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Written by Kitty   
Thursday, 12 May 2005
Thank God Almighty I'm Free at Last!

    Yes, yes, a civil rights ref, I know, but I just went through two Poli Sci exams in one day... I think it's justified. Ladies and gents, after two weeks of testing, four weeks of studying, and a hojillion burnt out brain cells later, I have completed my AP exams. I completed a harrowing five exams since last Monday. AP English Languages, AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP US Gov't and AP Comparative Gov't. Oiiiiii my head hurts just thinking about it!
    So you're probably asking yourself, what could possibly possess a person, a senior with only three weeks left of class, to take that many AP tests? Well... I want the credit. MSU is rather generous with their allotments for my two previous exams; AP American History (sophomore year), and AP Biology (junior year) scored my 8 credits appease. This year (assuming I get a 4 or 5 on them) the break down is thus:

  • AP English Language = 4 ... taken with AP English Lit = 3 ... so 7!
  • AP Calc = 3
  • AP U.S. Gov't = 3
  • AP Comp Gov't = 3

    Soo if I scored that high on all of them, I will have 32 credits going in for my first semester of college, more than enough to be a sophomore. That is of course assuming I did well on the Calc and Comp. Gov't exams. I'm fairly certain that the Calc one kicked my tail something dreadful, and that Comp. Gov't one I took despite the fact that they do not offer a Comp gov't class in any of the high schools around here. ^^\/\/\/ I actually took that one because it was free if I did it the same year as the US Gov't one. Sadly if I only get credit for the one I think I did well on, I will be two credits shy of the 28 I need to skip freshman year. But hey, even if I bombed all five, I'd still have enough credits to be a sophomore by Christmas, so it's all good. ^_^

     There is another reason why I took the Calc test though. I went through the class knowing that math was, is, and probably will always be, my worst subject. (I mused over this fact often and then asked myself how someone like me found herself in the highest math class offered at the school) The fact of the matter is, I don't like math and would be very happy if I didn't have to deal with it ever again. I discovered about a week and a half ago that my major only requires on class of math... I was overjoyed! All I needed to get on the exam was a 3, not enough for credit, but enough to waive Calc 1. I'm fairly certain I didn't do well enough on that test. So I took my online math placement exam, as is required for incoming students at MSU. OMG! I was so easy compared to what I had been doing in class! The test gives you a bunch of questions and an hour's time to complete without the aid of a calculator or notes or other outside help.  Based off of how you score out of 28, the computer will place you in a math class. The scoring system tops out at 19. If you get a 19 or higher, you're placed into MTH 132, which is Calc. I scored a 21, so I was placed in MTH 132. I was somewhat please with myself, up until I noticed a little side note. At my orientation, I plan to take the proctored version of the same test, and score a 19 or higher, I can waive my first (and only) MTH class! w00t! So there is still hope that I will be able to live a math class free existence while on campus!

    Well after all of those tests, I am exhausted. My writting wrist sounds like a cement-mixer, my fingers are colored black with the ichor of number 2 pencils, and question bubbles A through E wil haunt my nightmares as I awake to assess the validity of my terrible dream.  ...Really though, I just want to get back to enjoying myself. I haven't been able to hangout with friends guilt-free forever. I've been locked in the basement studying. I want to game again. I have an army to paint, and stuff to write, and charectors to draw... I just want to get back to my life. And well guys, you heard it here first... I'm back.

"Sleep is for the weak... or the really tired"

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