it's glitchy full of shallow characters you just want to hate, and a dark, ugly story.

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Now the deal is that Gamespot, incase you didn't know, sells a form of advertising where your game gets to take over the design of various home pages of the site.  This changes the banner and the background to be stuff advertising your game.  Now Edios has obviously paid a ton to Gamespot to have the game advertised, which is evident in how inescapable ads for the game are on the site.  Despite this, Jeff gave his opinion of the game, a 6.0.

Today gamespot fired him.  While you can still read Jeff's review, his video review has been pulled entirely (you can watch what it looked like thanks to angry gamespot fans who also have GameTrailers accounts).  While this doesn't form concrete evidence that Edios pressure was the reason he was let go, it sure helps you jump to that conclusion given the rest of Jeff's video reviews are still on the site, including ones he did after the Kane & Lynch one like UT3 and Gears of War PC.

This saddens me for two reasons.  First, I enjoy Jeff's video reviews.  When Jeff likes a game, like he does Gears of War, it really comes through in the video review. At the end of the day, nothing tells you if a game is fun or not like listening/watching someone who generally loved it get all excited about it, and Jeff would get excited about a real good game. That and he's funny to watch on Tournament TV, often adding lively comments.  That's not to say I agree with everything he's said (I still think having him review Hellgate:London was a mistake), but he entertained me more than any other GS reviewer and so I'm sad to hear him leave.

The other reason, the bigger reason, why this makes me sad is because Gamespot was for me the last bastion of game reviews.  I knew IGN and GamePro and GameSpy were corrupt and haven't trusted them for quite some time.  Gamespot has ben displaying suspcious behavior every since the Wii came out which has made me worry, but this last act demonstrates to me that their game reviews can in-fact be bought, and that they don't actually pay their critics to do their job.  As someone who only has so much time to play games and so much money to spend on them, losing my last trustworthy source for game reviews means I now have to go back to buying games in the dark, which will suck.

Oh well.  At least liberating myself from gamespot will liberate me from the Xbox360 advertising super complex that keeps making me wish I had one.  I'll probably still try and tune into them for Tournament TV.
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