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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Monday, 31 March 2008
Okay so firstly, my attempts to make this place run better keep seeming to be tempoary solutions that dry up after a little bit.  As such it's safe to say not much new will go on around here until I find the time to do the Joomla update (which new video games has been distracting me from), and that's assuming the Joomla update will fix it.  I'm actually contempating leaving the Joomla system as after using for this many years I've become keenly aware of some terrible limitations it has, and this site may have found the worst of these limitaions:  bad scaleability, but more on that after I have a chance to run tests to confirm this.

However, my professional site has been updated as of today, so if you are curious to see some of the stuff I've done for work lately, feel free to have a poke.  As of today I've been working for MSU's UR for a  year now, so I guess that's worth celebrating.

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