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Tuesday, 15 January 2008
So I'm particpating in this huge game of 40k later this year.  Most of you know the people I'll be playing with from either MSU's Anime Club or among the Warmachine players around 21st Century Comics and Games.  In any event, the organizers are actually writing "story fluff" for the battle and upon giving them basic details about my Blood Angels, asked me if I had more.  So I wrote the following story up but I need your help!  I want the story to be accurate to the battles I've actually played and as such need help from you guys with your army names, commander names, and any other big important battles I might have forgotten.  So if you could spare some time on that I'd really appreciate it! :)  Enjoy the story below!

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Lord Vergil of the Blood Angels 

Human Life

Like all Blood Angels, Vergil was born into the nomadic tribes of Baal, wondering the sands with his family.  He grew up with his brothers Damian and Fulca, and sister Acacia.   While Damian and Fulca would meet untimely deaths in the harsh lands of Baal, Vergil would go on to pass his trial and become a member of the Blood Angel space marines, while his sister eventually was transported off-world and joined the Ecclesiarch.

Life as a Space Marine

Vergil spent his young days as a scout honing his skills as a sniper.  As far as combat was concerned, Vergil had an appreciation for the long range weaponry at the Astartes disposal.  Despite this however Vergil also greatly loved his Primarch, and as such was quite vicious with bolter and chain sword.   Vergil gave into his calling when he was promoted to sergeant of his squad and took to carrying a power sword.  He clamored at first for the opportunity to still carry a plasma pistol at least, but one scary incident with an overheat made him less zealous to have it.

Vergil then joined the assault marines of the 8th company where he spent many successful battles against his foes.   He quickly fell in love with his jump pack, taking what time he was allowed to learn how to perform fancier and more daring maneuvers with his new-found wings.  A few times he was chastised for using such non-uniform maneuvers in combat, which only made Vergil relish for his own command so that he might have more discretion to teach such things to his brothers.

As his love of flight and hand to hand combat continued, Vergil’s love of the Primarch and his teachings only swelled.  He showed great potential for carrying the spirits of his brothers on his shoulders, and letting his voice ring out loudly across the battle field.  Deciding not to let these talents go to waste, the opportunity arose for Vergil to rise to the rank of Chaplain.  He accepted without hesitation.

Among the Death Company

Most of the rest of Vergil’s career as a commander he has spent as a Chaplain.  However, as a Chaplain of the Blood Angels, he has a unique duty, one that other chapters do not have.  He must escort the doomed Death company to battle, guiding their otherwise senseless battle lust keenly at the enemy least it be wasted where it will be ineffectual.   These days were difficult at first for the young space marine.   It is the nature of the Death Company that its members be sent to their deaths, and in many battles at first this order was painful to give.   Over time though he learned the pain and suffering of those who continued to live with the Black Rage, and realized the mercy he was giving his comrades.   He also found the tactical value of these frightening warriors as he was given assignments without the support of a commander more and more often, leaving him in charge of leading the whole attack group rather than his black-armored madmen.

For a couple hundred years Vergil fought in the black armor of a chaplain.  He has not seen the surface of Armageddon, Cadia, or Medusa V, always unable to make it back from his previous campaigns in time.  Instead he has aided more Imperial worlds than he can count against the forces of Chaos, the ravenous Tyranids, the lifeless Necrons, the mysterious Eldar, and even against traitorous Imperial forces (or Imperial forces mis-informed and thinking his forces the traitors). 

Though he has faced many Chaos foes, Vergil seems to keep butting heads with two Chaos Commanders:  Deamon Prince B’harroth of the World Eaters and Chaos Lord Kitty of the Night Lords.  B’harroth and Vergil first clashed on the world of Regalius III where Vergil learned first hand the fury of the old legion’s Berzerkers and its mighty deamons.  Vergil and B’harroth would clash again and again on other worlds, struggling to ever outright defeat B’harroth’s forces.  Despite his continued losses, Vergil was always able to inflict grievous wounds to B’harroth and or his summoned greater deamon before suffering defeat, making their continued struggles more personal.  It would not be until he fought alongside the Space Wolves lead by Odie the Dreadnought on Vecta IV against both Kitty and B’harroth that Vergil would enjoy his first true victory over the Deamon Prince.  Though it is known that B’harroth is still alive and at large, the two have not met each other in battle since.

For all his frustrations against The Great Enemy provided by B’harroth, Vergil has been able to lead much more successful campaigns against Kitty’s Night Lords.  The Chaos Lord Kitty is a curious foe in that she is one of the few, if not only, female Chaos Lord in Imperial records.  This is confusing due to the supposed difficulties involving women and the Black Carapace, and yet Kitty very much is a Chaos Space Marine.  At the time of writing, no Imperial records can confirm why she exists, but for now it is chalked up to heretical practicies and deamonic enhancement.  Kitty leads her warbands in fast and viscous assaults, but these types of battles are also Vergil’s specialty.  Much to Kitty’s frustration, he has lead his forces over hers several times, suffering few defeats.

Vergil has an interesting history with the Tyranids.  He’s faced the wraith of four different hive fleets in his time, and has faired excellently or at least very well against two, but has suffered crushing defeats against two others.   He also struggled at first to combat a group of Necrons known only as "The Walloing Dispair," their ways of war difficult for him to counter.  Eventually though he figured a way around them and suffice it to say should that Necron lord meet Vergil again, he shall relish the chance to harvest his soul.

Vergil’s most interesting struggle was one against Grand Master Dominion of the Grey Knights.  While co-operating on the planet Caster IV to stem yet another of B’harroth’s Deamonic incursions, the Inquisitor overseeing the operation witnessed the Black Rage in action.  Deming the taint the corruption of Chaos, he ordered Dominion’s forces to strike at Vergil’s, leading to a long bloody rivalry between the two armies.  At first the Grey Knights fought with divine providence, and it almost seemed the Emperor’s will that the Blood Angels be struck down then and there.  But as his brothers lost hope,  Vergil only redoubled his efforts against his former companion and eventually was able to push his forces back.  At the end of a climactic battle where Vergil narrowly emerged victorious, he was able to show Dominion the effects of the taint and relate to him, one Space Marine to another, why the Inquisitor has him and his chapter all wrong.  Furious, Dominion went to the Inquisitor to strike some sense into him when it was discovered he was B’harroth’s pawn all along.  Too battered from the battling with each other, Vergil and his forces fled Caster IV while Dominion remained to put an end to the traitorous Inquisitor and his Deamons.

Vergil’s Promotion

One thing that almost all of Vergil’s battles as a Chaplain have in common is that he almost always falls during the battle.  Leading the Death Company, a unit whose mission is to die in battle, can be a fatal experience for the one leading it.    Vergil has been struck down by almost every conceivable close range doom, including almost being consumed by The Red Terror once before his fellow Death Company marines tore him free.  Despite his frequency for injury, he has confounded the Sanguinary Priests (Blood Angels Apothicaries) with his continued resilience.  It is as if the Emperor or the Primarch himself was watching Vergil all along, seeing to it that even if he fell in battle, he would not die from the wounds.

Despite this, he has earned many decorations in battle and has grown so used to leading strike forces into battle without another commander that he has more than proven his worth as a battle leader.  In an effort to not waste a potential commander, Vergil was eventually promoted to the rank of Force Commander and given a retinue of Blood Angels Honor guard to lead.  His cousin, Verzues was chosen to take over his former roles as Chaplain, as many other prominents, including one chosen by Lemartes himself.

Vergil begrudges this promotion much the same way Nicholas Angel in the movie Hot Fuzz begrudges his.  Vergil feels like he is being pulled from an important role, one where he excelled, for an entirely unorthodox reason.  However these feelings are always in conflict with his unflinching loyalty to the chapter, so he never voices nor acts upon this displeasure.   In the few battles he has done as a Force Commander, Vergil’s combat style has continued to develop.  In the later days as a Chaplain he increased the amount of armored support that joined his assault units in an effort to provide more effective fire sport.  As a Commander, Vergil is demonstrating the same tendency, though he seems to have occasional days where he years for battles of old and takes battle groups consisting almost entirely of 8th company assault marines and 1st company veterans in jump packs (a Blood Angels tradition when they aren’t in Terminator armor).

When the call for aid came from the Menelaus, Vergil was aboard the Blood Angels strike cruiser  Ardent Storm.  The ship was providing escort to the evacuees of Pharius III after failing to stop a scheme set in motion by Chaos Lord Kitty to seize a powerful deamon weapon and take the planet from the Imperium.  Despite assistance by the Grey Knights and Black Templar, the Chaos forces were able to pull in unexpected help from Orks of Warlord [insert name of Mark’s warboss here] and Eldar of the Ehtele'mele Craftworld lead by Farseer Ita'istar.   At first the captain of the Ardent Storm was unsure about moving to aid, but when their long range sensors picked up Chaos Lord Kitty on the move to the system, Vergil saw an opportunity to get the Emperor’s retribution on the Chaos filth, and maybe even her Orkish allies.  Quickly they called out to the homeworld and acquired permission to sortee.  When permission was granted, they made the jump, ready to face whatever the forces of chaos have in store for them.

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