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Written by Adam (Vergil)   
Tuesday, 02 August 2005
This ramble has some relvance to the site as a whole so you may want to read it.

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So, it turns out the guy I am subleasing from did not read his lease carefully. He assumed that since he renewed his lease, which expired Aug. 1, that he would be able to stay all year around.  Therefore, he told me I could stay at the room until he needed to move in for the coming school year.  This was previously set to the 19th since that's when everyone else is moving out.

However, it turns out that's not how the lease works.  The lease contians a clause that says the landlord wants everyone out Aug 1 so that he can clean house before new people move back in, even if they renew.  The bad news is that the guy I'm subleasing from found this out last week.

The good news is that I'm not in a panic scramble.  The leasers and the landlord talked and the landlord understood that due to the lack of clarity, we couldn't be out by the first, so I have until the sixth. I also have three different friends of family who have offered to put me up until the 19th so I can continue to work until my obligation date hits.  This also allows me to stay in town while I write my final paper for my internship class, which I need to remind myself to do instead of playing any games one of these evenings.

However, I can't be sure what the internet connection will be like at my new place of residence, let alone if I can setup my computer to go online.  There is a chance that you guys will be getting a "signing off" post from me this Friday and will only hear from me sparingly until closer to September. If I indeed cannot get my comp on the internet, I also need to hold off the next FGC! until after I move into my dorm.

Times are a little odd, but meh, what can I do?  Gotta roll with them punches.
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